I Reached a New Decade

Ok, so, here’s my yearly reflection.

I feel God blessed all and the heavenly angels singing shit amazingabout 30.

Hear me out.

This is my new decade. My clean slate. My fresh start.

I think about where I was and how I felt and the things Ijustified as cool and ok as a mid-20s something and I will never go back. I amSO happy here. I have new ideas and better friends and a greater sense of myself and I *NEVER* want to go back even for an instant.

Today I received so many messages from people I haven’t talked to in years, and it all felt like letters received so long after we parted ways. Like we all went on long, dangerous journeys, and today of all days the mailman brought a piece of you back to me and you are still whole and alive.

I’ve lost friends in my 30 years on this earth. And just knowing the rest of you are there able to say “I’m here to say happy birthday!” is a gift.

We might never talk. We might talk rarely. We might be acquaintances by meeting, but not something deeper than that.

But on my birthday, if you are there, if you can hear this, if you are alive—

I am glad. And I hope to see you IN THIS WORLD. Because heaven is the end all be all but FUCK IT. Because I was raised Catholic and I KNOW that if the end is really God’s mercy I’ll see you again if you are morally good and repentant and just to all—

And so many of you I know are—

I am so fucking happy to see you still here. To see you still now.  In this moment.

So contact me. And let’s be merry. And human. Because if I have let you know me…know me better man. 

But let me better know you.


Come in, and know me better Man.