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[NEWS] Uee Moved to Tears By Seventeen’s Growth and Hard Work

It was revealed in prior news that After School‘s Uee volunteered to help out with labelmate Seventeen‘s showcase, to which her company stated, “Uee has been watching the growth of Seventeen carefully as a fellow member of our family, and she volunteered to host the showcase due to her special affection for them.”  

During Seventeen’s showcase that will be aired in an upcoming episode of “Seventeen Project,” Uee watched a video of Seventeen rehearsing and teared up, feeling proud and touched that they were doing better than she had expected.  

However, Uee wasn’t the only who broke out in tears during the showcase. Seventeen also started crying because of something that their company’s boss said, and continued crying even after they came down from stage due to unexpected things that happened during the showcase.  

Uee’s heartwarming love for Seventeen and the reason behind their tears will be revealed on the episode of MBC Music‘s “Seventeen Project” airing on May 23 at 1 p.m. KST.  

(cr: soompi)

shinee will be making their third of five korean music show comebacks on “music core” tonight! the show, which airs on mbc, will begin at roughly 3:50pm kst (note: this sometimes varies depending on the show. shinee will, more than likely, be the final performer on the show but there’s always a chance that there will be behind the scenes clips of them or interviews with them before that point so tuning in for the entire broadcast would be a good idea if you can! it’s usually best to turn on the stream ten minutes before the scheduled time, to be safe.) they will be performing: their title track, “view”, and “love sick”. for anyone not sure what the starting time would be in their time zone you can use this site to be sure! streams can be found here.

mcs ► minho (shinee), n (vixx) and yeri (red velvet)

setlist ► boa, shinee, hyosung (secret), elsie (t-ara), sunggyu (infinite), exid, bts, history, cross gene, myname, monsta x, romeo, hot shot, tren-d, the ray, moonshine, so yumi

[Trans] 150523 MBC FM4U - Kim Dongwan "Just A Moment"

Hello, this is Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan. There have been times where I’ve been awake for 30 hours because of insomnia, and times where I’ve had to rely on sleeping pills. Although my body is tired, my thoughts were in a mess, and I was weighed down by extreme stress and worries. Now that I think about it, I was torturing myself because I wanted to do well, because I wanted to do better.

It is said that the eagle doesn’t flap its wings but rides on the wind when there is one.

A life where I do my best to survive, perhaps what makes me tired is me myself.

translation by malpabo.tumblr.com


PLEDIS’ monster rookies SEVENTEEN teases “17 CARAT” debut with jacket photo and mini album track list!

These talented boys write all their own songs, choreograph their own dances and work together to continuously self-improve

If you are still new to them, check out their MBC show “Seventeen Debut Project” as well as their 3 year long online series

More info can also be found on this super neat tumblr fan site of their’s!


150507 MBC Sopoong Giriboy- Fairy Shampoo (cut)