Hi! I see that you’re a student at Cal Poly. :D
I’m still deciding on where to attend and I was wondering if you give me some insight of what happens on and off campus.

The people, education, parties, culture, etc. Hope that’s not too much to ask! lol

People: People are awesome. It’s not a hugely huge school, so I see people I know pretty much everywhere. Can’t go to a party without running in to someone from my dorm.
At a lot of schools, just like with high school, there is a little bit of freshmen shame going on, where you feel kind of like you shouldn’t let anyone know you are a first year because it’s kind of the bottom of the totem pole. Obviously that’s lame because everyone has to be a first year before they can be second, third, fourth, or fifth. And I haven’t really experienced much of that. People are really enthusiastic about new students here. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of WOW (Week of Welcome), but it’s something like the biggest orientation program in the nation. It’s essentially the week before school where you are in a group of people generally from your dorm and your WOW leaders take you around SLO and campus and you do a whole bunch of fun things. WOW leaders have already started training. It’s a big deal and everyone gets excited about it. That whole week you can get in to pretty much any party if you have a WOW band, and people just yell wowies all the time.

 Education: I always thought class size wouldn’t matter to me. If there were enough seats, I could be fine. Now that I’m here, with something like a 19:1 faculty-student ratio, I couldn’t imagine going to a UC. One of my friends from UCSB had a math class with 400 people. The single largest lecture here is something like 400, and there are not a lot of classes like that. 
It’s really weird suddenly being in a place where most people are smart. I forget about it, but then suddenly someone will say something or use some word that will catch me off guard and remind me that my peers are rather intelligent. 

Parties: SLO used to be way more of a party town. Look up mardis gras–crazy. Halloween used to be huge too. But there have been some recent major town and gown disputes and thus new ordinances and junk that really cut down the partying. There are some bad nights and some fail nights, but there is plenty of fun here without partying, so it’s not something I need. You probably shouldn’t go here if you’re just looking for a party school, especially if you aren’t planning on joining a sorority (greek life is not huge here though). But if you just like going out, even though you don’t need it, you can do fine here. I go out pretty much every weekend and find success, especially if I’m just with girls. 

Culture: Hi I’m half Asian. Cal Poly is notoriously white. I’ve never been one of those people who really identifies with being Asian and needs Asian friends or else I feel left out. But for the people who do, I have friends who are deeply involved in their many Asian associations. I also hear we have a pretty strong LGBT community here as well. 

If you have absolutely any other questions at all, please feel free to ask.

Also, I’m not gonna lie, the food ain’t great. But at least to me, it ain’t a huge deal.

Where did my Youtube queue go?

It’s gone. I can’t find how to view it, even if I use some backwards paths to add to it.

How can they take this away from me? I run my life by queue on both Youtube and Tumblr. Even this frantic rant went in the queue. 

What am I supposed to do without it? Make semi-permanent playlists? Use “Watch Later” as a short-term tool?

Vacaville List

I’m trying to make a list of things to do when I get back to Vacaville. Right now it’s entirely mostly food. Anything I’m missing?

  • In-N-Out
  • Make caesar salad
  • Make salmon
  • El Patron
  • Target
  • El Pollo Loco
  • Cultive
  • Make twice baked potatoes