101716 – fall break ended too fast 😓 but, i’m back + ready to kick ass on the second half of this semester, which means getting organized! i recently printed out some printables for my adolescence notes. here is my bujo spread for the week! i was really into peachy/pink tones even though it’s fall 🌸 hope you enjoy! have a good week everyone!! 


02/12/16; i started the day with an unplanned visit at the hospital, therefore i got to the library a bit later than i originally wanted to. despite that i managed to get everything i’ve planned for today done. i also got hang of all of the books for intro to scandinavian lit i’m going to have to read in the next half of the semester. first i need to get through the mid-term though - that’s where all the mindmaps are for. i’m quite pleased with how each of them turned out. in the pictures also: my bullet journal spread containing daily lists on the left and all the uni stuff i need to get done by next week on the right, and also a window selfie where you can’t see my swollen eye (aka the reason i went to the hospital in the morning). also black coffee has become my new best friend. 

fricksgerald  asked:

can you really please stop posting pics of zayn and gigi? they are both extremely anti-black and anti-asian.

we dont rly post gigi (not by herself) and we understand your request but it would be sort of hypocritical to stop posting zayn when we still post rihanna, drake, kanye west, bella h, mbj, camila, asap rocky, abel, selena, jlo etc. if we stopped posting everyone who’s done something offensive we wouldnt have a blog and in our opinion, these people are important for representation which is the whole point of the blog. it doesnt mean we agree with their actions or words at all.

Kiss Challenge : Soft Kiss

A/N: let us join together and welcome Mike Bae Jordan to the page!

Words: 866

Dropping his towel in the hamper, Mike paused in the bedroom doorway. After landing in Dubai, Mike was surprised to find that he was running high on energy. He was ready to hit the streets, the texts from Steelo letting him know he had thirty minutes before he was left at the hotel.  

After carrying your luggage, and your exhausted body, up to the room he had disappeared into the bathroom to take a shower. Alone, something he’d brought to your attention close to three times since your arrival to the hotel. He knew it was the exhaustion which fueled your rejection. There weren’t many moments where you turned down a shared shower with your boyfriend of ten months. When he entered the room, he found you right where he’d left you nearly fifteen minutes ago. Curled up in the center of the king-sized bed, still dressed in your sundress and his jacket, you gave him a soft smile once he caught your attention.

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