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~Admin K & Her Dorky Boyfriend Lee Joon (Part 3)~

Admin K: Anniyo~ I just have a really heightened sense of smell~ Anything I want? Are you sure? I mean we also have to get some food for the members so I don’t want you to go too overboard on spoiling me baby~ *starts reading the menu trying to decide what to order for myself & the rest of the members* I think I know what to get~ *orders some bagels, mini doughnuts, iced coffee, normal coffee & croissants* I think that should be enough for all of us. *looks over to Joonie* Anything else you wanna get?

Joon: I could never spoil you too much~ *chuckles* I think you’ve got us covered! *goes to pay for everything and then returns with all the bags* Can you take the drinks? Let’s get back quickly before I starve~

Admin K: Awwe I swear you’re the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for~ Of course I can baby~ *takes the drinks & gets the door for him since his arms are full* Luckily the dorm isn’t that far away so I’m sure you won’t starve to death or anything~ *giggles* *as we get back to the dorm I get the door for him & follow him to the kitchen to set the food & drinks down* I think we should grab our food first before its all gone. Though I wonder who’ll be the first one to wake up from the smell of the food.

Joon: I’m doing my best for you~ Thanks jagiya! *winks and follows you back to the dorm* You’re probably right~ There is no friendship when food is involved.. *laughs and helps you take out your food* Let’s hope it’ll take them a while so there’s more for us~

Admin K: *starts eating when I hear movement coming for the members rooms* Well looks like someones up~ Now we just have to wait to see who it is. *hears footsteps & looks up to see a sleepy Mir walking over to the food on the table* *looks at Joonie & lets out a giggle & whispers* He honestly looks like a sloth right now & it’s adorable, though not as adorable as you baby~ *gives him a peck on the cheek* *watches as Mir grabs some food & sits down next to us* Well good morning to you sleepyhead~

Joon: *when he sees Mir walk out* As expected~. Our maknae wakes up to the smell of food. *snickers and jokes* He always looks like a sloth to me. *smiles gleefully when you call him adorable and give him a kiss* Good morning our little maknae~. *ruffles Mir’s hair* Did you sleep well? *looks up when he hears someone come out of their room* Ah G.O hyung~!

Admin K: *giggles as Mir nods his head yes* *whispers to Joonie* I’m about 80% sure he’s gunna fall asleep I mean just look at him. *lets out a giggle when we look over to see that Mir had dosed off a bit* *smiles when G.O comes out of his room* Morning G.O, feel free to have some of the food thats on the table since we got plenty for everyone~ *goes back to eating with Joonie as G.O disappears into the kitchen* Now only Seungho’s still asleep, I wonder when he’ll wake up. Well if he ever gets up~

Joon: *whispers back* I’m 90% sure that he’s going to fall asleep. He’s probably going to be mid-eating before he dozes off! *glances at Mir and notices him nodding off* I told you so~. *chuckles* Hmmm let’s just let Seungho get his beauty sleep~. We can save some food for him if he doesn’t wake up in time.

Admin K: Yeah I mean the old panda does need as much sleep as he can get~ *lets out a giggle* True we do have plenty of food so saving some hopefully won’t be a problem~ *finishes eating & slides into Joonie’s lap as he wraps his strong arms around my waist* *gives him a peck on the lips* So any thoughts or plans on what were going to do today baby? *whispers* We as in just you & I since were the only ones actually up because everyone else is either asleep, just barely awake or already nodding off again~

Joon: *laughs with you and then pouts* But I’m not that much younger than him… Do you think I’m old too? *cocks his head to the side in thought and runs his hands up and down your back* I don’t know, we’ve done so many things already… Do you have anything in mind? I don’t care as long as I’m with you~ *gives you another peck*

Admin K: Of course not baby~ In my eyes you’re a dorky ball of energy, plus you & Seungho are complete opposites when it comes to energy. You’ve always been the more hyper one~ Well I do have an idea, but I’m not sure if you’ll be up for it. I know this may seem a bit weird, but I really want to go to a petting zoo~ I haven’t been to one since I was little & I just really want to go see all the animals~ *feels embarrassed about my suggestion & buries my head in the side of his neck*

Joon: *chuckles* I guess you’re right about that… *lets out a surprised sound and cringes away a little* Ah, I’m ticklish, jagiya~ *still runs his hand through your hair soothingly* But the petting zoo sounds fun! And I’d love to help you relive some childhood memories~ *smiles at you encouragingly*

Admin K: Awwe you’re just too cute baby & I’m glad that you like my idea~ *stands up & extends my hand to help Joonie stand up* So when do you wanna head out baby? If you ask me I think we should leave soon while everyone’s still pretty sleepy or else the members will nag us about where were going & will want to come along with us if we try to leave while their fully awake. *tilts my head & looks at Joonie* So what do you think baby~? *watches as he hands me my shoes to put on* I take that as a yes~

Joon: *smiles as he takes a hold of your hand and pulls himself up* Hmm…that’s true…*quickly goes to the front door and starts putting on his shoes before handing you yours* We better get going before they realize what we’re doing!! *notices Mir sleepily gazing at you too* We’re running out of time!!

Admin K: *quickly slides on my shoes & his hoodie* Oh we can’t forget these~ *quickly grabs my purse, our phones & his wallet that are on the table next to the couch & hands him his wallet & phone* Now we can go~ *grabs his hand & scurries out of the dorm* Hmm now we just have to find the nearest petting zoo. *looks over at Joonie & notices that he’s already searching for it on his phone* Looks like my lovely boyfriend’s already a step ahead of me~ Which is great so I don’t have to worry about anything~

Joon: *takes his phone and puts his wallet into his back-pocket* Thanks~. *takes your hand and sprints out the door**searches for the petting zoo’s location on his phone once you both are on the street* Of course~. A dependable boyfriend must always be prepared! Okay I found one!! It’s a few blocks down, so it shouldn’t be too far! *intertwines your hand with his* Okay, let’s go~!!

Admin K: I swear you spoil me too much~. *lets out a giggle & starts walking towards the petting zoo* I can’t wait to see what types of animals they have. I wonder if we’ll see a zebra or maybe some cute bunnies that look like you~ *watches as he starts to blush* I mean you are cute & cuddly just like one~. *places a kiss on his cheek* Now don’t get too flustered on me~ *continues walking until we reach the petting zoo* Wow that didn’t take long at all. *stands in line as Joonie pays for our admission*

Joon: Hmm maybe not zebras, but horses. *blushes when you compare him to a bunny* A~. Bunnies are way cuter than I am~. I wonder if they’ll have guinea pigs…they remind me of you~. Snuggly, full of fluff and look really cute when they eat~. Yeah that wasn’t a too long of a walk! *goes to pay for admission before going back to stand next to you* So, what are you going to pet first?

Admin K: *blushes from his compliments* Yah~ Y-you’re e-embarrassing me~ *takes a moment to compose myself before smirking at him & gently runs my fingers through his hair* Well looks like you were lucky enough to be the first thing I got to pet~ *lets out a giggle & grabs his hand as we start to walk around the petting zoo* Hmm oh how about we go there first. *points to a building that has small animals in it like bunnies & guinea pigs* This one looks like you baby~ *points to a cute fluffy black bunny*

Joon: *chuckles as he says with a teasing tone* I knew that you were going to do that~. *takes your hand* Alright let’s get going~. *nods when you point to the building**chuckles when you compare him to the bunny* And I found you~!! *picks up a cute small brown guinea pig before gently stroking it* It’s so cute~.

Admin K: *lets out a small giggle as I get an idea* *walks over to him & rests my head on his should while looking up at him with big puppy eyes* But I’m cuter right baby~? *watches as he smiles & gives me an Eskimo kiss* Y-yah y-you didn’t have to do that~ You could’ve just said yes you know. *playfully shoves him as I walk back over to the bunny* You know I’ve always wanted a pet bunny of my own baby~ *picks it up* Plus I think this one likes me~ *giggles as it cuddles into the side on my neck*

Joon: Really~? Then why don’t we stop by the pet store on the way home? *walks over to you and pets the bunny on your shoulder*

Admin K: *looks at him with wide eyes* Y-you really mean it?! I-I mean you really don’t have to baby~ *stops my rambling when Joonie places a finger to my lips & nods his head yes* *gently sets the bunny down & excitedly jumps into his arms* You are literally the greatest boyfriend on this planet~! *lets out a giggle when he spins us around* Careful you don’t want to gets us too dizzy baby~ *manages to regain my balance when he puts me down* Now that, that’s out of our system where do you wanna go next?

Joon: *smiles* Why don’t we go see the sheep and goats? Or would you like to see the ponies first?

Admin K: How about we go see the sheep & goats first & then we can go see the ponies~ *intertwines our fingers as search for where the livestock are kept* I wonder if they’ll let us feed them~ I mean that would be so awesome if they do, but you just gotta make sure the don’t nibble on you’re fingers. *lets out a small giggle* Oh look there’s the building for the livestock! *points to a big building with a livestock sign above the doorway* Well let’s go~! *takes his hand & excitedly runs inside with him*

Joon: I hope so too, feeding them is the best part! *follows you inside laughing* You’re too cute when you’re excited~ *looks around and sees a vending machine for food* Ah, over there! *walks over and buys some for you and himself* Here you go~ But make sure they don’t eat you~

Admin K: *happily takes the food from him* Thank you baby & don’t worry I’ll be careful~. *gives him an Eskimo kiss & walks away to start feeding some of the animals* *starts feeding some of the animals, but stops when I hear Joonie giggling* Looks like someone’s having a great time~ *turns to look at him & sees him being surrounded by all the animals* Looks like they love you just as much as I do baby~ *walks over to him & helps shoo some of the animals away* There now you shouldn’t be mobbed by them.

