I drew a lil Macbookpro.
Idk I kinda wanted to draw something after months of not drawing anything and I wanted to draw something cute and well Mac’s char is adorable and she’s my new sister on mabi and um yea well uh -crawls back under my rock- >.< I’m sorry for bad drawing and that i can’t draw wings!

Drew mbpna using this new sketching style. x3 

I hope you feel better hun, makes me sad knowing you’re taking a break because of what happened, but don’t stop doing your thing. You’re a great artist, and you’ll get past this. ^o^

In my opinion, I think MBP would look good with blonde hair, or maybe that darker teal hair, too. c: There’s always substitutes until you can -fingers crossed- get your old color back!

I’ll be doing some coding on LiveStream after one painting tomorrow (as in when I wake up in about 9 hours from now. Probably around 7pm PST. I want to make a ‘cheering system’ for the LiveStream window, as I’m getting rid of the chat functionality. It might be a bit of a challenge and take the entire day. ;_;