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How I Became K-Pop Trash

I was tagged by cinnamonbom BB THANK YOU ^^ It’s nice not to be the only trash only Tumblr. 

Before KPOP: Well, I love music and I’ve never exactly been picky about it. My main genres were Rock/Screamo/Metal, R&B, Hiphop, & J-Pop/J-Rock. I mean…each genre speaks to a different part of me.

And Then: I was on YouTube one day, while living in Atlanta, and I was in Anime Mode. I was listening to Utada Hikaru and then start playing Bleach Songs… Younha “ Houki Boshi” was the ONE. I wanted to listen to more of her and I ended up clicking on “Broke Up Today”. Instead of the actual video, I ended up at a lyric video…where I couldn’t pronounce the words on the screen…realizing I wasn’t reading romanized Japanese…my interest was peaked. From there I just clicked everything on the side! Then I remembered my best friend wrote me a list of groups before I l left town that year… I ran in my room, found the list, and started searching. 2NE1, MissA, BIGBANG, MBLAQ, SUPER JUNIOR, TVXQ, 2PM, & BEAST became my everything IMMEDIATELY. 

And Now: At this moment? Disgusted. Honestly, shit’s a real disappointment. Over the past few months, I’ve grown unattached to it because there are just things bothering me about it. I try not to really listen to it, even though I am re-blogging things related to it. It’s not something I can just let go…but I need to ease up off of the K-Fandom until I see some progress/recovery. 

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