Joon: *chuckles* I have a lot of fans, don’t I? *wraps his arms around you after you shoo the animals away* Are you having fun, baby~? Is this everything you’ve dreamed and hoped that it would be like?

Admin K: Yes, but I’ll always be you’re biggest fan~ And this is everything I hope for & more, I’m lucky to have someone as wonderful as you in my life baby~ *gives him a little peck on the lips* How about we finish up here & then go look for the ponies~ *watches as he smiles & nods his head in agreement* Alright just try not to get mobbed again~ *lets out a little giggle as I walk away to feed the animals again* *continues feeding them until I run out of food* Alrighty well I’m finished what about you?

Joon: I’ll always be your number one fan too~. *smiles as you give him a peck on the lips* I don’t know what I would do without you~. I’ll try my best, but no promises! Animals just love me~. *looks down at his the remaining food in his hands* Umm hold on…*throws the food in the air and watches as they fall to the ground making the animals swarm* I’m ready now~! *takes you by the arm and walks out of the petting area* Should we grab a snack first? Seeing all those animals chow down made me a bit hungry…

Admin K: That’s doesn’t like a bad idea baby, since I must admit I am a little hungry myself~ Let’s go wander around to see what kind of food stands they have. *starts to walk around with him until we stop in front of a stand that sells Kimbap* Oooh I could definitely go for some Kimbap~* after I finish my sentence my stomach growls* *lets out a little* Looks my stomach agrees with me, so what do you think baby~? *looks up at him & notices that he’s already looking at the menu* I guess you agree too~

Joon: What kind of Kimbap are you craving for, baby~? Bulgogi Kimbap, Tuna Kimbap, Kimchi Kimbap or the Original Kimbap?

Admin K: I think I’ll get the Tuna & Original Kimbap~ What about you baby~? *watches as he looks back to the menu & points out his favorite one* *giggles* Of course you would get that~ So now that we have the food decided we just need to decide on what were drinks were going to get~ Hmm *looks at the drink menu* Soo many good choices, but I think I’ll go with the Coconut Boba Tea since I just love coconut~ *looks up at Joonie* So do you know what you want to drink baby~?

Joon: Hmm~, since you’re getting Boba…I’ll get Boba Tea too!! Jasmine Green Milk Tea with boba~. *goes to order and pay for the food before walking back to you with the food* Where should we eat?

Admin K: Hmm~ *spots an empty table overlooking part of the zoo* That looks like a good spot baby~ *takes our drinks & carries them over to the table as he carries the food* *carefully sets them on the table as he places down our food* Look at this view it’s absolutely perfect! *takes a small sip of my coconut boba tea* I swear you’re too good to me~ *sets my drink down & cups his cheeks* Thank you for being in my life baby~ I don’t know what I would do without you~ *gives him a peck on the lips*

Joon: You’re right, it is… *looks at the view while sitting down* …but I like it a lot better with you in it~ *grins at you and wiggles his eyebrows jokingly* No, thank you for sticking with me! I’d just be a mess without you~ *kisses you back and then nudges the food towards you* Let’s eat~

Admin K: *blushes from his comment* Well you can always count on me being in you’re life since I’m not going anywhere anytime soon~ *looks down at all the food* I think I’ll try the Tuna Kimbap first~ *slides the plate of Tuna Kimbap in front of me & picks up a piece* It looks good so that definitely a plus. *takes a bite of it & swallows it* Well I think this just became my new favorite food~ I mean it’s just soo good, you have to try it baby~ *picks up a piece & holds it in front of him* Say ahh~

Joon: I’m not going anywhere either~. *opens his mouth widely like a baby bird when you hold up a piece of kimbap* Ahh~. *eats it deliciously* Mmm~. Should we go buy more before we leave?

Admin K: Definitely, plus if we do that means we can also save some to bring home to the rest of the members & we don’t have to hear them complain about being hungry. And it’s also a good way to get out of making diner~ *lets out a little giggle* But for now lets work on finishing all this delicious Kimbap that’s in front of us~ *reaches for a piece of Tuna Kimbap, but is stopped as Joonie holds up a piece for me to eat* *shyly opens my mouth so he can feed me* Yah~ I hate when you do that in public~!

Joon: *smiles* You’re so thoughtful - the members love you almost as much as me for that~ *laughs with you* And smart too! *feeds you and chuckles* And yet you let me do it~ *holds up another piece and wiggles his eyebrows at you teasingly*

Admin K: Of course you’ll always love me more than they do~ *starts getting flustered from his comments* Yah whats got you acting all mushy~ *watches as he holds up another piece of Kimbap* Yah~ I already let you feed me, how about you work on feeding yourself too~ But I will take this *takes the piece of Kimbap from his hand & eats it* I swear this is the most delicious Kimbap I’ve had in a while, were definitely picking up more before we leave~ *finishes eating* So where do you wanna go now baby~?

Joon: Can’t I be affectionate with my girlfriend? I just want you to know how much I care about you~ *pouts but starts eating himself* It’s so good, I might eat it all on the way home before the members get anything! *grins* You wanted to see the ponies, right? *gets up and holds a hand out to you*

Admin K: Then it’s looks like we’ll also pick up some more for you, that way you don’t eat the ones for the members~ *takes his hand as I stand up* Yes, but I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything you wanted to see before we head off in search of the ponies~ *plants a kiss on his cheek* But since you’re just as excited as I am too see the ponies we can go find them now~! *notices as an arrow sign with the word ponies on it* Look *points to the sign* If we follow that we’ll find them in no time~

Joon: I’d be glad to pick up more~! *smiles and gives you a surprise peck on the cheek* You can’t be the only one giving random surprise kisses~. Yes, let’s go!! *quickly starts to walk as he leads you there* Do you think we could ride one?

Admin K: *lets out a small gasp from his surprise kiss & then smiles* You know I always enjoy you’re kisses even if their surprise ones~ *starts playing with his fingers as we follow the sign* I hope we can because then I get to show off my horseback riding skills~ You know when I was little I took professional lessons for a couple years~ *stops walking when we reach the area where the ponies & horses are kept* Well it looks like we can ride them! *points to the people who are riding some of the horses*

Joon: I love your kisses too~. Really? You took lessons? You should show me pictures when we get back to the dorm!! I bet you looked really adorable in your riding outfit~. *pumps his fist in the air when he finds out that he could ride a horse* Yes!! This is going to be so fun~. Here, let me help you get on top one. *puts his hands on your waist and lifts you up so you could sit on the horse*

Admin K: If you’re good & behave I might just show you some of them~ *lets out a little giggle* I’m sure glad I have a strong boyfriend who can lift me & help me get on a horse about twice my size & who’s also sweet for making sure I get on safely~ *holds the reigns as I wait for Joonie to get on his horse* You all set over there baby? *trots over to him to make sure he’s all set* Alright now that you’re ready how about we do a few laps starting off with a slow trot so you can get a feel for everything~

Joon: *nods* I’ll behave, I promise~! *speaks in a royal tone*  But of course! I could not even imagine what would happen if my beautiful maiden got hurt~. *easily hops onto the horse* Yep! I’m all set to go~. *gives you a thumbs up* Sounds good! But um…how do I make this horse go? *gestures towards his horse that is standing still while munching on some hay*

Admin K: *lets out a giggle* Its simple just make a little clicking sound with you mouth or try giving it a little squeeze with your legs~. And to control what way you go you just move the reigns in the direction you want to go & give a little tug. *continues explaining the basics to him as he listens & smiles once I finish* If you have any questions feel free to ask & I’ll be more that happy to answer them baby~ *gives him a warm smile as I get my horse to move & work up to a slow trotting pace*

Joon: *watches as you already start moving* Hey, wait for me!! *awkwardly makes some unique clicking noises and squeezes his legs a bit* Hee-yah!! *waits for the horse to start moving but it just stays still* Go, go, go~. Giddy-up!! Giddy-WHOAA. *holds on tight as the horse suddenly starts moving at a fast pace*

Admin K: Give a little tug back on the reigns & try saying easy & you’re horse should slow down~ Also loosen you’re grip on the reigns a little, it’s not good if you have it too tight. *watches as he takes my advice & manages to get his horse back under control* Don’t try to rush things, move at the pace you want so you can get a feel for controlling you’re horse & then start working up to moving at a faster pace once you’re comfortable~. *makes my horse move next to Joonie’s so I can keep an eye on him*

Joon: *beams when the horse finally listens to him* Wow~. You really do know your stuff, baby~. I’m impressed!! *manages to keep it moving at a slow steady pace* Hey, once I get this thing down…How about a race~?

Admin K: I told you I did~. *thinks for a moment* Normally I would say yes, but because were not in a wide, open place & there are other riders around, for safety reasons I’m gunna have to say no baby. But at least now I know what we can do for our next date~. Rent horses somewhere that has a wide open plot of land which would be an ideal place to have a race without having to worry about any barriers or other people~! *looks at him & smiles* How about you use this time to practice for when we do race~!

