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Bobbi Brown Mosman Store

Bobbi Brown is a brand (and person) I have always loved and respected. I remember reading every single Bobbi Brown book from front to cover and watching every single Bobbi Brown video I could find, from youtube to infomercials on the Home Shopping Network and QVC which I found online during the the early days of beauty blogging.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Bobbi Brown Australia’s first free-standing store and it was every bit Bobbi that you’d expect. Very monochrome and very SoHo inspired. Alongside Bobbi Brown was also free standing Jo Malone and MAC stores AKA beauty addict heaven.

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Last night I went to MBFF Sydney with my gal Renee (rekft.tumblr.com) to watch the General Pants S/S and B.BAM clothing line launch. This was my second time going to MBFF (last year I was lucky to win tickets) and this time round was bigger and better! When we went to our seats I looked around and immediately I spotted them BAMBI AND DAN kdsfjskdfjksjfsklfj. they walked past me and I was like dying. Bambi is even prettier in real life, freaking goddess. I also saw Ruby Rose, Gina and Corin, the show was really amazing and I’m definitely going to pick up some pieces when they are in stores (Video: http://instagram.com/p/dRvaCkndYh/)

After the show we went to the Festival Hub to get some goodies and have some fun, after walking the room a few times we decided it was time to leave. As we were leaving it just happened that Bambi and Dan were coming in and I was so starstruck but Renee was quick enough to ask for a photo with her ahhhhhhh!!! We got photos with her and she was so so so lovely and told us to have a good night… UM YEAH I WILL NOW OK :“)

my photo with Bambi:

It was such an amazing night and wow even though I went to bed at like 1;30 I woke up buzzing and managed to get to school on time hahahaha!