Outlander Kisses 💑

Some weeks ago, @pissedoffsoka13 received an anon asking if anyone had counted how many Jamie and Claire kisses there are. They both suggested me to count all kisses. I absolutely agreed because it’s a task that I am more than happy to do 🤣. So here there are the results.


- I’ve included ALL kisses (lips, hands, cheek, hair, chest, body…..)
- In the same scene, there can be lots of different kisses. If they separate their lips and kiss again in just some seconds, I count it as a different kiss.

SEASON 1 [Episodes 7-16]

Lip Kisses: 67
Hair/Face Kisses: 13
Hands: 8
Body: 10
Chest/Breasts: 22
Total: 120 kisses

SEASON 2 [Episodes 1-13]

Lip Kisses: 68
Hair/Face Kisses: 9
Hands: 4
Body: 6
Chest/Breasts: 3
Total: 90 kisses

SEASON 3 [Episodes 6-9]

Lip Kisses: 48
Hair/Face Kisses: 6
Hands: 1
Body: 5
Chest/Breasts: 11
Total: 71 kisses