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From my cat!Levi AU. There’s no point to this except to draw them being happy together ahaha.

Cat!Levi “proposes” to Eren and makes a flower crown instead of a ring because his chubby little fingers make him too clumsy for him to do that.

Askbox is open for ideas for this AU or other AUs I’m already working on.


male!Mikasa x Eren x Levi sandwich

I found this on my old computer….I drew this ages ago but somehow posting it tonight seems awfully good timing lol.

I can’t seem to see how this OT3 would be able to frickle frackle together without any arguments and awkwardness lol. Levi and male!Mikasa would be arguing all the way, and no one gets off in the end.


When Eren gets sick one day, the Squad notices cat!Levi faithfully keeping watch by Eren’s bedside. Some strange cat logic convinces him that if he doesn’t do this, Eren will go to a place far far away, and that makes him very nervous.

So occasionally, cat!Levi will poke Eren’s face, just to make sure he’s breathing. And also sitting on his face obnoxiously and farting, because all cats do this.

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I want to draw more cat!Levi taking care of Eren (he wouldn’t be very good at it but he’d try his best). Thanks for the inspiration! :D


Inspired by an AU idea by eren-is-levis-bitch:

AU! Where Levi and Eren are engaged BUT Eren doesn’t know about it because his parents did it when he was just a baby. So Levi is a teacher at Eren’s school high school and has to suffer on seeing his fiancé dating other people and knowing he can’t do anything until Eren is of age to know the truth from him and his parents.

(Like Eren wears the ring on his necklace but doesn’t pay mind because he assumed that his parents got it for him not realizing that his teacher has an exact one but on his finger)”

(original source)


I like to think that teacher!Levi still teases and flirts with Eren. :D

(Also, I have no idea how to cut long image posts when I use the “photo post” option….so I’m tagging all my image posts as “long post” if anyone wants to black list it.)