I know I did a faves page a little while ago but it didn’t get any attention so here we go again


mbf me 

reblog this post (likes can be used for bookmarking)

Perks (what u get):

 A new friend (me!!)

A spot on my fave’s page

Selfie reblogs

Possibly some free patches if yr cool

my kik and snapchat

Better Chance:

talk to me! / be nice!

don’t be a nsfw blog

reblog multiple times

get my attention by reblogging my things in #pansykiddo


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I will choose 10-20 or depending on amount of notes

this must get 50 notes or it didn’t happen

I will choose by the end of July

A network dedicated to those who have had their heart stolen by our queen of the forest, Malia Tate. 

✰ Rules ✰

  • must be following Jor and Paige
  • reblog this post as many times as you want, likes don’t count
  • must have teen wolf as one of your main fandoms
  • post must reach at least 20 notes

✰What we’re looking for ✰

  • bloggers who love malia tate
  • friendly bloggers
  • some sort of tagging system on your blog
  • not necessary, but if you can make edits, html, fan fiction, and are willing to help others out
  • must have your ask open

✰ Perks ✰

  • cool new friends you can rant about characters with
  • help with html, graphics, writing, promotions, and even homework 
  • a link on the network page
  • follows from the other members 

✰ If chosen ✰

  • You will be contacted via ask and must provide us your email address for the group chat blog as well as an icon (250x250) and a blurb for the members page
  • Must link the network in your description or updates tab
  • You don’t need to follow all the members, but why not?
  • Track #malianetwork

✰ Information ✰

  • If you have any questions feel free to contact me or paige
  • We will accept 10 members at first, and then add a few every weekend after
  • First group of members will be announced July 7th (Moonday!)
So bbys i hit 12k and like i said in a previous post i would do something for you guys<3

So what people seemed to want most was something that had to do with a skype call with me :3

which is amazing cause that means i get to know some of you guys <3

so basically 20 of you cuties will get a follow from me and my skype  and we can skype whenever and become the best buddies in the world! :D

so yeah just like and reblog this post (must be following me of course cause yeah this is for my followers after all)

I love you and goodluck <3


Edit* I will chose the winners on october 15th

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So my summer holidays will start very soon  & I’ve decided to make another BOTW. There will be NO POLL, if I can’t decide on my own I’ll use a randomizer and I’ll promote all runner ups :)

To be considered ou have to:

  • be following me (coeptum)
  • reblog this post ONCE! ( NO LIKES)
  • be any kind of vintage (blue, green, dark, light,..)
  • your chances will increase if you submit me your follower count and/or tell me why you should be my 3rd BOTW

What you’ll get:

  • a follow back (if not already)
  • you’ll be included in my promos
  • lots of solos
  • at least one screenie
  • a fansign
  • a link on my past botw & my favorites
  • & a lazy new friend (aka me)

I’ll choose on Monday July 8th :) This must reach a good amount of notes otherwise I’ll delete it :) Happy reblogging! & have a super lovely day :’)


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Hey, the time has arrived! I’m finally doing a favorites page! For the best of the best top notch blogs. The blogs I choose will be featured on a page. Lets get on with it!


 ☮You must be following me (teen-age-dirtbag)

 ☮Must reblog this (three times max)

 ☮No likes unless you’re bookmarking the post 

What you’ll get:

 ☮A feature on my /faves page (under construction)

 ☮A new friend! 

 ☮Self promos whenever you like and other promos that we can agree on

 ☮ help with polls/followers/advice

Other stuff:

 ☮I’ll be picking when this gets a good amount of notes (100+ notes)

 ☮I’ll pick 10-20 amazing blogs

 ☮You can message me here telling me why you would like to be on my faves page if you really would like to be featured

 ☮If you are chosen i’ll shoot you a message!

☾Happy reblogging fellow dirtbags!☽