Joon: *grins proudly* Look at my girlfriend, so charismatic~. Alright~! I already can’t wait for our next date~. We should also dress in riding gear next time! I bet you would look sexy, baby~. *smiles* Okay! *starts riding a bit faster and going ahead of you* Catch up to me if you can~.

Admin K: *gets flustered from his comment* Y-yah don’t say those kinds of things while were in public~! *whispers* Plus you’d look better than I would dressed like that. *watches him gallop away on his horse* Be careful not to run into anything or anyone baby~ *catches up to him & passes him in no time* *giggles* I swear sometimes you act like a little kid on Christmas & its the cutest thing ever~ *makes the horse go off to the side with Joonie & his horse* So what should we do after we finish here~?

Joon: *winks at you with a cheeky smile plastered on his face* It’s the truth though~! No, I think the outfit would suit you more. *whispers back* Although, I probably would look like a dashing prince on his noble steed~. *looks back at you as he gallops away* No promises~! *looks back ahead and realizes that his horse was starting to go off course* Whoa there!! *beams and boops your nose* It’s because I already have the best gift ever~. Hmm why don’t we grab dinner while listening to some live music~?

Admin K: And let me guess that gift is me~? *gives him an Eskimo kiss* That sounds like a fantastic idea baby~. So anything in particular you feel like eating because I honestly don’t care where we go as longs as I’m with you & get to eat some really good food is all that matters to me~ But before we go anywhere we should get these horses back so other people can ride them. *brings our horses back to where we got them from & intertwines our fingers as we leave* So any ideas on where we should eat~?

Joon: How did you know?? *laughs and pets the horse goodbye before you leave* Hmmm… *thinks for a moment* After running around all day we should get a proper meal! How about we go to my favorite bulgogi place? My treat~

Admin K: Bulgogi sounds like a fantastic idea *my stomach growls as soon as I finish my sentence* I guess my stomach agrees too~. Your treat? It sounds like everything you do for me is your treat baby, you better be careful cause I don’t want you going broke from spoiling me so much~. Plus you know you’ll hear it from Seungho-oppa if that does happen~ *giggles* Oh look there’s a bulgogi restaurant~. *walks in with him & waits to get seated* I hope were lucky enough to get a booth instead of a table~.

Joon: Of course it’s my treat~. Don’t worry baby, if I ever run out of money I will just work harder! *takes your hand and squeezes it* Gotta make every moment we have together last~. *waves over a worker and whispers to you* Don’t worry, I know the owner of this place so we will get a booth.

Admin K: Well I just don’t want you to work too hard baby~. Plus that’s gunna be a lot of moments since were always going to be together~ *gives him a peck on the cheek* *giggles* Is there anyone you don’t know~? *walks over to our booth & sits across from him* See this is why I love booths more than tables, there’s a lot more privacy & were not the focus of everyone’s attention, so we can enjoy our lovely meal together~. *looks over the menu* Is there anything else you wanna eat besides bulgogi~?

Joon: *smiles* I’d do anything for you baby~. You know that~. I know that, but I treasure every moment with you~. I want to make all our memories last~. *rests his arms on the table and looks over at you lovingly* I want to eat your love~.

Admin K: *blushes* Yah~ I-I’m being serious. *hides my face behind the menu & tries to calm down* *manages to regain my composure just as the waiter comes over to take our drink orders* Hm, I think I’m just going to have a glass of water, what about you baby~? *watches as the waiter leaves after he takes our drink order* *looks over the menu one last time & notices that they have tteokbokki* I think I’m going to have some bulgogi & maybe some tteokbokki on the side~. What are you gunna get baby~?

Joon: *looks at you in mock offense* So am I! *chuckles at how flustered you are and then orders his drink, watching the waiter disappear until you address him* I think as long as we order double the bulgogi I’m fine! *grins and pats his stomach jokingly*

Admin K: Alright since you want double the bulgogi I think we should order 3 things of bulgogi 2 for you & 1 for me & then 2 things of tteokbokki that way if you want some their be some for you & if we don’t eat it all we can just take it home because I’m sure the other members would eat it in a heartbeat *giggles* Oh look perfect timing~ *points to the waiter who’s making his way back to our booth with our drinks* So do you agree with my idea~? Or will that be too much bulgogi for you~?

Joon: Sounds good!! *laughs* You’re right, they would devour everything quickly. There is no such thing as too much bulgogi~. I got this~. 3 orders of bulgogi and 2 tteokbokki please~.

Admin K: I know that’s why I tend to make sure we eat first whenever theres food because if they ate first there wouldn’t be anything left for us~. *lets out a giggle* *watches as Joonie gives they waiter our order & hands back the menus* *watches as they waiter leaves to put in our orders* Hopefully we won’t have to wait that long for our food because I’m starving~. *gets bored while waiting for our food so I start to draw imaginary shapes on Joons hand, but stops when I hear him laugh* What~?

Joon: Ooh very smart~. *looks back at you with a smile after making the order* Yeah I’m starving too~. Should we eat some of the kimbap that we saved? *laughs* I’m just kidding, I’ll save them for the others. *starts laughing when you start drawing on his hand* That tickles~.

Admin K: *whispers* Well I keep that in mind so I can use it against you later~. *giggles* Oh look I think I see our food coming~. *points to the waiter that carrying our food over to our booth* Wow that was faster than I thought~. *watches as he sets our food down on the table & slides one of the plates of tteokbokki in front on me* This looks really delicious~. I can’t wait to try it~. *goes to take a bite, but is stopped by Joonie*What now~? *looks up to see him holding a piece for me to eat* Really~.

Joon: *whispers back* I’m not the only one who’s ticklish~. Yeah, this place has really good service~. That’s why I come here often. *gives you a teasing smile* Yes, really~. Food always tastes better when we feed each other~! The first bite is the most important. *makes the piece touch your closed lips* Now open wide~.

Admin K: True, but you’re a lot more ticklish than I am~. Well in that case maybe we should have more dates here in the future~ *shyly opens my mouth & eats the piece of food that Joonie gave me* *finishes the piece of food & then quietly whispers while avoiding his gaze* I have no problem with you wanting to feed me baby~ It just makes me feel really shy & embarrassed when you do it, especially if there are people around who are probably watching us. *continues to avoid his gaze due to how embarrassed I am*

Joon: We’ll have to see about that~. Yes we should! Then we could call this place, our place~. Aye~. Don’t be shy~. Don’t mind what others think. We’re in love and shouldn’t be afraid to show it in public. To a certain extent of course…*slightly blushes*

Admin K: Hmm our place? I like the sound of that baby~. *shyly looks up at him & smiles as I take a hold of one of his hands* Alright~ From now on I’ll try not to care about what people think about us~. *lets out a giggle at his last comment & starts to tease him* Looks like someone needs to keep their mind out of the gutter~. *watches as he becomes more flustered* Sorry, but you’re just too cute when your flustered, so I can’t help myself~. *plants a small kiss on his cheek to help calm him down*

Joon: *smiles and gives your hand a tight squeeze* Good! Only look at me from now on~. Only me~. *grins from ear to ear when you kiss him on the cheek* You’re really cute when you get flustered too~. *leans over and gives you a small peck on your lips*

Admin K: *playfully shoves him* Yah~ Don’t try to turn this around on me~. *lets out a small laugh* *goes back to eating* This food is soo delicious, this is definitely going to be our spot from now on~. *finishes eating & watches as Joonie continues to eat* Looks like someone’s a bit hungry~ *lets out a giggle* Maybe when were finished here we can go for a walk or something, before we head back to the dorm & deal with our rowdy kids~. Hopefully they haven’t cause too much trouble while we’ve be gone~

Joon: I’m glad that you liked it~. *devours everything on his plate* I can’t help it, I’ve got a big appetite~!  That sounds really nice~. *laughs* Don’t worry too much about them. They’re Seungho’s problem. This might sound crazy, but why don’t we go take a walk on the beach?

Admin K: True, but I just hope they aren’t giving him too much of a hard time~ *lets out a little gasp* A-Are you serious~? *watches as he nods excitedly* That sounds like a great & really cute idea so I’m all for it~. Hopefully if were lucky, there won’t be too many people around & who knows maybe we’ll get to see the sunset~. But before we head to the beach we might wanna stop at the convenient store to pick up some things~. If I’m not mistaken I think there’s one a few blocks from here~

Joon: Not harder than any other day I guess… *chuckles* Well we have enough time to stay until the sunset~ But you’re right, if we’re going to stay that long we should get some drinks and maybe sunscreen? Wouldn’t want you to look like a lobster by the time the sun goes down~ *boops your nose and grins*

Admin K: *playfully shoves him* Like your one to talk, you’ll probably need the sunscreen more than me~. *watches as he finishes eating & goes to pay for the bill* We should pick up a blanket or something for us to sit or lay on while we watch the sunset & also some snacks just in case we get hungry again~. *goes to get up, but stops when Joonie offers his hand to help me up* I swear you’re just too sweet to me baby~. *intertwines our fingers as we leave the restaurant & head off to the convenient store*

Joon: You’re right, I need to protect my handsome face! *pretends to flip his hair back and then grins* That’s a good idea too! We should probably get an extra blanket as well, it might get cold once the sun goes down… Plus then we can huddle together underneath~ *tugs you closer to his side by your joined hands*

Admin K: *lets out a giggle* Look at you being so romantic~. *makes a mental checklist of everything we need to pick up from the convenient store* *keeps walking until we reach the store* Alrighty, I think we should split up that way we can get to the beach faster~ I’ll go look for the blanket & sunscreen, while you go pick out some drinks & snacks~ Oh & try looking for a basket or something that way we don’t have to carry everything separately. When were done we can meet up at the front of the store~

Joon: Alright~ *gives you a peck and walks around the store to get everything you listed, then waits for you outside* I didn’t know which snacks you wanted… *does a little dance and waves a bag with the snacks inside around once he sees you* …so I got everything! *grins and holds it open for you to see* Plus, it’s not a plastic bag, so I’m pretty much saving the environment right now~ Did you get everything else?

