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Is it problematic that most of the important characters that Katniss interacts with are guys?

Hmpf. I’ve observed that Suzanne Collins mentions that both men and women are miners, peacekeepers, and Gamemakers, but when you consider the important characters Katniss interacts with in the trilogy — aside from Prim and Coin, I guess — well… I wish they weren’t almost all dudes. With Peeta and Gale, it makes sense that they’re guys since they’re the love interests. (Not that I’d have an issue with girls as K’s love interests, but that’s a whole other topic…)

For Haymitch, idk that a falling-down-drunk female victor would work. I quite like Cinna, but I could see his character working as a woman — more so than the others. As a man, it’s nice that he’s gentle and reassuring. And is it me, or does he come off as asexual? But a female Cinna with the same black pants and shirt, the same “close-cropped hair [that] appears to be its natural shade of brown,” the same bit of gold eyeliner, but no other adornments or alterations (plus maybe a few more hints that she’s kinda androgynous) could be amazing. It’s also troubling that Haymitch and Cinna both have female counterparts in the story, but both are less important. Effie’s kind of clueless and superficial, and her job is less important than Haymitch’s. Since Portia is Peeta’s stylist, it makes sense that she’s in the background. But that still leaves me wishing for a gender swap for Cinna. 

Katniss is an amazing heroine, and I like how Collins plays with gender stereotypes with her and Peeta. But it’s disappointing that most of the trilogy’s important supporting characters are guys. 

Storm the World with Reckless Abandon

Snippet #15

Ichigo knew something smelled fishy that night when he hunted down Finnick and found him bedraggled and exhausted as hell. He didn’t say anything, but he wasn’t blind to knowing when someone was clearly in pain. He had way too much experience with people he called friends trying to hide injuries whether from pride, not wanting others to worry, or a combination of both.

He squashed the voice in his head that sounded suspiciously like Rukia dryly telling him he was a gigantic hypocrite.

It didn’t even cross his mind before what the blond drunk was suggesting, more due to the fact the idea was absolutely preposterous. The guy would cut off his own limbs before doing anything behind Annie’s back or hurting her in anyway.

But if the Urahara-look-alike was telling the truth…

Well, it was only cementing the fact Ichigo really, really hated this universe and the entire human species.

He barged his way into Finnick’s ridiculously lavish room that looked more fake every time he looked at it – thank fuck the games were approaching soon, he’ll never have to think twice about this place again – and wasn’t surprised to see Finnick was in bed. Even though it was seven at night, the man had the weirdest sleep schedule ever. Now that he knew why, the urge to punch something was only increasing by the minute.

Without hesitation, Ichigo flicked the man’s forehead with pinpoint accuracy. Hard.

The sound of swearing filled the room, Finnick’s sailor tongue creating metaphors and images that made Ichigo crinkle his nose in disgust.

The man finally seemed to register Ichigo presence and promptly scrambled to sit up. Barechested.

Ichigo couldn’t stop his eyes from widening even if he tried.

Bite marks practically littered the man’s shoulders and upper chest, ugly badges of shame looking angry red and bruised under the lighting of the room. Finnick’s eyes were startling bagged, swollen and purple. Ichigo’s stomach plummeted when the realization hit that the bronze haired celebrity probably had it all covered by makeup all this time that Ichigo never noticed.

It only took a split second for the older man to notice why Ichigo was staring. His face went incredibly white, only making the bags under his eyes even more pronounced and obvious looking.

“Finnick, what the fuck?” Ichigo whispered harshly, fists balling and head whirling at this confirmation of his suspicions. He watched as Finnick turned rigid immediately and, like a light switch, a gigantic grin enveloped his features. Ichigo had to fight the urge to recoil when he saw how much sheer effort Finnick was putting into his act, face straining so much that it was almost painful to watch.

“I don’t know what you’re talking abo-”

Oh hell no.

Ichigo snarled and slammed a palm on the bed frame right above Finnick’s head, making the whole frame rattle at the force of this action. The smile, thank god, immediately fell off. Ichigo doesn’t know what he would’ve done if the man had continued to try and lie to his face.

“Don’t do that.” He hissed out, rage pumping his veins. “Don’t put on that disgusting, clown smile on me, you bastard. I hated it the first time, and I sure as hell still do now. Now tell me straight here, what is this? What do those bastards make you do?”

“They’re not-” Finnick clenched his jaw, eyes fervent and desperate. “I-They’re not making me do anything-”

“Bull. Shit.” Ichigo hissed. “Don’t even fucking try. Do you really think I would believe you’d do something like this to Annie?” Suddenly, another thought struck that was making dread a living, breathing thing clawing inside his chest. “Does Annie even know about this? What they’re doing to you?”

