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Hi, I have a character for a story who is an active Master Sergeant in the army and needs to move to California, Palo Alto area. Why would the army realistically want to move him there and what sort of work could he expect? Thanks!

There’s no army bases near Palo Alto, so my best guess is that he’d be there for recruiting work. I think recruiting offices only go up to E-7 though. You might want to hit up your local recruiting office and see if they can give you a little rundown of how their structure works, but it’s nothing like the regular army. Recruiting is considered a cushy side gig for earning promotion and brownie points while basically avoiding the Real Army.

He might also work at the San Jose MEPS, (military entrance processing station, where recruits go to get medically examined, sign their contracts, and swear their oaths) which apparently is about ten or twenty minutes from Palo Alto according to Google. Exactly what he does there would depend on his MOS probably.

I honestly can’t be more helpful. Question is too vague.


MEPS in a nutshell (full medical)

So when I researched about MEPS I didn’t find much, when I asked my sister she couldn’t remember. So here it is in a nutshell.

Day 1:

I took my ASVAB Monday evening. If you’ve already taken your ASVAB then you check into the hotel and can do whatever you want, until you’re supposed to be in your room. which was 11pm, I took my ASVAB which took me about 2 and a half hours. Scored pretty well. Got a shuttle back to the hotel ate dinner, chilled with my roommate and went to sleep. Dinner you got a voucher. Not much of a selection, well at least that’s what I thought. Dinner started at 5 and ended at 9.

Day 2:

Wake up call was 4:30, I woke up at 4 and was downstairs checked out waiting for breakfast at 4:40. Their were about 2 other guys waiting in the hotel lobby also. Breakfast was served 5 to 5:40. Buses rolled around to take us to MEPS at 5:30. Hopped on the bus and headed to MEPS at 5:45. Got there, got off bus. Was told if shipping out today stand to the left and full physical to stand to the right in separate lines. Checked in. Given a name tag with your full name and branch. Put everything except I.D. and SSC in storage room. (Couldn’t even bring a jacket or anything or cell phones.) 

Checked into Medical (no tank tops or short shirts! One girl had to be given a new shirt because she was wearing a tank top. Make sure you are also wearing socks.)

Given paperwork.

Went and saw doctor, was asked multiple questions (of course no means go)

Visions test and blood pressure (If you wear glasses bring them, even if you only wear contacts)

Medical briefing (what the day would consist of, signing medical forms which were the same forms you filled out with your recruiter. tattoo forms, any questions etc. and breathalyzer test. There was a form that asked about depression, counseling and drinking I drink 2-3 times a week 3-5 beers. It didn’t disqualify me lol they just asked why and I was like I’m a social drinker, I go out with friends every week to wind down the week lol)

Hearing test

Full physical exam (breast for female, abdominal area, and yes below the waist. There was a girl who had a lot of scars, which she explained was because she was a “tomboy” and had to get a dermatologist request, which meant she had to come all the way back to MEPS from VA, Beach. So if you have any medical records of scars or anything of that nature BRING THEM or you will have to come back again!)

Urine test

Blood drawn

Ortho test, height and weight. (duck walk, movement of joints in fingers, wrists, knees, ankles, elbows arms etc.) Ladies you will be in a room with other ladies down to your skivvies, so no thongs or lace or see thru. 

After all of that, you see the doc again who did your physical exam and you are told whether you are medically cleared for the Armed Forces. 

Check out of medical. (finished up about 11am)

go to your Liaison (mine would be Army)

Wait or go to lunch, which is provided. 

Security investigation

MOS choosing etc. signing papers

Wait until Swear in ceremony ( I believe ours was like every hour or other hour, I was too tired to really pay attention)

Briefing, Swear in. Check out whenever your recruiter came to get you.

I had to wait 3 hours of doing nothing lol

Sorry its everywhere lol I didn’t get home until 6 and I only live an hour and 20 mins from Ft. Lee. Took a nap and I have homework and shit to do. I’m exhausted lol The order all my medical was in may not be the order you will be in. It’s kinda sort of everywhere. 

I met some pretty cool dudes and chicks from different branches.You will meet some people shipping out to BCT that day. The average age was about 17. I was the oldest girl being 22 lol There were way more girls than guys. About 10 of us girls and 50 something guys lol The worst part about it is all the waiting. So it would be wise to bring a book, or do homework or something productive. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities.

Bugs is at MEPS right now trying to get a SEAL contract, 3 years of 5 am wake ups, 3 hour workouts, dieting, hustle and fucking killing it have led to this moment, we  would apologize for not posting alot but its justified by our working out. Show him some love and comment on this post or like it or just keep him in your thoughts. We’re all gunna make it boys, we’re all gunna make it.



Adulting is hard

1. We finally moved in to new house
2. I went to MEPS yesterday and ended up with taking whole ASVAP again in addition to cyber test, personality test and of course, health check up. I passed and qualify, which I’m glad but now I’m exhausted.
3. MEPS was in AL and I had tough time understanding southern accent. Foreigner problem.
4. Time to talk with recruiter about next step.


Hey guys, as you may or may not know, I run a MEP channel that specialises in hosting, well, MEPs. It would mean a lot to me if you guys would check out and maybe enter one/some. Thanks in advance.

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The next Undertale MEP completed in time too, I hope you all enjoy!!