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The next Undertale MEP completed in time too, I hope you all enjoy!!

Bugs is at MEPS right now trying to get a SEAL contract, 3 years of 5 am wake ups, 3 hour workouts, dieting, hustle and fucking killing it have led to this moment, we  would apologize for not posting alot but its justified by our working out. Show him some love and comment on this post or like it or just keep him in your thoughts. We’re all gunna make it boys, we’re all gunna make it.


Here’s a nifty little website that my recruiter directed me to. To any of you curious about the process of MEPS, and those of you in DEP who want to know good ways to get yourself prepared for boot camp (or basic training or whatever your particular branch calls it), here are some good resources I highly recommend looking at


Sitting around and doing nothing while you’re in DEP is a dangerous thing in my opinion, so get to studying up and get to conditioning your body!

Military Physical

So whether you’re taking a trip down to MEPS for your physical soon, or you’re thinking of enlisting, let me just tell you a little something about what you might expect as you’re going in for your day-long physical.

I don’t know about any other place, but I had to be at the MEPS center at 5:45am, with my ID and social security card (along with any other documents that your recruiter sent you with). During this time, I do greatly suggest you take a small bag to carry your jacket and cellphone in. That’s it. Don’t bring anything else because that’s completely unnecessary, trust me.You’ll be carrying your ID and social around the whole day so make sure your pants have pockets.

Now, in the beginning, you’ll probably be standing in the cold with dozens of other future soldiers/sailors. Some of them might be going in to take their physicals with you however, this isn’t always the case. People who are shipping or getting other paper work done will be there too so just make sure you stand in the line that you were directed to. Before entering the building, place your jacket inside your bag. I would tell you to keep your cellphone in there too, but my MEPS allowed us to have it with us as long as it was off and placed inside your pockets where no one else can see it. If you had already made arrangements with your recruiter, you might want to keep with in your bag along with your jacket, if not, just keep it with you.

You will be given a name tag. Make sure your name is spelled EXACTLY how it’s spelled on your social. If it’s not, PLEASE let the front desk know so that they can fix it on the spot. You don’t want the physician making note of these mistakes because you WILL be asked to leave and you might have to start the process all over again and TRUST ME, you DON’T want that.

The first two tests are your hearing and visual tests. They’re just generic tests that don’t really take long so please follow instructions. The men in charge of giving you these tests are seeing hundreds of applicants a day so don’t make their job any more difficult than it should be because they WILL call you out on it and you’ll feel pretty damn stupid in front of everyone. They don’t tolerate any bullshit from anyone; these men were probably once soldiers so they have no time to pitty you. Luckily I didn’t stand out, so my experience was a lot smoother than some of the other people testing with me. Just don’t cause too much attention to yourself PLEASE.

After I took my first two tests, we were taken into a small room and were given a brief explanation on what the rest of the day was expected to look like. They emphasized the importance of following directions so please, stay focused and don’t do anything they don’t tell you to do. It’s so easy to fuck up when you go  ahead of everyone else. You might think that you’re doing yourself a favor, but you’re not. It’s bad. In this room we were also told to sign a lot of contracts and permissions to take certain tests. They also give you the option of leaving without penalty if you feel like you’re not ready to take any drug or alcohol related tests. I suggest that if you’ve had any of those things in your system in the last 2-3 months, then it’s better to wait it out. You don’t want to be the person who gets dishonorably discharged at your physical.

After the brief, I took my HIV and drug/alcohol tests. HIV one was easy since I’m used to needles, but the drug/alcohol tests are very very monitored. By that i mean that someone will be watching you pee in your cup during that whole time. It’s very awkward, but you just have to do it. Everyone has to. Just think that soldiers before you had to go through the same test as well as soldiers after you. It’s a right of passage I suppose. Plus bootcamp is expected to be similar so you might as well start getting used to being put in uncomfortable situations. Also, these people are professionals. They’re not going to be blabbering about you peeing; chances are that they’ll forget about you and your piss by the end of the day.

Once you finished with your pee testing and all its glory, you’re pretty much more than half way done! I was taken to go meet up with the physician to talk about my medical background and then put into a room with the other girls to take the “real” physical testing. We all had to strip down to our bras and panties (which had to be “boring” so don’t  you dare bring those cute lace undies meant for your boyfriend, they WILL give you crap about it), and take our height/weight as well as these random other tests that had to do with posture, strength, and flexibility; the famous “duck walk” is something you have to do as well. After these tests are done, you’ll meet up in a smaller exam room with your doctor where he/she will give you a breast exam, check your breathing, vision, earlobes (MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN THAT THING AS MUCH AS YOU CAN: people have been sent home for having dirty earlobes) and, if you’re a girl, they’ll check your vag for any signs of std’s.

After that you’ll be sent to the front desk and taken back to your military office where they’ll discuss your career options and that’s probably where you’ll end off. Always remember to not sign anything until they have the job that you want. You don’t want to spend the next 2-8years working in something you don’t want to. If you supposedly don’t “qualify” for your job because of your ASVAB score, please ask for a retake. Remember that this is YOUR future and not theirs. Don’t let them waste your time.

any questions? My ask box is always open!

Here's to the future!♥

Today is the day I make my career and my future official! I know MEPS really isn’t a big deal.. it’s the fact that I’m taking my oath for my future, that’s a HUGE deal to me :)

I am going to make everybody as proud of me as I can! I’m doing this for me and will continue doing that every single day. I’m ready to keep going down this path!!! :)

Yet again for the millionth time, I just have to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you who has supported me through everything! I couldn’t do it without you♥

Well time to go in!!! AHHH! :) I’ll post once I’m out♥