me + brad trolling @ fish lake!

FYI brad is super handsome in this video and is the best bf ever ever ever!

i decided to brave a solo fishing trip and took our little whaler out sometime after noon on saturday. this was my first unsupervised boat outing w/out brad or anybody else and he was going to allow it if i could show him i knew how to start-up our POS pull-start motor @ the dock, which i successfully rocked like a boss. i take off and am fishing my little heart out, restarting the motor every now and then to relocate to a better trout slaying locale. i wasn’t catching anything so i was relocating quite often then found myself in this cove close to huge piles of algae. i see the algae and am like uh-oh and went to start the motor it wouldn’t start. i tried starting the motor like a million times without any luck and could have sworn i felt someone watching me. i look up at the shore and spot some guy standing next to a tree watching me struggle to start the motor. i give a little wave and get a wave back and lo and behold it’s brad. he texts me and tells me to bring the boat in so we can take a nap and i tell him i need a minute to catch my breath b/c i was having trouble starting the motor. i fiddle with my line and the motor some more then next thing i know there is this boat hauling towards me carrying brad, who hops onto our boat and tries to start the motor. it wouldn’t start for him either and the guy who shuttled brad to the cove started towing us back, then somehow after what seemed like 50 million pulls the motor started and off to the dock we sputtered! ends up i flooded the motor b/c i was repeating the routine i rocked at the dock, but i guess you’re only supposed to do that when you first start the boat, not every time you start the boat. moral of the story is don’t gas/choke/rev the motor @ every start! ps: i think it’s cute brad worries about me b/c i know it’s b/c he loves me! :) i know we’re gross… thanks bunz! you’re the best!


update: Jul 19th, 2013 7:34pm

dear craigslist seller:  you suck whale balls!  

we had a time all scheduled and stuff then homedood rescheduled on us, but we managed to arrive in seattle 1hr earlier anyway and was in his neighborhood grubbin’ on some top pot coffee and donuts when he called to let us know he had just sold it.  we sat in traffic for like an hour on the way there then sat in montlake traffic on they way back home. i am monster pissed about the whole thing and am ready to rip someone’s head of!  grr!    

Jul 17th, 2013 11:40am:

ok you’re going to laugh, but i’ve just figured out i’m a control freak!  har har har i know right?  anyway, so everything freaks me out or makes me totally nauseous: 

  • sitting in the passenger seat of a car makes me sick
  • sitting in the back of a car makes me sick 
  • riding the bus makes me sick
  • riding bitch on a bike freaks me out
  • airplanes make me sick
  • boats make me sick/freaks me out
  • snorkeling freaks me out
  • dark water AKA the open ocean freaks me out
  • murky lakes freak me out too

i could go on and on, but i really want to get over my wackiness!  i’ve already taken swimming lessons so that i get more comfortable in the water. i’m not totally over it, but i do think the lessons have helped.  i’ve also agreed to getting a boat b/c i love seafood and what better way of getting seafood than catching it yourself! really it’s b/c i’m cheap and don’t want to dish $10-15 per pound for crab.  heh!  

anyway, i try really really hard to suck it up and be a good sport.  i’ve been on a cruise before.  albeit, i was heavily sedated so i don’t really recall how badly that cruise freaked me out.  i’ve been out trolling for salmon with brad before. that incident was a bad case of ultimate supreme loco-motion sickness.  it was a v-shaped boat so it was super tippy.  brad has funny pictures of how unnaturally green and pukey i was.  i reluctantly got into a dinky little paddle boat with brad over the weekend to drop off a crab pot we rented while we were out in hood canal.  let’s just say the paddle boat outing did not go well.   while it was excellent cardio trying to get back to the dock, i don’t think i’ll ever be getting on a non-motorized water vehicle ever again.  the teensiest bit of wind/current kept us far from shore despite our frantic pedal pushing.  we originally we considering a little 8-9’ dinghy b/c i really didn’t want some big ass boat cluttering up the driveway, but was told there would be no room for the dogs.  :(  the boat we’re looking at is only 11’, but is just big enough to comfortably fit me and my motley crew. with that said, i’ve got my heart set on this boat i found on craigslist.  i looked at a lot of little boats and feel like this happened to be the perfect size for us, had most stable-looking shape and even had a nifty little safety rail along the bow.  plus, it comes with a trailer and cover.  low and behold it also happens to be a boston whaler, which is famously known to be practically unsinkable!  how f-ing rad is that?  i’ve setup to go check it out on friday.  will keep you posted on how negotiations go!  


here’s what really happened: http://youtu.be/83JW-uSpJOI

heh! it’s ok b/c at least we got it on video…


fishing/camping @ fish lake!

