50 Shades of Bear

Disclaimer: SMUT - that’s the name of the game in this series - maybe avoid it if you have a heart condition? Or risk it, maybe… Rated: M

Bear watched through the branches of the evergreen, having climbed higher than was probably safe, searching the landscape for her. She’d been gone for a few hours and he couldn’t help but worry, wishing he had followed through on his insistence that he tag along. It was their anniversary after all. Ann had made plans with both of his sisters to go berry picking. She wanted to make him something special for after dinner. Little did Ann know, Bear already had something planned for after dinner.

Ami made dinner a big affair, celebrating Bear and Ann’s first anniversary. Sitting next to Ann at dinner, Bear finally felt more relaxed. His mother had kept Ann busy all day..for someone wanting grandbabies so badly, she sure wasn’t making it easy.

When desert came, Bear’s mouth watered at the berry cobbler set down on the table. His mouth salivated, but he was hungry for something else. His hand he’d laid on Ann’s thigh slowly rose. He grinned behind his hand as he felt her tense and heard her breath in a quick gasp.

“Mom dinner was awesome… I think we are going to take dessert and eat al fresco. I have a spot I’d like to take my wife.” He said trying to not make his intentions known.

Gabe made mocking “Ooooooh!” drawing laughter from the rest of the siblings as Bear tried to hold his blush to a minimum. He shook his head, his hand moving even farther upwards, his fingertips grazing between her legs. He looked at her as she dipped her head and closed her eyes trying to quell her desires. His eyes sparkled a little when she finally made eye contact and he lowered his hand back to her thigh, proud of the shaky breath she blew out.

Bear took the cobbler in his hand, dragging Ann behind him, as everyone loudly complained about him taking the whole thing.

“Bear!” Ann exclaimed as they flew down the steps. She felt anxiety creep up hoping she wouldn’t fall at this speed, Bear was obviously excited, “I made that for everyone!”

He laughed in response, pulling her away from Browntown into the woods.

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With naked hearts and wrinkled minds,

different eyes at different times,

                                                                 upward we climb.

The laces on my boots are frayed,

The heavens we find, never stay.

                                                                 don’t be afraid.