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For the record, this is why I don’t make 700 joyous posts when Louis talks about Harry positively. Despite the complimentary quotes (or “quotes”) about Harry from Louis in The Sun article that was just posted, the article alienated Louis from Harry in a huge way, attacked Larries, and painted a picture of how things went down that has the potential to cause rifts in the fanbase yet again.

Every single thing Louis does, he pays a price for. Every single thing.

Petition for the 13th Doctor to be revealed as the actual identity of River Song’s second wife.

Think about how fabulous that would be. And it would explain why 12 reminded River of her second wife. I haven’t worked out the mental details of why 13 wouldn’t reveal herself to River…unless she DOES and River has to keep it as one of her many secrets when she meets 12…GAH…MAKE IT SO. 

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Maya, since you're always quite calm and collected, do you think I am allowed to slap Wattpad with this article once Louis and Harry are publicly out together, since apparently he'd have been delighted to inform us if that were the case?

That sentence, that sentence from that absolute hypocrite, almost  shred even my composure. Yes, yes you’re allowed to, please.

Twelve’s Hair - An Exercise in Metaphors

July 21: Twelve’s Hair. Enough said, tbh.

Enough said? Ya’ll, I don’t think we’ve said enough. If we look past the fluff, we’ll see that Twelve’s hair has been a sign of his character growth.

In “Deep Breath”, he may have dropped the mask of being a young, handsome, dashing time traveler like Ten or Eleven, but he’s still locked down. His hair isn’t as cropped close as, say, Nine’s, but he’s fresh off nine hundred years of loving and losing people in the town called Christmas on the planet called Trenzalore. He’s got some trauma to process, to say the least.

He feels, so deeply as always that it’s a wrench to be the Doctor when he’s not entirely sure just who the Doctor is without the Time War hanging over every choice and every action. The emotions run so deep and yet so close to the surface–he wants to be seen (especially by Clara) but yet, yet he keeps his emotions in tight control. He’s tough, yes, but it hurts to be tough. Being the “Man Who Stops the Monsters” is no easy task, especially for someone who’d rather be compassionate.

But spend enough time feeling safe with someone and spend enough time getting comfortable with oneself, and well, the hair starts to grow. By the time of Series 9, all of the Doctor is invited!

The hair is looser here, more wild, but not yet controlling its own gravity. But as Twelve and Clara wheel throughout the cosmos, it grows and grows even as his fear of losing Clara grows. And then? Then it happens.

But it turns out okay. Not great, but okay. He can’t remember Clara (or, at least, knows why he shouldn’t remember her and doesn’t pursue her). 

And then he has to oversee Missy’s execution, botches it on purpose, and Missy asks for lessons in being good. So he settles in as a professor with a lady in the vault in the basement. Then he meets Bill and they have tutoring sessions and they go on adventures! And he’s so much more open with his emotions–he understands their strength and the lengths he’ll go for those he loves, but he also knows that keeping that noise bottled up is bad for him and the universe.

So we get this, in “The Doctor Falls”, an open display of emotion and sentiment and wild tangles in front of the Master and Missy. He begs them to be kind, to do the right thing because it’s right, not because they’ll win or because they’ll beat somebody, or because they’ll personally profit, but because it’s decent and right and kind. Just kind.

This is the Doctor that’s always been there, even with the close cropped hair of Series 8. He’s just grown so comfortable with himself that he doesn’t need to keep his hair in any semblance of restraint or constraint to please anybody else. And now that he’s got that, he doesn’t want to let it go. He doesn’t want to change again and have to do all that again.


John Barrowman Singing “Copacabana” at San Diego Comic Con

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In trying to 'shut us up once and for all' (to use Dan's own words) he actually revealed that actually we are not a tiny bunch of 'boring' irritants, as he stated. We are actually, for some reason, rather important. Because if we are not important, if we are not a threat, then why on earth give Larries top billing like that? It's been 7 years of fandom shipping, just like shipping happens across hundreds of fan bases. Will he ask Taylor about the Kaylor Organisation when she's on promo soon?

The thing with Dan is that as much as the rest of the world indulges in making fun of him, no one is as skilled and effective as he is in making himself look like a proper fool. That’s the one thing he’s never gonna fail at. Probably the only one.