“As you sleep, I tell you all the things that I’ve wanted to say to you but don’t know how. I could cry until I’m blue in the face and you’d never wake up. It’s the perfect crime.”



Super Junior Super Market - One More Chance Cut

To my past self,

Your body, your choice. Always remember that. If you want to stay a virgin until marriage, cool. If you want to sleep with a different guy every day, also cool just make sure you use protection! No one gets to decide what you do with your body, only you get to do that.

If you’re unhappy with the way something looks, don’t be ashamed to change it. Your body, your choice. Yes, close-minded people will always give you shit for any kind of cosmetic surgery but fuck them. Don’t let it get to you. As long as you are happy, nothing else should matter.

Don’t ever sleep with a man in a relationship, and if you find out he’s in a relationship afterwards; reach out to his partner. I know lots of people say to not get involved but just think if you were the girl at home waiting for her man to get back from work. It probably won’t end out well but girl power bitch! We gotta look after other women. You don’t want an innocent girl to stay with a man like that not knowing he’s cheating on her. She doesn’t deserve that.

You’re going to get ENDLESS amounts of hate for sleeping with a certain someone. Don’t get cut or even bother fighting back when they call you a groupie, they’re just jealous that the only way they could get near him was if they paid $500. Enjoy your moment, don’t get attached but don’t let the negativity get to you. Allow this experience to grow your confidence and self esteem - and don’t be embarrassed to admit you’re star struck. This kind of shit definitely doesn’t happen everyday.

Once again. Your body, your choice. Fuck loads of guys if you want to, change anything you don’t like about yourself and look after other women. At the end of the day, as long as you’re healthy, happy, safe and successful, you’re doing it all right.

Yours truly,