Admin K: Woah look at all those snacks~. *in a teasing voice* I think someone might have gone a little overboard~. *giggles* But at least we have a variety of food to choose from & we won’t go hungry~. And yes I got the sunscreen & I got 3 blankets that way we have one to sit or lay on & the other 2 we can use to snuggle & keep warm~. *puts the rest of the stuff in the bag that Joonie has* Alrighty now that that’s done we can make our way to the beach~. *interlocks our fingers as we start to walk*

Joon: *snorts* As if we could ever get too much food! *shoulders the bag and swings your hands back and forth as you walk* If we have three blankets that means you can use one to dry yourself off after I throw you in the water~ *grins at you*

Admin K: *stops in my tracks after I hear his comment* 2 things, 1 you know if you try to throw me in the water I’m gunna take you with me & 2 I don’t think it would be a good idea since there is a chance that I could end up getting sick & I know you wouldn’t want that to happen now would you~? Plus if I get sick you’d have both Seungho & Byunghee on you’re case for not taking proper care of me~ *continues walking* If I’m not mistaken we should only be a few more minutes away from the beach~.

Joon: Aye you got me there~! You gotta promise that you won’t push me in the water though. Also if you do get sick, I would take very good care of you to nurse you back to health! The hyungs got nothing on me~. Oooh!! I think I can hear the waves!! *starts dragging you to go faster*

Admin K: *laughs* You’re worried about me pushing you in? I wasn’t planning on it, so you don’t have anything to worry about there~. As much as you’d love to take care of me, you know how much I hate being sick. *gets a little surprised when he starts walking faster* You know if you wanted me to walk faster all you had to do was ask~ *gets ahead of him & starts running while he tries to keep up* *stops when we reach the beach* I think we got lucky, it doesn’t look like there’s anyone else here~.

Joon: Alright~. I promise I won’t push you in~. *laughs* Sorry, I just got a bit excited. Hey, wait for me! *grins proudly as he gestures at the beach**bluffs* You know…I actually rented out the entire beach just for us~.

Admin K: *bursts out laughing* Yeah right, cute joke though~. *rummages through the bag the Joonie’s carrying & takes out a blanket to lay down* *sits down to take off my shoes & roll up my pant legs* *looks up at Joonie* You want some help setting up the rest of the stuff or do you got it~? *watches as he sets down the bag & takes the rest of the things out of it* Suit yourself, but if you need any help don’t be afraid to ask baby~. *starts watching the waves while he unpacks everything*

Joon: *finishes unpacking everything and hands you an ice cream bar as he plops down next to you* Oh wait. It might get colder soon. *rummages through the bag and takes out another blanket before wrapping it around the both of you* This is nice~. *turns to look at you and smiles* I love spending time with you.

Admin K: *smiles when he hand me the ice cream bar* Thank you baby & look it’s my favorite kind watermelon~. *opens it & takes a bite of it* You know…*leans my head agains his shoulder & smiles up at him* I really do love spending time with you too oppa~. *lifts up my ice cream bar to him* I’m not sure if you like watermelon or not, but you want a bite~? It’s really good, just don’t eat it too fast or else you’ll get a brain freeze~ *watches as he takes a small bite & watches for his reaction* Well~?

Joon: *chews on it a bit before his eyes light up* Mmm~!! I thought it was gonna have a super artificial taste, but it’s actually pretty good!! Try some of mine~. *brings his ice cream sandwich up to your mouth**says half jokingly and half serious* You better not take a too big of a bite though! I’m watching you~.

Admin K: I guess you’re lucky then that I take small bites unlike the rest of your members who take one bite & the whole things practically gone~ *giggles & takes a bite of his ice cream sandwich* Not bad, but I still like my watermelon bar better~. *playfully sticks my tongue out at him* *finishes eating my ice cream & starts going through our bag* Look~! We can use this to keep our trash in so we won’t have to constantly get up to throw it out *holds up the plastic bag that I found*

Lee Joon: Oooh. That’s a great idea! *finishes his ice cream sandwich and puts the wrapper inside the bag* Do you want to go dip our feet in the water? The sun is gonna set soon.

~Stay Tuned To Find Out What Happens Next~


~Credits To: Admin K as herself  & @chattingwithmybias as Lee Joon~

~I do not own any of the gifs~

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~Admin K & her dorky boyfriend Lee Joon~ (Part 2)

Admin K: *smirks at him and pokes his nose* I think your up to something mister~ And I have a feeling that I’ll find out where the rest of the members went very shortly~ *whispers* But if were talking about my favorite dish then is it you, I-I m-mean fettuccine alfredo or maybe some sushi rolls~? *internally curses myself for that little slip up which cause me to get a little flustered and let out a nervous giggle*

Joon: Psh w-what? I don’t know what you’re talking about~. *casually glances around* Let’s just enjoy each other’s company instead~. *heard what you said* Haha you’re so silly~. *smirks and whispers* I’m the dessert~. *laughs out loud* You got it right~!! *opens the basket and takes out a box of sushi and a plate of fettuccine alfredo* Don’t worry, I asked G.O hyung for help so it should taste okay.

Admin K: You know if you’re my desert than I might overdose from your chocolate abs~ *lets out a giggle as I get an idea* Hmm well the food does look good and Byunghee’s cooking normally isn’t that bad so I guess it won’t kill me to eat it~ But on one condition~ *takes the food from his hands and places it to the side as I snuggle into his lap and places a sweet kiss on his neck and whispers* You have to personally feed me, but don’t worry if you’re good I’ll feed you too Oppa~

Joon: Yes~ My abs would be too sweet. *laughs* Alright~. *uses his chopsticks and holds up a sushi* Say ah~! *is about to feed you when suddenly the members gathered around quickly and began singing “She” by Elvis Costello acapella cute version* *whispers* Surprise~!! *gets up to join them and sings while doing a cute dance altogether*

Admin K: Yah I knew you were up to something *goes to smack him, but he gets up too fast so I miss* *starts giggling due to how cute they all are, but gives them a standing ovation once they finish* Joonie~ You know you didn’t have to plan all this just for me~ *wraps my arms around him as I look up at him* As much as I loved that performance can we eat now before the members finish it all since it looks like everything’s almost all gone. *points at the members that are scarfing down all the food*

Joon: Nonsense~!! My girl deserves to be happy on her special day~. *notices the members eating and his eyes widen* Yah!! It’s not your birthday you guys!!

Admin K: *gently grabs his hand and leads him over to an empty spot on the blanket and picks up a plate of food* I think we should pick up where we left off so in that case open up~ *blows on it before I gently feed it to him* I swear your the cutest boyfriend ever Joonie~ *quietly makes my way into his lap again and whispers in his ear* So do you have any more surprises in store for me or are you just going to keep everything to yourself mister~ *places tiny kisses up his neck to behind his ear* Hmm~?

Joon: *calms down and smiles happily eating the food* Wait, I’m the one who’s supposed to be feeding you~!! *gets some fettuccine alfredo and blows on it before feeding you* And you’re the cutest girlfriend ever~!! *moves a strand of your hair behind your ear and whispers back* Not telling~. *winks*

Admin K: A-anniyo oppa I’m not that cute~ *starts to blush when you move the piece of hair behind my ear* Aww why won’t you tell me baby~ *gently cups his face and starts stroking his cheek* Plus you know I hate waiting for surprises, speaking of which are we going to be leaving for my next surprise soon~? All this waiting you have me doing is driving me crazy *whispers* almost as crazy as I am about you my love. *blushes and shyly looks away hoping he didn’t hear that last part*

Joon: Okay fine~, you’re not cute…You’re BEAUTIFUL!! *heard what you said and chuckles before making you face him* I’m crazy about you too~. There’s not a moment where I’m not thinking about you~. Hmm when’s the next surprise? How about…NOW! *brings out a bouquet of flowers that he has been hiding behind his back*

Admin K: *blushes and covers my face as he starts to talk, but shyly peaks when he pulls out the flowers* Y-yah how long have you’ve been hiding those behind you back? *lets out a cute giggle due to how adorable he looks as I take the bouquet and inhale their wonderful scent* There perfect just like you oppa~ *smiles at him as I cup his face and places a long sweet kiss on his lips* It makes me happy to know you care soo much about me to do all this for me, but I don’t really deserve all this baby~

Joon: *smiles* The flowers cannot compare to your beauty my dear~. Nothing in this world can be as lovely as you~. *gives you another kiss and hugs you tightly* You deserve even more than this. You deserve every ounce of happiness and love in life~.

