Thank you, 9 Fandom...

I’ve been watching/liking a 9 related thread all day, where everyone is welcoming a new 9 fan with open arms, making funny jokes, and even showing them some of my Youtube vids… Things like this are why I love the 9 fandom. People are generally very nice, very funny, and very accepting of others. We aren’t the biggest/most active fandom out there, but the awesome levels are over nine thousand. Thank you for all the great times, guys <3 You’re awesome.


In this deleted scene, the dialogue/actions makes me wonder… Who actually came up with the high-chair idea?

Pearl and Amethyst seem equally excited about it, despite the fact that Pearl usually doesn’t like eating that much. Pearl is also the first one to answer Peridot’s question, and Amethyst goes along with her answer. Maybe Amethyst suggested feeding Peridot, and Pearl suggested the high-chair, remembering baby Steven being in one?

I don’t know why, but I find that possibility to be hilarious.

Either way, they discussed this scenario in advance, and followed through with it, and that’s amazing.

Bee Movie - My Husband’s Live Reactions

You asked for it in this post, so here it is. My husband’s live reactions to seeing “Bee Movie” for the first time.

“I’m not even properly drugged for this.”

“Mild suggestive humor. I’m sure all the humor is mild.”

*Dreamworks guy falls off moon logo* … “That’s a fitting opening.”

*opening scene* … *loud sigh*

“Why do they even need cars?”

“They’re listing the cast. That’s always a bad sign with animations.”

“Working your whole lives to work for your whole lives!” … “Sounds like us.”

“Gee, I wonder if he’s the one who thinks differently from everyone else. We’re 5 minutes in and I’m smelling cliche.”

*Main character is about to leave the nest with the other bees* …“They’re not going to give him a uniform?”

*Main character makes “hold on to your shorts” comment* …“YOU’RE NOT WEARING SHORTS”

“Doesn’t know much about the outside world, but he knows about box kites.”

“Good thing no-one is horrified by giant armies of bees flying around.”

“Obligatory slow motion…”

*female character saves bee guy* … “Bow chika wow wow”

*stabs herself with fork* … “That’s a little extreme.”


*seeing the romance stuff* … “What the hell is going on?”

*candy girl song montage plays* … *his face physically drops*

*thumbtack/stinger sword fight scene* … *husband looks at me in disgust*

“I came in with high expectations, they clearly weren’t high enough”

*bee Larry King* … *more disgusted looks*

“Did they tell Jerry Sienfeld to just… speak? Say whatever?”

“And they told Patrick Warburton to just scream.”

*courtroom scene* … “I have…several questions.”

*more loud sighing*

“Why is there a ‘lethal’ setting on the shower head?”

“Are you her little… bed bug?” … *loud groan from husband*

*hospital scene* … “WHY?”

*montage of the honey being returned* … *visible scowling*

*the plants start to die because there’s no pollen* … “Nobody thought of this during all that litigation?”

*Bee guy says inspirational speech to get bees to pollinate again* … “Ok…”

“Please tell me this isn’t going where I think it’s going.”

*bee army picks up the airplane* *visual disgust and head shake *

*bee guy is landing the plane with ‘bee power”* … *puts hand on forehead*

*Ending montage where the plants all come back to life* … “Somebody green-lit this. Clearly not reading past the first three pages.”

“…The cow is talking”

*movie ends* … “Well, I don’t regret it.”

“Next time there’s a tumblr post like that (about a movie), I’m just ignoring it. I’m never telling you I’ve never seen a movie ever again.”