My Body is a Cage

The hallways are dark, and Nick can still hear the girl who sleeps in the next room down screaming. She’d been doing it since last night, and they’d sedated her, tied her down, but apparently the sedatives had worn off now. It was early morning anyway. 

He sighs, and sits up, running a hand through his hair, before getting up. He puts on a clean shirt and the scrub pants that are standard issue, but so ugly he wants to burn them, and walks out of his room. It was still early enough that he could go out for a cigarette without having to deal with anyone else’s secondhand smoke. Plus it was a Saturday which meant no therapy, and best of all, new patients. He lights his cigarette, cupping the flame of his lighter so the wind doesn’t blow it out, and watches as a car rounds the corner. 

They were starting early today.



Day 12: Your favourite episode.

My Body Is A Cage 1 & 2

This was definitely one of the best episodes. The way they went about with Adam’s storyline & Anya’s, seriously was amazing. Seriously, I loved it a lot. This episode was so good. I actually cried for Adam it was so sad. I am so glad that Drew, Eli and Clare were supportive of him. I love this episode. I cried so much when “Gracie” was self-harming. This was such a real moment to me because it was something I could relate to, and though I had always liked Degrassi, this is the episode that made me LOVE Degrassi. This is such a remarkable episode. I honestly think this is one of the best episodes Degrassi has ever done. I mean, Adam’s transgender plot with Anya’s cancer plot just made it truly unforgettable. Such good writing, music, acting, everything.