The number of viewers has been going DOWN during this “Summer of Steven” event, and that stinks! Yes, I know a lot of people saw the leaked episodes, and all that. I don’t blame y’all. But please, PLEASE, make sure to watch the show when it airs on TV! (Especially if you have a Nielsen Box) The Crewniverse needs the numbers, because that’s all that Cartoon Network cares about (well, that and merchandise sales). Buy some of the merch from Cartoon Network’s store, or Hot Topic. Send messages of praise about this show (CN checks social media sites, too!)

This is one of the best animated shows that I’ve seen in a while, please give it the ratings it deserves <3 Thank you, and spread the word!

Edit: I would like to add: They do post some of the episodes on the official CN site http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/video/steven-universe/episodes/season-1.html They also put up games, and other fun things.

As I said previously, Cartoon Network does check social media, so if you can’t do any of the other stuff, I would suggest sending (polite!) messages that praise the show to CN, directly. They are @cartoonnetwork or @CartoonNetPR on Twitter. http://cartoonnetwork.tumblr.com/ on Tumblr, and https://www.facebook.com/CartoonNetwork on Facebook

Edit 2: Oh my, this post kind of blew up, and people are starting to send angry messages to each other. I appreciate everyone’s comments, even I can’t get to them all! Please don’t fight! If you don’t have a nielsen box, I still encourage everyone to watch the show live (support the crewniverse, and all that!). But if you can’t, I’ve listed some other ways to show support (and other people have added other ways, as well!). Peace and love on the planet earth! No hate towards anyone who watched the leaked episodes; I get it!


My personal headcanon that when the Crystal Gems all get to homeworld, the “court Pearls” fawn over Amethyst because she’s “so smol”. Regular Pearl gets annoyed. Amethyst is SOL, either way!

Steven Universe belongs to Cartoon Network, art belongs to me. Please don’t repost without permission. Thank you!

UPDATE 3: And so ends the SU weekly event… BUT I GOT A BINGO!!!

“Pearlmethyst moment” is the winning square! Pearl going “Yes!!” as Amethyst uses her gem powers to cheat (oh how far those two have come), not to mention Steven pushing “Amy” directly towards a smiling “Earl”, 2 seconds later. I mean, come on! <3

I also checked off “New Character is mentioned or introduced”, because we got 5 new rubies to draw fanart of!

Thanks for hanging out with me, folks!