Finnick looked like he wanted to flee, wanted to be anywhere but here. But finally, when it became evident that the teen wasn’t going to let this go, his shoulders slumped in defeat. Eyes closing tightly, Finnick just gave a mute nod.

Ichigo was going to be sick.

“Fuck.” He breathed out. “Fuck.”

“Ichigo.” Finnick’s voice took an urgent tone, expression taking a frantic and wild turn. “Ichigo, you can’t tell anyone about this. Nobody’s supposed to know.”

With those words, everything was clicking into place. Ichigo had to swallow down his horror as the full implications of what that could only mean eat away his mind.

This was why the man acted the way he did. The smiles, the lies, the celebrity persona and the distant way the man handled himself the moment they had set foot in this damn, color-wheel of a city. This was what Finnick was doing that night Ichigo found him on the couch, exhausted and drained with dull lifeless eyes. And since there was no way in fucking hell Finnick would voluntarily cheat on Annie, it could only mean-

“I’m gonna kill them.” An odd, sharp sense of calm was overtaking him, this newfound resolution ringing with finality and cold rage. “They’re not human, none of them. I’m not even gonna give them the time to become hollows. I’ll personally drag them kicking and screaming into hell before they can even think of running away.”

“I don’t know what you’re saying right now, but don’t do whatever you’re thinking about.” Finnick cautioned, snapping the teen out of it. Ichigo had slipped into Japanese for the first time in months, and he hadn’t even noticed.

Ichigo forced himself to breathe, to resist the urge to screw subtlety and plans and just slaughter the whole lot of them. Killing symptoms, not the root, wasn’t going to change anything.

But goddamnit, it would feel damn good to just blow this whole place to smithereens.

“How long?” a thought suddenly struck Ichigo and he couldn’t stop the rising revulsion bubble up to the surface of his voice. “Right after?”


Ichigo’s shoulders slightly deflated, though he was still tense. He could sense there was more.

Finnick sighed, running a weary hand through his hair. And still shirtless, Ichigo belatedly noted.

He had the ridiculous urge to stuff the man in a thick jacket that covered everything. The kind of clothes that Finnick showed off suddenly was making Ichigo nauseous.

“Fourteen is young, and nobody wants to be called a pedophile. There’s standards.” Finnick snorted bitterly, sea-green eyes shadowed as if recalling an unpleasant memory. “Sixteen on the other hand…”

Deep breaths, Ichigo. Don’t commit homicide. Think about how it’ll only make everything worse if you do, even if it would be worth it.

After a considerable amount of time trying to calm down, Ichigo finally asked, “What would happen if you say if no?”

A humorless smile curled up the end of Finnick’s mouth. It made him look decades older than he should be.

“What do you think?”

Well. That answered that.

“There’s nothing I can do?” Ichigo had to ask. Helplessness was beginning to burn in his bloodstreams, hands again clenching uselessly at his sides. He hated the feeling with a visceral fervency and shit, why was it Ichigo who had to have accidently come to this world? Urahara surely would’ve come up with a hundred ways to get out of this situation, have everyone play by his tune before they realize what happened. Figured out what was happening to Finnick sooner and tried to help. Hell, Yoruichi would’ve assassinated Snow in a heartbeat the moment she caught wind of all the shit that was happening here.

But here Ichigo was, stuck and frustrated beyond belief, unable to do anything.

A hand was suddenly squeezing his shoulder, jolting Ichigo out of the self-depricating spiral he had been spinning further down in. Finnick was looking at him with sea-green eyes that blazed with ruthless determination. It was the most real expression Ichigo’s ever seen from the man.

“There is.” Finnick said grimly. “Win.”

Notes: I have finally updated this. My god I struggled with this chapter, hahaha. I hope you all enjoy this long-awaited update and thank you for waiting so patiently!

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  • Family: So, do you have a boyfriend?
  • Me: Yes, I have many.
  • Family: Many boyfriends?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Family: And they don't know that you're cheating on them?
  • Me: Well, the thing is, they don't really know they're dating me.
  • Family: ...
  • Me: And some of them have other girlfriends.
  • Family: ...
  • Me: And most of them are dead...
  • Family: ...
  • Me: And a bunch of people keep telling me that they're fictional characters but they're just jealous.
  • Family: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Family: *slowly backs away*

List of Favourite OTP’s; (3⁄4) Literature couples ≡ peeta & katniss (the hunger games)

You’re a painter. You’re a baker. You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces. What I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that. So after, when he whispers, “You love me. Real or not real?”
I tell him, “Real.”


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but i feel as if i did know rue, and she’ll always be with me. everything beautiful brings her to mind. i see her in the yellow flowers that grow in the meadow by my house. i see her in the mockingjays that sing in the trees.