Dear someone,

   You’re really cute. And I really like you. I’m becoming less awkward when we’re in a group. But when it’s just the two of us, (like today), I am at a complete loss for what to say, even if we do have a lot in common. Though I have hope, Today when we were talking, I thought maybe, (just maybe) your autumn eyes had dilated pupils. I know what that means. 

I’m really just glad I can know exactly what color they are. I’m glad we know more about each other now than 2 years ago, I hope we keep knowing each other. More, though. 

As I said, I really like you.

-Someone with brown eyes.

Once again, pour into me, I want to feel your heat just one more time. Once again, forgive me, for all the things I’ve done from the days you used to be mine. I miss how close we used to be, like milk and coffee, a perfect combination is what we are. I miss your lips, how sweet they are once they landed mine, stay there a little longer. I miss the way used to sleep, naked, feeling each others warmth. You and I found home in each others arms, staying that way all through the night. Sorry for all of those were memories now for I have hurt you, forgive me my love. Please, let me love you once more. This time, I will make things right for the both of us. A love with no pain and just pure happiness. Once again, forgive me for all the things I’ve done. I miss the way you make my coffee in the morning, and now I woke up without you by my side, alone in the bed with a coffee and it tastes bitter since the day you started drinking tea.
—  Milk and Coffee


Its been exactly a year today, a whole year of heart ache and what if’s. I need to move on, but its hard. I want advice but the only person who understood me was you. I want to text or call, but I cant do that to myself again. 

I miss you, i miss us, but i miss me. i miss how i use to be.

I love you, a piece of me sadly always will. 

i hope i cross your mind every once in a while. and i kinda hope you feel guilty for your actions.


side note; do you even remember the date of our break up?

Dear heart,

You’ve been there for a long time. Thank you for being with me in my battles in life. Sorry if you are the one that is accepting all the pain showered upon me. I’m not good at taking care because I’ve used my hopes and expectations to conceal the cracks and breaks. Please, don’t shatter yet, hold on tight a little longer.

We act how they wanted us to be. We changed, so people will accept us. We’ve distorted our personality just to fit theirs. The way we look, eat, act and love are according to what they wanted us to be. We do it because we love the person so much that we are willing to lose our identity just for them. We change because we wanted to be accepted in their norms, the way they live. But, never lose yourself. You don’t have to be someone who they imagine, a perfect person. There is no such thing as perfect actually. We are born to make mistakes. Without mistakes we don’t grow. That’s why I never change myself just to meet other’s expectation. It’s better to disappoint them for who you are than to impress them for who you are really not. For short, be yourself.

to the person that wrote this: http://dearmyblank.tumblr.com/post/152265492425/dear-the-girl-with-the-glasses-thank-you-so-much,

thank me? thank you for giving me someone to write to. and i’m glad you didn’t have any trouble understanding my letter, i didn’t have the time to proofread like i usually do.

i can agree with you, i think we would be good friends as well. in fact, i already feel like you are a friend. i owe a lot to dmb, among you and everyone else that has been so kind, writing and even reading nearly every letter that is published, it has truly helped me feel less alone. this is perhaps off topic but i know this year has been a hard one for everyone. in some way we have all been affected by all of the tragedies that seem to pop up every time we turn around, all of the horrible scary situations humanity has been put through and put ourselves through. but, as cheesy as this may sound, this blog – and that includes you – has helped me not lose my faith in the world.

hey, i’m a leo too! (so is jason, actually.) but, if you could not tell already, i’m not necessarily a go-getter. i think the fact that you don’t want to mess up and you’ve never felt this strongly over a stranger speaks volumes. you genuinely care about this guy. i hope with all of my heart that things work out for you both, that he treats you like a princess because you are so kind and you obviously deserve that.

i am so glad you feel like you’ve found a friend. you can never have too many friends, right?

i am definitely considering writing as a career. and every time someone mentions it, my heart swells a little bit. sometimes i think i’m a writer before i am a human being, which is why the path of action i chose was, instead of simply approaching the boy i liked, to write to him and about how i felt. it comes more naturally to me.

i hope your life is just as beautiful. thank you for being so nice to me, and giving me another reason to smile.

- the girl with the glasses.