Admin K: *starts to blush again* Y-yah stop being s-so mushy b-baby. Y-you know I c-can’t handle it w-when you act like t-this. *wraps my arms around him and buries my face in his neck when he hugs me because I don’t want him to see my face* *whispers* I really do love you, you big dork~ *lets out a little giggle as I place a soft kiss on his neck* Hey baby~ Don’t you think it’s time to go see my next surprise? *mumbles* Since you’ll probably forget because all you think about is how much you love me~

Joon: Sorry~. I just can’t help it!! I’m just deeply in love with you~. Next surprise? Oh yeah!! I mean…what next surprise? *stands up and helps you up* Let’s get back in the limo and go to the b-DORM! Yes, the dorm!! *smiles nervously*

Admin K: You know you really do suck at keeping secrets *lets out a small giggle* Baby~ Would you mind carrying me back to the limo~? *lets out a small yawn* If you do you can tell me about how much you love me until we get there~ *feels him pick me up and lets out a little squeal* Just don’t drop me baby~ *looks up at him and gives him a small smile, but then gets mesmerized by his angelic face and his beautiful eyes, but shyly looks away and snuggles into his chest when he catches me staring at him*

Joon: I don’t mind at all~ my princess~. *picks you up bridal-style and chuckles when he sees you staring* Your prince is quite handsome, isn’t he~?

Admin K: *blushes and buries my face further into his chest and mumbles* You know I’m always going to think your handsome oppa~ So why bother asking when you already know the answer~ *giggles* Maybe it’s because you love it whenever I tell you how handsome, cute, flawless, perfect, etc. you are~ *gets and idea to try and get him flustered* So~ *looks up at him again* How about my handsome prince tells me all the reasons why he loves me~ *places a small kiss on his lips as he starts to blush*

Joon: *laughs and puffs his chest out* Yes, I am aren’t I? Hmm well…I love how you’re very understanding, and how you’re always by my side no matter what. I love how you have the most beautiful smile that always brightens my day. I love how you’re beautiful both inside and out~. I love how every time you say my name with that voice of yours or look me in the eyes with those dazzling eyes my heart starts racing. I love how you’re always on my mind and just the thought of you makes me smile even if I’m going through a hard time. But most of all, I love you because you’re you. I wouldn’t want it any different, not one bit.

Admin K: You know baby that I’m always going to be right by you’re side no matter what & I’ll always be there for you because I love & care about you so much~ *cups his face as I continue talking* Trust me you have my promise that I’m not going anywhere anytime soon *whispers* not like I would want to anyways. I love you to the moon and back Joonie and nothing will ever change that. *notices that the limo stopped moving* Oh looks like were at the dorm already~ *intertwines my fingers with his as I step out*

Joon: Me too~. I’m always here for you even if one day you cannot keep that promise. *laughs* Pabo, we’re not at the dorm…We’re at the…*waits for you to step out* the BEACH!!! Surprise~!!

Admin K: *nearly faints when I notice were at the beach* Um I um wow. This is beautiful baby~ So what do you have planned for us at this lovely little beach? *lets go of his hand so I can take off my shoes and starts skipping around, but stops once I remember that Joonie’s watching me* *lets out nervous giggle* So um h-how much of t-that did y-you happen t-to see? *blushes and looks down at the sand waiting for him to start to tease me about how I was acting like a little kid on Christmas*

Joon: We’re here to watch the sunset together~. *chuckles and takes off his shoes too before walking up to you and ruffling your hair* You’re so cute~. *grabs your hand and intertwines it with his and says excitedly* What are you waiting for? Let’s go run into the ocean~!!

Admin K: Alright, just don’t push me in because I don’t need to end up sick. Though I know if I do I can count on my handsome prince to nurse me back to health~ *runs into the ocean with him only up to my knees to avoid any mishaps* This is really breathtaking baby~ *looks up at the colorful sky as the sun starts to set & smiles as I feel him wrap his arms around my waist & looks at him* This has been the best day ever baby~ *gives him a peck on the lips* Thank you, you really are an amazing boyfriend~

Joon: I’m glad that you liked it~. I’m not sure if you’ll remember this day forever, but I certainly will. *kisses your forehead and looks at you lovingly* Happy Birthday to the most amazing girlfriend ever~. Thank you for being born and being in my life~.

Admin K: Y-yah I-I’m not t-that amazing baby~ *starts blushing at his comments and turns into a flustered mess* P-plus your m-more amazing then I’ll ever b-be~ *looks up at him as I wrap my arms around his neck* I love you Changsun and I always will no matter what, so thank you for being in my life and being my entire world baby~ But since it is starting to get late don’t you think we should get back to the dorm? *cups his face and gives him a little peck* Do you mind carrying be back to the limo baby?

Joon: No, no, no~!! That’s not true~. How many times do I need to tell you that you’re the most amazing person in the world?? *looks into your eyes lovingly and pulls you close* Thank you for everything, my everything~. Of course I don’t mind carrying you back!! I could carry you all day if you asked me too~.

Admin K: I swear you’re too cute baby~ *closes my eyes & nestles my head in the crook of his neck as he carries me back* *lets out a small yawn as he places me in the limo* I’ve really enjoyed today so thank you for everything baby~ But since I’m a little tired I think I’m gunna take a little nap I hope you don’t mind waking me up when we get back to the dorm~ *snuggles up against him & falls asleep while listening to his heartbeat, but before I fall asleep I mumble a quiet I love you to him and thank him for being such an amazing boyfriend* 

Joon: *lets you rest your head on his lap* Sleep tight my love~. *smiles and starts stroking your hair while lovingly watching you sleep*

Admin K: *stirs awake when I gently feel him shaking me and in a sleepy voice says* Are we here already? *looks up at him with a cute tired expression and looks out the window of the limo and sees that were really are in front of the dorm* I guess that was a short ride after all~ *lets out a giggle as I gently get off his lap and step out of the limo with him* Why do I get the feeling that you have something planned for when we walk in the dorm? *looks up at him and notices his now flustered appearance*

Joon: *forces a yawn* I think it’s a bit too late in the day for anymore surprises~. *links arms with you and puts his head on your shoulder while starting to walk with you* Let’s just uh go to sleep~.

Admin K: *decides to play along* Alright if you say so oppa~ *gently runs my fingers through his hair when he puts his head on my shoulder* I swear you’re the cutest when you’re tired baby~ *walks with him until we reach the dorm, but manages to hear quite a but of shuffling coming from the other side of the door* Hmm I wonder what the others are still doing up so late, normally they should be in bed by now. *slyly smirks at him* I guess they just wanted to make sure we got back safely right baby~?

Joon: Hmm yeah maybe they’re just waiting for us to get back home…so that they can….*opens the door and all the members yell surprise while holding up a huge cake* Oh? What is this? *pretends to be shocked*

Admin K: *playfully shoves him* You can’t fool me mister, but I’ll give you credit for a nice try though~ *lets out a small giggle and notices how big the cake is* You know I would still love it if you had gotten me a small & simple cake you know~ But since there’s a lot of cake to go around I guess its okay for me to do this *dips my finger into some of the frosting and smears it on Joonie’s face* *starts laughing at how cute he looks* You can’t blame me can you~ *playfully sticks my tongue out at him*

Joon: I’ll definitely surprise you one of these days~. I know, but this huge cake was made with lots of love~!!! *gets surprised when he feels the frosting on his face* Just for the record…*gets a handful of frosting* You started this!!! *smears the frosting on your nose and laughs*

Admin K: *let’s out a surprised gasp* Yah that’s no fair I barely even got you with frosting. *turns around and starts cutting up the intact part of the cake then turns around with a piece in my hand* Here baby try it and let me know how it tastes. *as he goes to take it I smear it all over his face* Serves you right for messing with me~ *sticks my tongue out him and licks my finger that has some frosting on it* Wow this really does taste good baby~ *smiles when I hear the members laughing at him*

Joon: *narrows eyes* THIS IS WAR!!! *grabs some cake and smears it on your face before throwing some at the other members*

Admin K: *smirks at him* If it’s war you want then it’s war you’ll get. *watches as the other members start throwing cake at each other as I quietly sneak up behind Joonie with a big piece of cake in my hands* I think I missed a spot~ *waits until he turns around & shoves the piece of cake down the front of his shirt and starts laughing* With your chocolate abs & now that cake you really do look like good enough to eat~ *sneaks off to get cleaned up & goes back to hiding until the cake war dies down*

Joon: *screams when he feels cake in his shirt* Yahh!! I’ll get you for that! *loses you in amidst of the cake war until it died down* Hmm where did she go? *spots you hiding and sneaks up behind you before shouting* Who wants a hug~?!?

Admin K: *smirks and turns around* I wouldn’t do that if I were you I mean unless you want to get you’re own clothes dirty~ *watches him stop in his tracks* I figured you’d try to pull something like this so luckily I had enough time to change. *decides to test him and opens up my arms* Come on and hug me I dare you oppa~ *goes to walk away until I feel him hug me from behind* Even though you do things like this I still can’t hate you~ *turns around and giggles at his cute frosting filled appearance*

Joon: A~, I could always just wash my clothes!! *nuzzles his chin on your shoulder* Nothing could stop me from hugging you~.

