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Leather Shorts (NSFW)

Summary:  You were wearing leather. Tight black leather shorts with a black tank top equally tight, all paired with ankle boots and a choker, both also made of leather. Damn, you looked so hot.
Pairing:  Jaime Lannister x Reader
Other Characters:  Sansa Stark
Word Counting:  980 words
Warnings: Daddy kink, smut, spankings.
Kinktober 2017 –
18th day. Daddy | Leather | Masturbation  

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Jaime hissed, taking a deep breath as you walked into the classroom and to the closest chair from his desk.

“Good morning, Mr Lannister.” You bend down to put your backpack, your eyes catching his eyes immediately.

You were wearing leather.

Tight black leather shorts with a black tank top equally tight, all paired with ankle boots and a choker, both also made of leather.

“How many animals you got killed for those clothes, Miss Y/L/N?” He questioned, trying to ignore the blood flowing directly to his cock.

Damn, you just looked so hot.

“It’s synthetic.” You corrected him, smirking. “But thanks for carrying about the animals.”

Jaime chuckled. He knew you well enough to know you would never wear any leather that wasn’t synthetic.

He was ready to sass you again but stopped when Sansa Stark sat by your side. As far as he knew, you were childhood best friends and you two were always together.

For an hour and a half, he restrained himself from staring at you too much, even though you attracted him like a honeypot. You seemed to be teasing him the whole time, caressing your own legs when he was looking, biting and licking your lips eye-fucking him hard.

When his torture – also known as the class – was over, you and Sansa gathered your stuff and were ready to leave when he cleared his throat.

“Y/N, I need to talk to you about the results of your last test.” He said casually. “Can you stay? This is really serious.”

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Is Dany re-living Qarth all over again?

These shots are just so similar:

Other odd parallels: 

  • She is a stranger in both Westeros and Qarth. 
  • In Qarth, Dany is in Jon’s position, begging for ships and soldiers to help her in her war. 
  • At first, she thinks that people in Qarth are trustworthy. By the end, she thinks of Qarth as a city of liars and that honorable knights await her in Westeros.
  • In Qarth, she meets Jon (as a blue rose) through her visions at the House of the Undying.

Book evidence from the conversations she has in Qarth:

Jorah warns her that sweetness is associated with treachery. So, more proof that the “blue rose filling the air with sweetness” is a bad omen:

“I would not linger here long, my queen. I mislike the very smell of this place.”
Dany smiled. “Perhaps it’s the camels you’re smelling. The Qartheen themselves seem sweet enough to my nose.”
“Sweet smells are sometimes used to cover foul ones.”
-Daenerys, Clash

Ironically, Jorah doesn’t suspect that Ned Stark would be a traitor, while Dany does. (Dany and Jorah’s positions could be flipped, with Jon in Ned’s place, in S8):

“Ned Stark a traitor?” Ser Jorah snorted. Not bloody likely. The Long Summer will come again before that one would besmirch his precious honor.”
“What honor could he have?” Dany said. “He was a traitor to his true king, as were these Lannisters.”
-Daenerys, Clash

They discuss the death of dragons and dragonslayers:

“There is more of Rhaegar in you, I think, but even Rhaegar could be slain. Robert proved that on the Trident, with no more than a warhammer. Even dragons can die.”
Dragons die.” She stood on her toes to kiss him lightly on an unshaven cheek. “But so do dragonslayers.”
-Daenerys, Clash

Xaro flatters her, but he’s not lusting after her, like Jorah is:

“Marry me, bright light, and sail the ship of my heart. I cannot sleep at night for thinking of your beauty.
Dany smiled. Xaro’s flowery protestations of passion amused her, but his manner was at odds with his words. While Ser Jorah had scarcely been able to keep his eyes from her bare breast when he’d helped her into the palanquin, Xaro hardly deigned to notice it, even in these close confines.
-Daenerys, Clash

She talks about vengeance and is accused of madness while the author drops another one-eye reference, this time with Rhaegal:

“I mean to sail to Westeros, and drink the wine of vengeance from the skull of the Usurper.” She scratched Rhaegal under one eye, and his jade-green wings unfolded for a moment, stirring the still air in the palanquin.
A single perfect tear ran down the cheek of Xaro Xhoan Daxos. “Will nothing turn you from this madness?”
“Nothing,” she said, wishing she was as certain as she sounded. 
-Daenerys, Clash

And the most blunt of all:

“He asked me to marry him again…He dreams of me, day and night.” She laughed.
“Forgive me, my queen, but it is your dragons he dreams of.
-Daenerys, Clash

This is similar to Jorah’s non-stop warnings about her being too trusting.

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How it ended for her in Qarth:

- betrayed by a man who made promises and oaths to her 
- betrayed by one of her own advisors (of the sexual kind who taught her how to show men she’s in control, just like *someone* did to her. I’ll spare you the boresex gifs 🤢).
- Xaro stages a coup and declares himself king
- her dragons are stolen from her by Xaro while a guest in his home
- she catches people she trusted in bed together
- she exacts a brutal punishment on them

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How many of these Season 2/Book 2 plot similarities will we see in S8?