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Ontem você me disse que fez uma lista explicando que me amar arruinou a sua vida. E eu entendi, eu não facilitei pra você. Mas também fiz uma lista, explicando que amar você também mudou a minha vida. Você esteve do meu lado quando eu precisei de uma amiga. Você me fez rir, me fez dançar. Você me disse que eu reencontraria o amor. E eu entendo se você precisar de um tempo para melhorar e viver sua vida sem mim. E entendo se tiver que esperar por você. E eu vou, vou esperar. E quando você estiver pronta para mim, eu vou estar pronto para você.
—  The Vampire Diaries.

Kai stopped talking and looked at someone behind Damon. “Who is it?” the warlock asked still looking at the person. 

Damon glanced over his shoulder and replied: “Oh, that’s Y/N. She’s Elena’s friend.” Then he glared at Kai and lowered his voice threateningly: “Don’t even dare.” 

“What?” Kai said staring at you with an interest: “I’m just looking.”


Kol : “Rebekah, tell me how handsome I am.”

[Y/N] : “I think you look very sexy in this suit”

Kol : “(Y/N) ? What are you doing here ?”

[Y/N] : “I want to apologize, I love you Kol and I don’t want to lose you, never. Please forgive me ?”

Kol : “Hum.. I don’t know..”

A wry smile on his face, he approaches you during while you lower your eyes

Kol : “I think if you give me a kiss I can forgive you darling”

You smiled shyly and you kiss him passionately. He has the gifts to get upset you it’s true but you can not stop you from loving him

How The Vampire Diaries Ruins Everything They Create

- Compelling lead female role-

Turns her into a selfish, disgraceful person to make it believable she would be in a relationship with Damon. Instead of having Damon work on himself, and redeeming his character. 


Turns from Elena changing Damon into a better person, to Elena a worse one. Doesn’t give Elena realistic time single before moving on to Damon. The sire bond. Damon almost killing Jeremy AGAIN because Elena (Katherine) left him. Damon killing Elena’s friend Aaron. Elena not caring. Saying they are toxic for each other every episode then banging.  Breaking up, then going on a death mission suddenly so in love with each other. Elena forgets her ‘good’ memories of damon, gets together with him within a few episodes. 


Having Elena have sex with Damon the day after (or the day of? I do not even care to remember) her and his brother Stefan break up. Stefan leaving his own home because Elena moves on in with Damon. Elena banging Damon all sumer while Stefan suffered. Elena not caring when Stefan died. 

-Klaus/ The Original Family-

Best thing to happen to TVD. Diverse characters with complicated relationships. Best villain/villains to date. Kills Kol, takes other originals off show. Gives Klaus his own show with a horrible baby plot, Hayley and Camille. Hayley, introduced as a complete idiot who lets her friends be murdered (by Klaus, her furture baby daddy!) just to get a fucking USB drive with jack shit on it. Camille, the most irrelevant carbon copy wannabe Caroline brought in for a love interest. Reduces Klaus’s character to a whiney baby who annoys everyone and cries every episode.  


Interesting new character introduced through flashback. Great back story, accent, and hair. Joins the show with a bad dye job and over gelled hair. Relevance on show goes from Damon’s friend, with a blooming friendship with Caroline, to being obsessed with Stefan, torturing Matt, and pursuing to hurt Sarah Salvatore for no legitimate reason. Goes from having a boner for Stefan and Damon, to having an even bigger one for their mother Lily Salvatore. I’m not surprised. 


See above.


One of the most popular ships TVD has ever created. Ends up having the characters on different shows. But do not fear, Julie Plague is here! She gave you a one night stand in the forest as respect to the ship. 


Has Caroline sleep with Klaus not because she fell in love with him, but because why not. Klaus, who killed Tylers mother. Although I never shipped forwood, there is no argument that this did not ruin the ship for anyone who did. 


Cute romance starts up. Cuddling in a car. Being there for each other. Damon dies, Stefan gets a different girlfriend. They fight.  Caroline cries. They make up. Caroline’s mom begins her battle with cancer. Suddenly now Stefan falls for Caroline after dwelling for too long. Caroline decides she can not fall for him because she needs control. But you already fell for him??? At your moms funeral you were down to date Stefan but then he did not express his feelings so you turned off your emotions??? So what is the difference???? Why did it take so long for Stefan to realize Caroline is a million times better than Elena??? Why did the writers ruin steroline for me??? 

-Kai Parker-

Best villain since Klaus. Played by an amazing actor. Chemistry with the characters on the show. Redemption arc begins. Complete 180. Kai stabs his pregnant sister to death. Gets killed by Damon with little to no effort. I thought these witch vampire hybrids were supposed to be strong??? 


Amazing character. Saddest death scene. Brought back to life. Complete twat the whole season. Kills his bride and babies in front of him. Rather he stayed dead. 


Heres to waiting for season 7 to see how they can ruin it like they ruin everything. :)

Characters I loved who died or left the show 








Characters who are completely useless but continue to live





-Sarah Salvatore

-April Young


And another thing about that video, the shade Kat throws at Beremy has me in stitches: “I haven’t had a real love interest for like two seasons, so yeah I would have loved for it (Bonkai) to have happened.” lol

And the big smile Chris gave her when Kat said she would have loved Kai (Chris) being her new love interest. These two were ready to be paired up and for me it also confirms that Kai was one of the new love interests Kat had suggested to the writers for Bonnie. …..Will this pain ever go away???