Admin K: Sometimes I question why I love you~ *lets out a small giggle* Now lets go get you cleaned up mister~ *after we get cleaned up I notice the other members start cleaning up the cake splattered everywhere and decide to help* Yah Joonie come help clean up since it kinda is our fault the dorms trashed right now~ Plus the faster we get everything cleaned up the faster you can cuddle with me~ *giggles as I hear him come running to help us clean up* I swear you act like a cute puppy sometimes~

Joon: I’m sure that you know why~!! You’ve been telling me all day!! *comes running with a mop* What are we waiting for? Let’s hurry up and get this place cleaned up!!

Admin K: *pinches his cheeks and gives him an eskimo kiss* You’re just too cute baby~ *manages to get the mess cleaned up in no time thanks to Joonie’s help* *let’s out an exhausted sigh* How about next time we stick to just eating the cake & not starting a full blown cake war~ So where do you wanna cuddle? On the couch or your room? *opens up my arms for him* But you’ll have to carry me there since my muscles are exhausted from having to do all that cleaning. *giggles when I feel him lift me up*

Joon: *chuckles* Weren’t you the one who started the war~? *lifts you up bridal-style* Let’s just go back to my room since uh…*side eyes the members who were staring* we won’t be having so many eyes on us.

Admin K: *Lets out a giggle and whispers* I told you their just jealous of us baby, but you’re room is more private so lets go my handsome prince~ *places a kiss on his cheek and points in the direction of his room to motivate him to get there faster* Baby~ You have no idea how much I’ve loved everything you had planned for me~ You know I would’ve loved it even if we just stuck to doing something simple, but of course you had to do something huge for me so thank you & I love you baby~

Joon: Alright my princess~!! Let’s go! *smiles and wraps his arms around you* I’m glad that you loved it~. Like I said before, you really do deserve the best. Especially on your very special day~!! I love you too~. *whispers* I’ll be expecting something special on my birthday next year~!!

Admin K: *slightly blushes* Well I do know that you’re the best for me because you always manage to bring out the best in me~ *giggles* Plus don’t worry you know I’ll do something over the top for you to show you how much you mean to me baby~ Though it does make me sad to think about next year because you’ll have to enlist for 2 years and I’ll go insane from how much I’ll miss seeing you’re handsome face everyday. *starts to pout* Promise me that when you are away you won’t forget about me baby~

Joon: *smiles* You bring out the best in me too, baby~. *chuckles* I’ll look forward to it then~!! Hey, let’s not think about that right now okay? *places his hand on your cheek* Let’s just focus on the present and live in every moment we share together~. Forget you? *looks into your eyes deeply as he takes your hand and presses it against his cheek before sincerely saying* I could never forget you.

Admin K: *smiles* Well that’s good to know & it helps me feel reassured that you really do love me baby~ *places my hand on his cheek in return* You know I could never forget about you either, but at least it’s good we know that we really do care about each other & that no matter what we’ll always love each other~ *slowly leans in & kisses him* I think we need to do something to lighten the mood a little, do you have any ideas oppa? *wraps my arms around him & watches him ponder for a few moments*

Joon: I try to remind you about that often~, if you haven’t noticed yet~. Of course, no matter how far we are from each other or for how long our love will remain strong as ever~. *smiles as you kiss him* Hmm do you want me to sing?

Admin K: *looks up at him & smiles* Yeah I do notice, but I just love hearing you tell me how much you love me since it makes me feel all warm & happy on the inside~ *lets out a little giggle* You know I’d never pass up the chance to hear you sing for me since I absolutely love your voice, but how about you sing something cute since you know how much I love your aegyo too~ Plus who knows I may even end up breaking out my own rarely seen aegyo if you’re lucky~ *kisses the tip of his nose* So how about it?

Joon: *smiles back at you* That’s why I keep on doing it~. Hmm something cute eh?  *sings* 1 plus 1 equals Gwiyomi~. 2 plus 2 equals Gwiyomi~. 3 plus 3 equals Gwiyomi~. 4 plus 4 equals Gwiyomi too~. 5 plus 5 equals Gwiyomi too~. 6 plus 6 equals chu chu chu chu chu chu Gwiyomi~!! I’m Gwiyomi~!!!

Admin K: *lets out a high pitched squeal when he starts doing gwiyomi* Aigo, I swear you’re just too cute baby~ *tackle hugs him & starts planting little kisses all over his face* See look what you’re gwiyomi made me do~ *lets out a little giggle as I get my feels back under control* I swear only you could do something like this to me. *shyly snuggles my face into the side of his neck* Although if I had to say I personally think you love seeing me act like this & fangirl over you~ Isn’t that right oppa?

Joon: *smiles* Maybe I should do gwiyomi more often~. Really? Only me? Are you sure that nobody else could make you feel this way? Like maybe our maknae Mir~?? I’m sure that his aegyo is pretty cute too! *smiles and nuzzles his chin on the top of your head* I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t true~.

Admin K: To be honest Mir’s aegyo is nothing compared to yours baby~ *blushes* Actually nobody’s aegyo compares to yours oppa. I guess you can say I just have a soft spot for you & all your cuteness~ *slight shifts so that I’m on top of him & inter locks our hands* You know I love you right? And no matter how many times I say it to you I’ll always mean it because I really do cherish you baby & honestly I don’t know where I would be without you~ *slowly leans down to give him a long love filled kiss*

Joon: *fake gasps* Not even his engrish? *mimics Mir* Waffurs~!! *smiles as he looks up at you* Me too~. I’ll love you to the end of time and you’ll always remain in my heart~. *smiles as you kiss him* Thank you again for being born and being in my life~.

Admin K: *giggles & lightly pinches his cheeks* Like I said it’s a whole lot cuter when you do it baby~ *smiles as I look down at our intertwined hands* You know I feel like I should be the one saying that to you. I mean I guess that just proves why were so right for each other because we complete one another & would be lost if we didn’t have one another in our lives~ *blushes* See what you did, you made me go all mushy~ *gets embarrassed & hides my face in his chest* *mumbles* Why do you do this to me?

Joon: *smiles* I agree~. You make me the happiest and luckiest man on Earth~. *chuckles* I love it when you blush~. Your cheeks get all pink and I always find it so cute~. *pinches your cheeks before kissing your nose*

Admin K: Y-yah s-stop it~ *blushes even more when he kisses my nose* I swear you drive me crazy, but I guess it’s another reason why I love you so much so you’re lucky~ *gives him a wink* Although *leans in close to him & whispers in his ear* I can easily make you get all flustered too~ Isn’t that right baby? *lightly kisses behind his ear as I feel him shudder under my touch* * slowly pulls away to smirk down at him* See just by doing something small like that you’re already being affected by me~

Joon: *smiles* I know that you really don’t want me to stop~. *smirks* Are you really going to play this game? *gently pushes you off him so that he could be the one above you before leaning real close to your ear and whispering* Who’s flustered now~?

Admin K: *lets out a surprised gasp when he pushes me off* *turns to smirk at him while I slowly drag my fingers up his arm leaving goosebumps behind* You know I really should be asking you that question since it’s obvious it’s still you that’s flustered~ *winks at him* Though I dare you to prove me wrong~ *looks over at him to see that devilish smirk of his starting to form on his lips* *takes a deep breath as I try to stay calm* Well what are you waiting for *giggles* if your feeling froggy then jump.

Joon: Well, you asked for it~…*leans super close until your lips are centimeters apart when he suddenly starts tickling you*

Admin K: *starts to blush as he leans in closer, but lets out a gasp as he starts to tickle me* Y-yah s-stop~ *goes into a giggle fit* T-this isn’t fair you know how ticklish I am~ *tries to swat at his hands to make him stop, but fails due to laughing soo much* A-alright I give you win just stop already~ *feels him stop tickling me & starts to breath normally again* I swear I hate you sometimes~ *places a kiss on his cheek and whispers* I’ll get you back for that later & you can believe that.

Joon: *smiles triumphantly* I bet you didn’t expect that~!! *smiles and kisses you on the lips* Oh I do believe that~.*laughs as he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer*

Admin K: You’re right baby I didn’t expect that, but then again you do tend to do things that are quite unexpected~ *nuzzles my face into the side of his neck* Plus if you ask me I tend to like the unexpected which is a plus for you~ Hmm, you know something baby, hasn’t it been a little too quite in the dorm? I mean we haven’t heard the others since that whole cake war incident which makes me think *whispers* that their either 1 up to something no good or 2 have been eavesdropping on us this entire time~

Joon: *smiles* I guess we’re a match made in heaven then, huh? Hmm you’re right!! *quickly covers his mouth and then whispers* Why don’t we check? *gets off the bed and tiptoes to the door before opening it* *both Thunder and Mir fall to the floor*

Admin K: Yeah I guess we are baby~ *follows behind him as he goes to open the door & let’s out a giggle when Mir & Thunder face plant into the floor* Well looks like we found 2 of them now I wonder where the other 2 are~ *bends down to Mir & Thunder* You have 5 seconds to tell us where the other members are or else I personally get to punish the two of you for eavesdropping on us~ So what’s it going to be? *smirks while they spill what Seungho & G.O are up to* I guess we should go find them shouldn’t we~

Joon: *shakes his head in disappointment* I thought I already had a talk with you maknaes about privacy…I bet you that Seungho and G.O are doing something in the kitchen. *waits for Thunder and Mir to respond and then smirks* I knew it~. Let’s go sneak up on them!! *grabs your hand and leads you into the hallway* Let’s crawl near the kitchen counter where they can’t see us and surprise them!!

