With naked hearts and wrinkled minds,

different eyes at different times,

                                                                 upward we climb.

The laces on my boots are frayed,

The heavens we find, never stay.

                                                                 don’t be afraid.

Made it to New Mexico yesterday about 2 hours earlier than expected because there was zero traffic. Spent the next 5 hours sitting on Matt’s bed talking, and deciding what we’re going to do this weekend. Our weekend will include: Throwing Molotav Cocktails out in the desert because why not, followed by stargazing in the middle of the desert because absolutely gorgeous, making sure to watch Monty Python and The Holy Grail, going to look at WWII and Cold War stuff, and going to see Fury with his other two roommates. I’m pretty happy. I’m really really happy. I’ve missed him. And yeah. stuff and things. he’s my favorite.