it’s frightening when the wildlife, including the ones equipped with sharp claws, show no fear and surround your campsite the minute they hear the crinkle of a bag of doritos. i even think they have a fav flavor since there were mostly blue cool ranch bags littering the ground in the surrounding woods! heh! barely anyone was camping due to the rain fri + sat, which was totally awesome, then the sun came out on sunday and the lake got busy quick! we had a blast fishing and camping was good b/c we all got to zone-out and unwind by the fire. fish lake has always been really good to us… can’t wait until next year! :)


fishing @ fish lake!


launched @ potlatch en route to hoodsport!


we are soooOooOo close to being done! brad just finished reinstalling the refinished interior pieces and put the rails together! we even got the bimini top up so he had some shade while he worked. he installed the fishing rod holders and even devised a clever way temporarily install some downriggers we borrowed from his dad for when we troll! we’re going to get some serious fishing/crabbing done this upcoming trip! wooooOoo!

oh and as a precaution i thought it best to pick up a portable fish finder so we would at least know water depth. the little fish indicator is just an added bonus! :) i’m thinking portable is def the way to go b/c you can lock it up when you’re not using it.

ps: i passed the boat course! just call me captain merc…


we finished installing the rub rail today. it’s fucking gorgeous! uncoiling the semi-rigid track was a bitch. good thing we had a heat gun! unless you live in a super sunny place i would highly recommend picking up a heat gun to help straighten the rails. soaking it in hot water did diddly squat! brad’s thumbs are all blistered and gross from all the popping in the insert. no pain no gain! looks good eh?

add to cart: katchkooler kill bag! it’s big enough to fit bishop! we have very little room in the boat for a big ass traditional cooler so i did some research on how the hardcore fishers hauled in their monster salmon catch and it’s all about the kill bag so hit up outdoor emporium and picked one up for only $30! super stoked since pro kill bags (for tuna or marlin) usually run $100-$400 and are crazy humungo! this guy is just the right size i hope!


yay for DIY starter assembly!  our little 25hp motor now has an electric-start!  no more getting stuck out in the middle of fish lake b/c i can’t start the motor ever again!  heh!

BTW we saved $100’s by trolling ebay for a used starter motor for a good month or two.  scored one for $30!  a new one would have set us back something like $210.  a complete starter assembly kit would have put us at something like $700.  brad was able to DIY for what we would have paid for a new motor so i’m super proud of b’s handiwork…

brad and i decided to give shillshole bay a try and caught a whole lot of nothing as far as salmon go, but managed to hook a couple flounders that we threw back. the water was super choppy compared to hood canal, but our little whaler handled the waves well.


farewell twanoh/hood canal!

our last night camping was pretty crazy. knocked the fuck out super early b/c we would wake up at the crack of dawn to launch the boat and fish. woke up to something rummaging through our garbage then in the boat around midnight b/c we forgot to take the salmon carcass out that we were using it as crab bait so i woke up brad. next thing you know there’s something crushing gravel as it makes it’s way toward the tent and all we can hear is really loud sniffing. whatever this thing was it sounded BIG! my heart is pumping so hard out of fear that my heart is the only thing i can hear. i, of course, think it’s a bear but brad swears he saw a raccoon shadow cast on the tent. brad goes outside to investigate and the creature made a hasty get away leaving a trail of garbage strewn across our campsite. i end up sleeping in the truck the rest of the night and brad insisted everything was fine and slept in the tent. i stayed up monitoring the tent b/c i was soooooOoOoo worried about brad’s safety if it was a bear so i end up keeping him up b/c i shined the flashlight on the tent every time i heard rustling outside to make sure brad wasn’t getting eaten by a bear. needless to say, neither of us got a very good night sleep.

we didn’t end up catching anything or keeping any crab all 4 days we fished. total bummer, but had lots of fun! already looking forward to/planning our next camping trip! woooOoo! :)


omg brad got trailer parts! whew! he’s down @ his parents’ house so his dad can inspect the weld. thought i’d chip in and mount the fish pole holders, finish up the fiberglass work for the norman pin and secure the bimini for take off! yay me!

our fishing/crabbing adventure is in some major jeopardy! one of the trailer pieces is rusted beyond repair. brad is scrambling to get the piece to fix it as we speak. cross your fingys he’s able to find it! :/


the wood treatment is almost dry and done. the console got a good scrub down and polish. brad wants to get a buffer from home depot, but i think we don’t need to go that far with it.


brad bought a buffer…  heh!  might as well right?


update: jul 30th, 2013

brad just got off the phone w/ the specialtymarine.com folks. they’ll be sending out the missing pieces ASAP! yay i’m super stoked! crab fishing here we come!

jul 29th, 2013 6:46pm:

our rail kit from specialtymarine.com is missing pieces! grr! i’ve already contacted them. let’s see how quickly we can get this resolved!

i’m really super sad about the rails! i honestly thought we’d have it all put together and ready to go by this weekend. :(