Admin K: *lets out a giggle* I swear you’re soo dorky sometimes & I absolutely love it~ *gets down on my hands & knees & whispers* If we get caught you’re taking the blame since this is you’re idea baby~ *quietly starts crawling next to him, but stops once I hear Seungho’s & G.O’s voices* Alright we’ll jump up & scare them on the count of 3. *waits for them to stop talking & gives Joonie the signal & we both jump up* BOO!! *watches as they both jump out of their skin & starts laughing* That was priceless~

Joon: *gasps* Whatever happened to we’re all in this together~? *gets ready to jump once he gets your signal* 3, 2, 1! *shouts*YAHHHH!! *laughs hysterically with you until he notices that the two members’s faces are red with anger* Uhh I think we better run now…*grabs your hand and starts running down the halls*

Admin K: *runs with him until I stop & point at one of the hallway closets* Yah we can hide in there until their done looking for us. *quickly opens the door & rushes the both of us inside* I know this may not be the comfiest room in the house, but it is the last place they’d expect us to be~ *locks the door & turns on the light so we can see* *turns around & comes face to chest with Joonie & starts to blush from how close we are* I bet you’re loving every moment of this aren’t you baby?

Joon: *smiles and whispers* Great idea!! *gets into the closet with you and looks around in the dark looking for the light switch* Let’s just hope that they don’t search everywhere…*blinks to adjust his eyes when you turn on the lights and notices how close you two are**smirks* You got that right~!! *wraps his arms around you tightly*

Admin K: Knowing them they’ll probably stop looking for us in about 5 minutes. *shyly wraps my arms around him too & looks up at him* You know I never really noticed how muscular you really were until now~ *closes the distance between us by walking forward until I hear his back hit the closet wall* And to be honest *whispers in his ear* I think it’s really attractive~ *watches as his ears turn red & gives him a surprise kiss* I really do love you baby~ *leans my head on his chest & smiles up at him*

Joon: Very true!! *smiles as he feels your arms wrap around his waist and looks down at you lovingly* That’s a lie~. You’ve seen my chocolate abs a lot of times already. *gets a bit red when you get super close but then smirks afterwards* You’re the one who’s really attractive~. Especially whenever you become bold like this~. *smiles when you kiss him and then kisses the top of your head* I love you even more~. *door sudden swings open*

Admin K: I’m not that attractive I’m just me~ *smiles when he kisses the top of my head* No, I’m pretty sure I love you more baby~ *lets out a gasp when the door opens & when I see Seungho & G.O standing there* I thought I locked it. *notices the key that’s in Seungho’s hand & whispers to Joonie* How much do you wanna bet that the maknaes saw us hide & sold us out? *turns to face Seungho & G.O* Let me say just one thing. *grabs Joonies hand & bolts out of the closest* Well what do we do now baby?

Joon: Yeah, you’re just you…Who is very attractive to me~. I don’t think that it’s possible for you to love me more than I love you~. *gets startled when the door opens and stands there frozen when he locks eyes with Seungho and G.O**snaps out of it once you grab his hand and start running* Umm let’s go to that park nearby!!

Admin K: Hopefully they won’t follow us. *runs out of the house with Joonie & slowly starts to slow down when reach the park* *looks around for a place for us to sit down & keep look out for Seungho & G.O* Hmm how about we sit over there? *points to a secluded spot near a tall tree* The tree will keep us hidden if they did follow us, plus we’ll be able to see them before they see us~ *walks over to the tree & waits for Joonie to sit down so I can sit in his lap* I swear today’s been exhausting baby.

Joon: I don’t think they will, they’re probably too lazy to run all the way over there just to find us…*still runs quickly just in case and is out of breath when you both reach the park* Maybe…running…this…far…wasn’t such…a good…idea. *nods when you point to the tree and plops down* *wraps his arms around your waist when you sit on his lap* I agree…Next time, let’s just sleep all day.

Admin K: I hope you’re right & I agree, sleeping sounds like a much better idea then being chased around all day. *smiles when he wraps his arms around me & interlocks our fingers* I really hope they don’t follow us anymore because I’m to tired to even move right now. *leans back against his chest & looks up at him* So any ideas on what were going to do for the rest of the day? *starts looking around to make sure they didn’t follow us & lets out a sigh of relief when I don’t see any signs of them*

Joon: I could just hold you in my arms and stay like this all day~. Knowing them, they wouldn’t bother to run all the way here just to catch us. Hmm…I know that this is really random, but how about we go ice skating?

Admin K: Awwe *lets out a giggle* maybe next time we should just stick to cuddling instead of scaring them~ Even though that is quite random it doesn’t sound like a bad idea~ Plus it does give you a reason to hold me~ *stands up & stretches* Now all we have to do is find the closest indoor ice skating rink. *intertwines our fingers as we head off in search of the ice skating rink* *continues walking until we reach the building & head inside* Wow this place is huge, hopefully we won’t lose each other~

Joon: I agree~. I wonder why we thought scaring them was a good idea… *laughs* Don’t you mean that it gives YOU a reason to hold me~? I’m pretty good at ice skating if I say so myself~. *stands up and stretches too before grabbing your hand* Let’s go~!! *looks at you and smiles before pulling you close to him while giving your hand a squeeze* Don’t worry, just stick close to me~.

Admin K: Even though I’ve never gone ice skating I used to roller skate a lot & was very good at it so it can’t be that different~ Plus I’ll believe you when I see it since you are a bit of a clumsy pabo, though you’re my pabo~ *let’s out a giggle* Of course I’ll stick next to you, I mean do you really think I’ll just run off the first chance I get? If anything I should be worried about you since you do tend to get distracted by things easily~ *kisses his nose* So stick by my side alright baby~?

Joon: It’s still going to be different though~. Instead of wheels, there will be a blade~. And you’ll be on ice~!! I may be clumsy, but remember that I used to do ballet!! *does a pose* I’m the definition of grace and beauty~. I’m only a pabo for you~. *gives you a quick peck on your cheek* No~, I’m afraid that you’ll be taken away from me!! It’s not safe for a beautiful girl like you to walk through a crowd of people~. I do get distracted easily, but the only thing that will distract me the most is you~. I can’t think about anything else when I’m with you~.

Admin K: True, but even you know I’m a fast learner so I’m sure I’ll adjust in no time & trust me you don’t have to remind me. It’s kinda scary how flexible you are, I mean even I’m not that flexible. *blushes when he kisses my cheek & compliments me* I’m not that beautiful so I’m sure I’ll be fine, plus I have my very attractive muscly boyfriend to scare away anyone who even tries to lay a hand on me~ Yah don’t even start to act all cheesy, it’s embarrassing when you do it in public~

Joon: True, but~…I’m still going to make you hold onto me even if you learn quickly~. I’m flexible from years of dancing~!! Though I’m a bit stiff these days compared to how I used to be. *pulls you close to his side and smiles* You’re right~. I’m not going to let anyone come near you~. Sometimes I just can’t help being cheesy when I’m with you~. Now come on, lets go get our skates!

Admin K: Well I have no problem with holding onto my wonderful boyfriend. *interlocks our fingers* Yes let’s go get our skates. *gets our skates & walks over to a bench so we can lace up our skates* *finishes tying my laces & smiles when Joonie offers to help me stand up* Awwe look at you being all cute & helpful~ *giggles as I take his hand & we make our way over to the rink* Wow this place really is huge & packed. *looks around & sees an empty spot* How about we go over there baby~ *points to the spot*

Joon: *smiles* I would’ve helped you put on your skates but it seems like someone is eager to get on the rink~. It’s okay, just stick with me~!! *looks at where you’re pointing* Okay! *holds your hand tightly as he leads you into the entrance of the ice rink* Careful, let me get on the ice first so I can catch you just in case you slip.

Admin K: I swear you’re just too cute right now~ *smiles as he steps on the ice in front of me & carefully helps me step onto the ice* *takes a deep breath as he helps guide me further onto the ice* Just promise you won’t let go because if you do there’s a 75% chance I might lose my balance. *giggles when I feel him squeeze my hands more so I won’t fall* I swear I have the most amazing boyfriend ever~ *notices were already at the empty spot I pointed out* Wow that was quicker than I thought~

Joon: *smiles and he helps you get into the rink* Careful! Okay, let’s go slowly for now! *guides you onto the ice but a bit close to the wall just in case* Don’t worry, I’m not letting go~. Even if you do lose your balance somehow, there’s a 100% chance that I’ll catch you. *smiles* I know, Oppa is pretty cool right? Do you want to try skating with me only holding one of your hands this time?

Admin K: Yeah I’d like that~ Plus this way if I do lose my balance you’ll be able to catch me a lot quicker than if you weren’t holding my hand. *takes a deep breath & slowly starts skating with him holding my hand so I can get a feel for it* Alright so far so good, how about we try skating a lap around the rink? Slowly of course & with my amazing boyfriend holding my hand in case anything happens & so we don’t lose each other in the crowd~ *smiles when he nods excitedly at my idea* Alrighty let’s go~

Joon: Alright here we go~!! *skates slowly while making sure you stay close* Are you starting to get the hang of it? *looks back at you and almost bumps into someone* Whoops, sorry~!!

