I want you to paint me. I want you to write me. I want you. Paint me in monochrome use the color that makes you lose your hue. Color me with the sadness around your being. Make me a work of art. Write me a story, a poetry, a prose or anything. Use words that you yourself has made, never share it. Let me be your thoughts. Sweet words, lies, build a writing with those. I’m used to it. I want you, I always do. But, your arts and writings were never meant for me, but for someone else.
—  l.p.n // 18:29pm why not love me?

Some dxpw stuff and other stuff that I slacked on posting about because I was in London <3

I realized Tumblr is legit dead for scape now (and has been for a while but I refuse to join the twitter crew), but I will still post for my benefit on tracking my progress so yeah. :) And I guess for any of you who care as well <:

Hope you all had a good Runefest and a happy DXPW <:


I don’t have words. We’re at my sister’s brothers house with her, on the bed, I’m a little drunk and a little high and you’re passed out like a bear in January next to me.

All is right in the universe, because everything I’ve done in my life has led to this single moment in which everything is right and perfect.

Wholly yours,