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Eunwoo’s vLIVE: ‘VOICE ONLY’ English Trans.

Hi~ I saw a lot posts here and there asking about vlive subs, I tried to look for some but there weren’t any yet. Honestly I’m have 0 experience making subbed videos so I just typed up the translations separately instead, hopefully you can follow along with this while listening to the audio! Keep Reading for translations, please do not copy/repost w/o credit.

Love you all<3 - Katie/Min.

Cha Eunwoo’s “Just one 10 minutes”
ASTRO vLive ‘VOICE ONLY’ 170313

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Alpha bendy: NOBODY CAN!
Jaz, Cinny, and alpha- le me
Hoody- @thehoodedbendy
Mary- @ask-mary-the-ink-demon
MB- @ask-mute-bendythedemon
((I love making Cinny suffer don’t I? -mun))

1,000 Followers Special Part 1/4

Here is our BiG finale for our 1,000 Followers Special :DDD I hope you guys were looking forward to this because its amazing imo (I mean I made it heh) Thank you to  @diamondsparkle42 for the request ^^ The reason why this final request is in parts is because I’m slightly…iffy on which pic came out better since I colored it (I suck at coloring omg) So, please like and reblog your favorite out of the 4, or you can like/reblog all of them because you love relatable-messenger and mysme sooo much ;0 Once again, thank you for helping us reach 1,000 followers!!!

So to kick it off, here is part ¼, The Sketch!!!

~Mod Yoosung


nayeon mb for @kthl ♡

twelve hours later and i’m just realizing that my coworker may or may not have offered to teach me how to play the harp… can u imagine how epic my life would be if i could play the goddamned harp. like if i could just bust that shit out at fancy parties. holy fuck.

Anime I should watch but I’m not ATM

Little Witch Academia: “Late for the Harry Potter Animu dudes, will watch when it’s finished + when all the BDs come out.”

Kemono Friends: “I thought this was just another meme that the Japanese were going crazy over but ay, turns out westerners like it too and apparently it’s “good.” Will watch once all the BDs come out.”

Koe no Katachi: “Kyoani did this?…. Nope, not watching it, I rather play P5 some more or read the Manga cause… I DON’T WANT MY FEELINGS TOWARDS KYOANI TO CHANGE”


Matt Bomer opens up as the cast of The Normal Heart talk about bringing Gay Rights to the big screen