“Be a singer” he said. Singer? I asked why? My father said that he always wanted to become a singer so he told me “You, just do it”. We debuted, we won number 1 but he passed away 1 or 2 weeks before that. He only saw us on TV a few times.

The thing that I really wanted to show my father is the Daesang. So for the first  time I brought it today… even though I’m a little sorry I really wanted to show this to him. And this album which was out in Japan, the Oppa, Oppa album together with Eunhyuk.

My father can’t drink alchohol very well, like me. Even though he always can’t drink a lot and I don’t drink alcohol, if he is still alive, it would be nice if we can share one glass together.

Our father is a taxi driver but our town is just small so when he drives around and will see us playing we’ll say “Appa, Let’s play together” he will just stop working that day and will play with us. He was really like a friend to us.

Whenever I really miss him I say, “It will be good if I dream about Appa today! If Appa comes out of my dream, it will be nice!”.

When I think of my father, my tears will surely fall. When we receive and award, the other members will call their parents. I have father’s number in my phone. Even though it’s not in use, always when it’s New Year, my birthday and when we receive an award, I look at that phone… that’s the time I really want to hear his voice. That’s the thing I am most envious of the other members. 



It’s like something that comes out in a dream… that we went as far as Paris to have a concert.

We don’t have anything that we can give to our fans. We can’t give anything but to work hard for the concert, to show a good image. “My everything…I have to give[do] everything that I can give[do]”… I began to keep this mental attitude.

It was a touching concert. Ah, how can I say this? Really..ah. How possible is it for us to have a concert in Paris like this? I think it’s really amazing. And aside from French fans… Italy, Spain, Swiss…(fans from) each and every country went and gathered in Europe. I’m really thankful.