iHub App 6/14/13

I wanted to talk with you about Investors Hub, simply known as iHub. iHub is one of my favorite iPhone stock apps due to its varied services offered. The pic for today is from BKYI ticker for Bio-Key International from the iHub mobile app. You can see from the picture a search, 5 tabs, and 5 icons at the bottom of BKYI’s 1 month chart. iHub also has a website with an additional features not covered in today’s post.

- iHub’s Overview shows the latest trade price, bid (the highest buy offer) and ask (the lowest sell offer), the day’s range if stock price traded, the 52-week range of the stock’s ending daily price for 365 days, volume (shows as low, average, and high during the trading day), Open and Close price for the latest trading day, and More Financials if iHub has populated the latest stock’s financials filed with the SEC. The stock’s chart can be toggled from straight line, candlestick, and bar line (each gives an investor a different perspective) and volume or not.

- Level II is a paid monthly service that gives an investor a more in-depth picture if what buyers (bids) and sellers (asks) are requesting to buy or sell the stock at for the day. I’ll discuss this option more in the future because there is a learning curve associated.

- Trades are a unique free feature of iHub that shows trades by time. The Trades section gives a green and red horizontal picture of whether there is more buyer or seller pressure by each trade and current time of the trading day. If you can’t afford L2 service this basic service can still aid you in quick decisions.

- The News section shows recent news for a given stock. I’ve noticed iHub offers different news resources than other iPhone stock apps. Try to use a few different stock apps for news to get the most info possible. There are many investor websites that provide news also such as Yahoo! Financial, Google, Morningstar, Bloomberg, CNN Money, and the corresponding market place the stock trades at. News is important for company announcements, analysts predictions, and investment coverage. How much buzz is around your company?

- The Boards section offers a social element to iHub. Want ti follow other investors to see there ideas and research? Maybe you want to ask specific questions about a particular company? Boards are a forum format for chatting with fellow investors. iHub offers various paid levels of usage of the boards so don’t expect to be able to post infinite posts daily at the beginning if registering.

- The bottom bar within the iHub app shows Streamer (how to get to a stock’s Overview), your personal free mailbox for Admin, responses to your forum posts, and private messages (there’s a monthly device needed to send private messages), News (another way to see news prioritized from iHub’s perspective), and More which allows you to change settings, search forum boards by type and info about iHub.

In the future I’ll discuss Level II (L2), Trades, News, and Boards more in-depth.