Admin K: Yes I am~ *giggles as he almost bumps into someone* But I think someone needs to pay a little more attention to where their going instead of being distracted by looking at their beautiful girlfriend~ *continues to skate next to him until he moves behind me & wraps his arms around my waist* Yah what do you think you doing mister? I swear you better not try to lift me up or anything crazy like that. *watches as he starts to lead us over to an empty part of the rink*

Joon: *chuckles* I can’t help it~. You’re too gorgeous, angel~. *laughs and tries to hide his smirk* I’m just giving you a backhug~. Okay, fine, fine. Let’s just go skate over there for now and take a break~. *leads to an area near the entrance*

Admin K: *whispers* well then I guess you’re lucky that I happen to love you’re backhugs~ Yeah that sounds like a good idea baby. *smiles as he leads us over to the new spot* Thank you for everything baby, so far today’s been the best day ever & I couldn’t be more happy especially since I’m spending it with you~ *wraps my arms around him & kisses him* *pulls away & rests my forehead on his* So what now? Do you want to go back to skating for a little bit & then see if there’s a place to eat nearby?

Joon: *smiles* I couldn’t agree more~. It’s been quite a while since the last time I was THIS happy. *wraps his arms around your waist and kisses you back* *smiles* That sounds like a plan~!! Are you ready to skate by yourself this time?

Admin K: Of course, but I still want you close by just in case I lose my balance or something that way you have time to catch me~ *starts to skate & slowly picks up the speed as I get the feel of things* *continues skating, but slows down when Joonie gets in front of me & starts skating backwards* You better be careful baby, I don’t want you to get hurt or anything~ *lets out a gasp when he grabs my hands & starts leading me while still skating backwards* I swear you’re gunna be the death of me one day.

Joon: Of course~. I won’t ever leave your side~. *watches you skate slowly* Steady, steady…*notices you start going a bit faster and smiles as he skates ahead of you* It seems like you’re getting the hang of it~. *holds onto both of your hands and skates backwards* Yes, be careful… *flashes you a bright smile* I might kill you with my killer smile~.

Admin K: Oh hush~ *notices that he’s about to bump into the wall* *manages to slow us down enough so we just brush against the wall* Looks like you’re the one that needs to be careful~ *gets an idea & places my hands on either side him blocking him in against the wall* I don’t know about you, but I’m craving something sweet right now~ *nuzzles my face in the side of his neck & trails light kisses up his neck to his lips* *pulls away & giggles as he starts to blush* How about we go get something to eat~.

Joon: *looks back when his bum makes contact with the wall* *smiles* You’re always looking out for me, aren’t you~? *blushes as he feels tingles in his body as you kiss him* *smirks* It seems like you wanted something spicy instead~. *nods happily and pulls you toward the exit* Let’s go eat! I’m starving~!!

Admin K: Of course I do, I mean what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t look out for you~ *giggles at his comment* Sweet or spicy as longs as its you & you’re lips it doesn’t matter what flavor it is~ *follows behind him to the exit & quickly changes back into my normal shoes* *looks up to see Joonie’s outstretched hand & grabs it* *interlocks our fingers together as we walk outside* So are you in the mood for anything particular or do you just want to grab a bite at the first place we see?

Joon: Right back at ya, baby~. *winks* Hmm why don’t we go eat something warm? *shivers* I’m feeling a bit chilly after ice skating. What do you feel like eating~?

Admin K: Yah~ Why do have to be so greasy while were in public~? *playfully shoves him* I feel like eating *looks around & sees a gamjajeon food stand* Ooh I want that~ *points to the food stand & skips over with Joonie to get in line* *notices that they have hot cocoa* You’re in luck, they have hot coca that will help warm you up~ *smiles as he places our order & hands me the food to carry so he can carry our hot cocoas* Oh there’s a place we can sit & eat. *points to a small table near the ice rink*

Joon: It’s because I know you secretly love it~. Whether if we are in public or in private, nothing is going to stop me from showing my affection/love for you~. *winks* *pays and gets the drinks* Okay, let’s head on over there. *quickly walks over there and puts down the drinks in a rush before shaking his hands* Phew~!! *chuckles as he sees you staring at him* The cups were getting a bit too hot~.

Admin K: Maybe I do love it or maybe I don’t~ But it’s good to know you’ll never be afraid to express you’re feelings about me even if were in public~ *giggles as he sets the drinks down* You know you could’ve just asked for a drink tray, but at least now you hands are warm~ *takes a piece of the gamjajeon & blows on it before holding it in front of Joonie* I think it’s only fitting that you get the first bite since you nearly burned you’re hands while carrying our drinks. *smiles as he happily eats it*

Joon: Yeah my hands are pretty warm~. *thinks for a moment before cupping both your cheeks with his hands* Is your face warmer now~? *sits down and smiles when you offer him the first bite* Thank you~. *blows on it once more before biting into the gamjaejeon* Woww~. It’s really good!! *take a pair of chopsticks and picks up a gamjajeon before holding it up to you* Try it~.

Admin K: *gets a little flustered when he cups my cheeks* Yes i-it’s a lot warmer n-now thank you~ *shyly opens my mouth to let him feed me* Wow~! You were right this is really good baby~ *lets out a little giggle* Though I never will understand why you like feeding me maybe it’s because you like getting me flustered. *picks up my hot cocoa & blows on it before taking a small sip* Even the hot cocoa’s good, just be careful you don’t burn yourself since it’s still pretty hot. *whispers* Just like you~

Joon: I like feeding you because it makes the food tastier for you~. *picks up his hot cocoa and blows on it a few times as well before taking a sip* Mmm~!! It is good~. Very sweet~. *whispers* Just like you~.

Admin K: Well I guess it does taste better when you feed me~ *playfully nudges him* You know I’m not that sweet~ *rests my head in my hands & stares lovingly up at Joonie admiring his handsome features* If I had to pick one of you’re features I love the most I’d choose you’re eyes because their so mesmerizing, I swear I could constantly look at them & never grow tired of them~ *blushes & covers my face when I realize I said that out loud* *feels Joonie put his hands over mine & shyly looks up at him*

Joon: *grins happily* Then it’s good you’ll never have to look at anyone else’s eyes again~ *takes your hands* If I had to choose my favorite part of you, it would be your hands because they fit perfectly in mine and remind me how lucky I am to have you right here with me~ *smiles*

Admin K: Awwe~ Look at you being all cute & mushy~ *slightly blushes from his comment* I think I’m the luckier one for having someone as perfectly amazing as you in my life. I swear I love you so much baby~ *gives him a peck on the lips & smiles as we pull away* So what do you want to do now? Do you wanna go back to ice skating or find something else for us to do? I mean I personally don’t care what it is as long as I’m with you~ *starts playing with his fingers as he thinks of something to do*

Joon: *smiles sweetly* I wouldn’t feel complete without you~. I love you even more~. *smiles when you press your lips against his* Hmm~. Actually…*yawns and stretches* I’m feeling kind of tired…Why don’t we go back to the dorm and get some shut eye~?

Admin K: Alrighty then let’s get going~ *as soon as we get back to the dorm Joonie crashes on the couch* Looks like someones tired~ *lets out a giggle as I lay behind him & wrap my arms around him* Get some shut eye baby, since I’m not that tired I’ll watch you for a little bit~ *gives him a small peck on the cheek & plays with his hair as I watch him fall asleep & falls asleep shortly after him* *wakes up to something tickling my face & opens my eyes to see Joonie staring at me* Morning baby~

Joon: *plops on the couch* It’s been a longgg day. *nods in response and slowly falls into deep sleep**smiles when you open your eyes in the morning* Morning~. Did you sleep well baby? *places a soft kiss on your lips*

Admin K: *smiles into the kiss & slowly pulls away while I intertwine our fingers* I slept great mainly because I was next to you which helped me feel at home & stay relaxed~ *kisses the back of his hand* Since were the only ones up we can go out to get some breakfast to bring back for us & the rest of the members since I’m a little hungry~ *stretches as he helps me get up* *snatches his hoodie that’s on the arm of the couch & puts it on as I see him looking at me* What its comfy & smells like you~

Joon: *smiles* I feel the same way~. I had sweet dreams because of you~. Yeah course we can do that~!! *stands up* What do you feel like eating? *offers you his hand and pulls you up* *watches you as you put on his sweater and grins* You look cute in it~. Why don’t you keep it?

Admin K: *giggles* You know I will~ How about we go get some coffee & bagels since I am craving a toasted bagel with cream cheese. *as soon as I finish my sentence my stomach growls* I guess my stomach agrees with me~ *grabs his hand & walks out of the dorm with him* Hopefully we’ll be able to find the nearest bagel shop without getting lost~ *continues walking with him until I smell fresh bagels & pulls him in the direction of the smell* *follows the smell until we reach the shop* I knew I smelled them~

Joon: One day I won’t have any clothes left to wear though! *laughs and swings your hands back and forth while walking until you arrive* Wow, it’s like you have a sixth sense just for bagels~ *laughs and pulls you inside* Order everything you want baby, I’ll buy it for you~

~Stay Tuned To Find Out What Happens Next~


~Credits To: Admin K as herself & @chattingwithmybias as Lee Joon~

~I do not own any of the gifs~