mbm: ouat

“Its a family show!” They scream, as Regina, Cora, and Rumple rip out hearts.

“Its a family show!” They scream, as they make sexual innuendos.

“It’s a family show!” They scream, as there are blatant implications of rape.

“It’s a family show!” They scream, as Regina gets tortured.

“Its a family show!” They scream, as pan brutally rips away people’s shadows.

“It’s a family show!” They scream, as people get murdered left and right.

They screamed and yelled in defense of the show at every turn. Turning a blind eye to everything that was just listed, but used “It’s a family show” as a justification against same sex couples being portrayed on a modern fairytale show, that really turned out to be just as archaic as the fairytales themselves.

There was no “modern fairytale” after season 2.

All they did was update the stories and toss it on television, keeping the same archaic crap that the fairytales spewed since their creation.

Amor fati (10/10)
By Organization for Transformative Works

But Emma isn’t gone. She’s shifting around in the room, gazing at photos and throwing a glance at the door with reluctance. She takes a step toward it and then stops, twisting around and nearly jumping when she sees Regina watching her from the bathroom doorway. “Oh! I just…wanted to make sure you didn’t pass out in there and hit your head,” she says lamely. “I’d better get back to patrol now.” But she’s already crossing the room to put a hand on Regina’s back again, guiding her to her bed.

Regina closes her eyes as she descends onto it, bone-weary and ready for sleep. She hasn’t let go of Emma’s hand yet. “There’s your side,” she says sleepily, squinting at the empty side of the bed.

“Yeah. I mean…” Emma stops helplessly. “Maybe you are drunk.”

“I’m just so tired,” Regina whispers, feeling it dull in her bones. “I miss you sleeping next to me.”

You know what would have made the S6 finale make a wee bit more sense? If HENRY was cursed in the booby hatch and an awake Emma was trying to make him believe, because if the Heart of the Truest Believer (and Author!) goes dark then all the realms collapse. It would have been a nice role-reversal of S1– you could even have had Emma be willing to take a blast from the Black Fairy to prevent Henry being hurt, which would trigger his belief and a curse-breaking TLK and all the realms stabilize.

The finale kept setting up the Black Fairy as the “Bad Mother” but didn’t allow anyone to step up as the “Good Mother” except the self-sacrificial EQ in another realm. How much better would the finale have been if you had Belle using her brains and fairy-translation skills to find the killer wand while Emma got Henry to believe again and Regina/EQ brought the rest of the gang to Storybrooke? 

Then, ideally speaking, it would be HENRY with his family’s sword versus Gideon with the hero sword before Emma steps in to protect Henry and refuses to fight Gideon because “no more kids are getting hurt tonight.” Then Emma dies, becomes the Super-saian Savior, everyone comes back to life and Gideon is re-babied.

Same characters, same general arc, same amount of episode time– but wouldn’t that have been more thematically satisfying? (Call me, ABC!)

Something just occurred to me. You know how people who do meta for OUAT always said that CS would open the door for something like DQ because the show had to have a conventionally attractive heterosexual lead couple? Well that’s BS. It ALREADY had a conventionally attractive heterosexual lead couple: Snow and Charming.  

Put Me Down

My first imagine. Hope you enjoy! My requests are open if you want me to make you one.

You were new to Neverland and so there where many things you did not know yet, both about the island, and Pan himself. You were practicing your sword skills when Pan called you over.

“Hey, (Y/N), come over here for a second.” Peter patted the spot next to him. Pan had decided to see how well you could handle yourself so he wanted to send you on a short mission.

You obediently walked over and he started to explain about a tree deep in the dense jungle. ”This tree has a special fruit I’m craving.” You were more than curious to see what he was talking about as you had not seen a lot of Neverland yet. He kept talking and you joined him on the log, “You will have to climb to the very top to get to the fruit.”

“Can you get it for me?”

You agreed and off you went in search of this so called ‘Special tree’.

When you finally found a tree that matched the description Pan named you started grabbing on to branches and gradually began climbing the huge tree.

You reached for the next branch only to miss and come tumbling down the tree. Panic ran through you as branches scratched you on the way down. You hit the hard ground and felt a strong pain go through your leg. “Agh!”. In a flash, Pan stood before you with a worried look. “Are you okay (Y/N)?” He looked frightened and you said you were fine but when you tried to stand up another bolt of pain went up your leg. You couldn’t put force on your foot. You winced. “I’m fine.” You repeated.

He stared at you with his ‘I don’t believe you’ face. “No, you’re not.” He proceeded to quickly scoop you up in his arms. “Please put me down, it’s probably just a sprained ankle.”

He looked at you in shock, “Just a sprained ankle?!” He started muttering to himself about how stupid he was to send you on this mission when you interrupted, “I’m so stupid, I should have never let you go on your own. Why did I even consider this? You’re new and I shouldn’t have- “

“Stop!” You usually never had outbursts like this. It left both him and even you surprised.  He turned to you with his eyebrows raised in shock.

“This isn’t your fault. I agreed to do this, my decision, my consequences.”

He sighed, his soft hair falling into his eyes. As if it was second nature, you brushed it out of his eyes. Your eyes widened as you realized what you did. Embarrassed, you blushed and looked down. Then grasping the reality that you were still in his arms you covered you face and blushed more, if that was even possible. He lifted your head by putting his hand under your chin.

“I like you, so let me worry.”

He leaned down and planted a kiss on your lips. God, his lips were so soft. You tangled your hand in his hair and your other hand stayed on the back of his neck. You tugged on his hair and he let out a deep moan. You blushed knowing you caused that. “I-I like you too.”

He smiled, a real smile, “I’m glad.”

You know, I’ve never seen a ‘you can multiship and still be Swen’ post. Someone wiser than me asked me why I’d let people take it. Why I used to like something that now just makes me sad?

They don’t own it. The staunchest defenders of Swan Queen can’t hold the whole ship in some kind of gold star femslash chains.

But I don’t know if I want the fight or the argument. I can just let it go. I ship Dragon Queen more than anything, and in the twisted mess of Once tribalism, I can be CS and ship that. I can be OQ and ship that. I can’t be SQ.

Or I could, and fuck the people who draw the lines. I don’t even get enjoyment from SQ fic anymore.

That’s me. Something I used to like is no longer for me because I wrote DOQ and CS. Terrible vile awful things. (You should see how goddamn fluffy they are.)


A Mini Flash Build Tutorial with Emma Swan pt1

For @thejollypirate ! I recruited a tiny saviour to make flash a little bit less painful and a little bit more useful.

I’ll add a few more notes here for people with zero flash experience who might be interested in giving this a go.

Important hot keys:
b = brush
q = select/transform tool
Spacebar = pan
z = zoom
f8 = make symbol
ctrl+g = make group
l = lasso select
f6 = add keyframe
f7 = add blank keyframe

Symbols vs Groups:
A group is purely for organizing things. They’re useful for moving elements around without messing up your paint and for drawing without combining you lines with separate elements.

Symbols can hold their own keyframes and animation, and can be animated with tweens themselves. Make sure you select GRAPHIC when you make a symbol. If you forget you can fix it later in the properties window with the symbol selected.

Part Two is uploading now! I’ll add a link when it’s ready.