As a huge The8 Stan, I'm worried.

Lately it seems that he is a lot thinner than he used to be, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing I’d he wasn’t already so skinny. The official fansite states that he is around 53 kg and 179 cm when seventeen debuted. The recommended weight for a person that is 179 cm is at least 71 kg, making Minghao SEVERELY UNDERWEIGHT! And this was a year ago! He probably weighs a lot less now. Even the members have mentioned that they wished he would eat more in recent videos ( i.e. MBC kpop hidden stage ep 9). He also doesn’t seem very happy as he thinks he is unliked among fans. It honestly makes me incredibly sad and hurt inside to see my baby like this. As carats, it is our duty to show him more love and encourage him so he will be happy again and hopefully eat more! Please please PLEASE don’t let my baby suffer anymore. If he keeps losing weight it will be dangerous for him to perform and could cause a lot of problems to his vital organs that could deter him from every getting on stage ever again. We need to bring this to Pledis’ attention before it gets out of hand. Hopefully if enough of us say something they can do something about this before it’s too late.

W - Two Worlds Review (Episode 1-2)

W - Two Worlds has brought me back for another set of weekly reviews. W has a great start introducing two worlds that suddenly start to connect to each other. With an interesting plot and a team behind the dramas that I have loved in the past has me already having expectations…will this drama make me happy too?

Episode 1:

The drama starts off introducing the comic book hero Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) who is a seventeen year old Olympic shooter. There is a quick backstory on what happened to his character after the Olympics. His family is suddenly killed and he is the only suspect. His backstory is a drama within the drama. I like that we get to see a little bit more of his backstory than I thought. By showing us the hero falling it helps the viewers to root for him. Almost making us fans of the manga that he is in.

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