[ENG] 150310 MBC every1 Match Made in Heaven Returns 01 (Taemin Cuts)
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에릭남 (Eric Nam) - Ugly (2NE1)


MBC2 - One Direction لقاء حصري مع أعضاء فريق

(MBC2 exclusive interview with the members of One Direction)

JaeSu rap battle ☆

bornfreeonekiss: @1215thexiahtic 라이언JS! 쇼미더머니 가자!
[transLIONJS! Let’s go [on] Show Me The Money!

1215thexiahtic: @bornfreeonekiss a yo!!!what’s up
Chekchek  let’s do this! Come on!
Im lion js!!!매번 변화를 도모해 A/S
랩하고싶어 kbs!!  Yo yo
[trans] a yo!!!what’s up
Chekchek  let’s do this! Come on!
Im lion js!!!Seek a change every time A/S
I want to rap kbs!!  Yo yo

bornfreeonekiss: @1215thexiahtic 요~yo 시아 너는 랩을 꿈꾸라
니가 아는 뤠디온 꿈꾸라~
꿈꾸라는 kbs 아뉘아뉘 꿈꾸라는 mbc c c c c ~에후엠 후오~~~~~유~
블로블로 톼블로우~예
[trans] Yo~yo XIA you dream to rap
The dreaming radio you know~dreaming is kbs nono dreaming is mbc c c c ~FM for~~~~~you~
Bloblo Tablo-oo~yeah

1215thexiahtic: @bornfreeonekiss 랩하고싶은 무대 kbs
이랩을 쓰는 순간에도 먹고싶은 닭백숙맛있는거
먹으려면 일해야해 im not 백수..
Chek it
[trans] The stage where I want to rap is kbs
In this moment when I’m writing this, I want to eat chicken soup
To eat something delicious, I have to work hard im not a jobless person..
Chek it 

bornfreeonekiss: @1215thexiahtic 요~kbs!  JS!무대세워서!
랩을하면 좋을텐데 뭐 아쉬워서?
하지만 난 kbSpy출연해서 할말이  
없네그르네그르네그르네그르네 난 할말이없네!
요! 요 JS! 일단 쇼우 뮈 더 뭐니!나가쓰면 조켔어!
어허어허 어~~~허
[trans] Yo~kbs! JS! Set up the stage!
It would be good to rap, what are you feeling sad about?
But I have no words because I filmed kbSpy
That’s right that’s right that’s right that’s right that’s right I have nothing to say! Yo! Yo JS! For now show me the money! [T/N: he’s changing the writing style to enunciate the words] I would like it if you went!
Uh huh uh huh uh~~~huh

1215thexiahtic: @bornfreeonekiss 맛있는거 먹을거면 일해야해 im not 백수
몇마리 먹는지 세지좀 마 갯수..
열심히했으니 받아도 돼  대우
너에게 받을 최소한의 예우.
Come on
[trans] If you’re going to eat something delicious, you have to work im not a jobless person
Don’t count how many you eat (number)..
Because I worked hard, I can receive it (treatment)
To be respectfully treated by you at the very least
Come on

bornfreeonekiss: @1215thexiahtic 요 오늘 공연도 수고했쓰
이와중에 너의 랩은 스바라시!
아리가또 아가리또 아라또또!
너의 의미 남미 뭥미 우리의 비미~~~~일
어여자야 내일또 노래하지 잘해 또!
스릉흔드스릉흔드 드릉드릉 잘자릉!
[trans] Yo today you’ve worked hard for the concert
Meanwhile your rap is subarashi (”awesome” in Japanese)
Arigatou arigatou arigatoutou!
What you stand for / South America / What is it? / our se~~~~cret
Go sleep [T/N: in satoori] since you’ll be singing tomorrow, do well again!
I wub you I wub you deureung deureung sleep well!
[T/N: he said I love you cutely]

1215thexiahtic: @bornfreeonekiss 재중유천준수
우리 인생 ing 달자
멋진 가수 멋진 한 남자로서 살기위해 밭갈자
팬들이 있으니 포기하지말고 이 갈자
오늘도 수고했어 재중이형 잘자!!
[trans] JaeJoong Yoochun Junsu
Lets put our lives (ing) at stake
To live as cool singer and cool man, let’s plow those fields
Since we have our fans, let’s not give up and grind our teeth
You worked hard today JaeJoongie hyung good night!!

bornfreeonekiss: @1215thexiahtic 우리 훌로우에는 영혼이 있다!
밭을 간다니ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅡㅜ우리가 예전에 했던 그 이야기ㅜㅜㅜㅡㅜㅜ잘자 나의 영혼 나의  소울 나의 타마시!
[trans] There is soul in our flow! 
Plowing the fields
ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅡㅜ the conversation we had back then ㅜㅜㅜㅡㅜㅜ Good night my soul [Korean] my soul [English] my soul [Japanese]!

~a little addition that I thought was important (x)


[PERF] 150319 ⑦ On and On (acoustic ver.) - VIXX @ MBC Picnic Live Flower Boy Cafe ★VIXX-bucks★

Tablo talks about having to talk to himself during college due to anxiety!

During the March 24 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s Dreaming Radio, Tablo heard a listener’s story related to talking to oneself and started, “I had a difficult time being mentally stable when I was in college. I found myself talking to myself for a long time.”

Tablo shared, “I was shocked at myself and wondered, ‘Why am I like this.’ I don’t think it’s a bad thing to talk to yourself when there is no one to talk to. I said a lot of things when I was alone that don’t even make sense.”

He added, “Talking to myself back then could’ve helped me in writing the lyrics. I think it also helped in moving my lips freely, allowing me to rap.”

Dreaming Radio airs every night at 10 p.m. (KST) and can be heard through PC, smart phone application or MBC mini.

Source & Translated by: MWAVE