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Eunwoo’s vLIVE: ‘VOICE ONLY’ English Trans.

Hi~ I saw a lot posts here and there asking about vlive subs, I tried to look for some but there weren’t any yet. Honestly I’m have 0 experience making subbed videos so I just typed up the translations separately instead, hopefully you can follow along with this while listening to the audio! Keep Reading for translations, please do not copy/repost w/o credit.

Love you all<3 - Katie/Min.

Cha Eunwoo’s “Just one 10 minutes”
ASTRO vLive ‘VOICE ONLY’ 170313

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Alpha bendy: NOBODY CAN!
Jaz, Cinny, and alpha- le me
Hoody- @thehoodedbendy
Mary- @ask-mary-the-ink-demon
MB- @ask-mute-bendythedemon
((I love making Cinny suffer don’t I? -mun))

This is the last time I’ll ever march on this field.

I’ll never get turf turds stuck in my shoes and the folds of my pants. I’ll never run my hands over the artificial grass, or pick at the turf as I wait for the band director to stop talking so I can go home.

I’m never going to watch a football game from the stands, getting tired of standing and paying minimal attention to the game.

The field lights will never stare down at me again as the band, my band, marches across the field, tired and cold. There’s no more band camps where I get the most sun of my entire summer and die in the summer heat.

The first time I walked onto this field I was scared and nervous and shy. I hardly knew anyone and didn’t know what to do. I was shaking 99% of the time. The first lunch, I sat outside by myself.

Now I’m surrounded by friends. The field is mine and I’m comfortable to walk on it. And now I have to say goodbye to it.

I have to give it up.