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One of the reason why I love MBCGame commentator :) 




Today is the last day of MBCGame channel. Tomorrow, ½/2012 MBC Music will officially start and replace MBCGame channel.

I will miss MBCGame channel so much. Thanks for the memories especially the Proleague and MSL. Another is the commentators. Wish all of the staffs including the commentators, good luck in future.


Yesterday is good day for me since school going very well but not in BW. I don’t know if you heard about this or not, MBCGame will be shut down. I knew it after read at TL.  So, you can imagine what happen to me right. Sad and crying :( I wish the news is not true but it is not. MBCGame have released official statement regarding this. Somehow MSL this time will be the last MSL. Yadaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, right now people in TL ( thanks guys for contributing to save MBCGame),tweet via twitter with tag #savembcgame. Progmers are human like us too. They devoted their lives to be progamer. Real fan will support his/her favorite teams or progamers and also BW no matter what happen. Credit to TL for the details.