ANGRY MOM- “ The important thing is not the intention but the result. Thousands of people live on with different intentions and objections. How can we think about all that? That’s why they made something called a law.”

 BLOOD- “ You don’t believe in the present to change anything, you believe in it to survive.”

DIVORCE LAWYER IN LOVE- “ Don’t covet when you’re greedy. Don’t get obsessed when you’re having fun.”

EX-GIRLFRIEND CLUB-”If you like someone, whatever happened in their past doesn’t matter.”

FALLING FOR INNOCENCE-” Happiness passes, but so does sadness.”

HO GOO’S LOVE-” “It wasn’t a date this time too, it’s always been like this. We would text, see a movie, eat, and even drink together. But it was never dating. The moment I thought we were dating, it never was.”

HYDE, JEKYLL AND I- “If there is another me inside of me… Then I hope that he’s a better person than I am.”

KILL ME HEAL ME- “You have to differentiate between reality and the imaginary world. If you get too into it, you can get hurt in the world that you created.”

TWENTY AGAIN- “ People are most attractive when they are working hard.”

MY UNFORTUNATE BOYFRIEND- “ In this world, there are all kinds of people. People who want to win. People who want to possess. People who want to steal from others. In this world, where one becomes a fool unless his voice is heard.”

OH MY GHOST- “ The one you like is a ghost. To be honest, I can see ghosts and I had ghost in my body. Do you know about possession that people often talk about? So, the person that you likes, it was me possessed by that ghost. It’s not me, as you see now.”

I REMEMBER YOU- “ At times the most cruel people can wear the face of an angel.”

CHEER UP (SASSY GO GO)-” Pride might be the most important thing to you, but to me, that friend is a lot more important.”

SCHOOL 2015 WHO ARE YOU?-”Only a friends hand can pull out a thorn that;s deep inside the heart.”

SHE WAS PRETTY-” When we try to admit our lies and tell the truth, we end up hesitating from lack of courage, and, at a particular moment… that long hesitation, makes it impossible for us to have the courage to tell the truth. But, even if we master up the courage and decide to reveal the truth, it happens that some truths make us more uncomfortable than lies.”

THE GIRL WHO CAN SMELL-” Once the person write me their autobiography, that person becomes just an empty shell. Nothing more than the cover of the autobiography.”

PRODUCER-”it’s difficult to earn someone’s favor.But, it takes only a moment to lose that favor.”

HEALER- “ If you have even one person you can truly trust and rely on… no matter how often you get stabbed in the back, you don’t get that hurt.”

SUPER DADDY YEOL-”There’s no such thing as 100%, because everything has variables and there are traps, no matter what. In dramas they call it fate, in sports they call it destiny,but I call it love.”

THE TIME THAT I LOVED YOU- “From being eternal long-time friends to being a married couple, we fought and made up countless times. We hated each other and then we love each other and the cycle repeats itself.”

WARM AND COZY-The moment you left, I forget it all. I won’t wait, even for a second”

YONG PAL-” To escape a bad dream, you just need to wake up. But if you can’t, the nightmare continues and the nightmare becomes another reality. This reality won’t attend until he calls my name.”