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“When you were here before, couldn’t look you in the eye, you’re just like an angel, your skin makes me cry”

this moodboard is dedicated to @lukemichael i love love loved the whole 90s muke concept so i made this…let me tell you this was actually not easy to make it was worth it in the end!

90s grunge×muke!


// color moodboard ; blue


“The Toshiba T3200. The Spacesaver. Another wonder from Toshiba.”

  • Processor: Intel 80286 - 12 MHz
  • Memory: 1024 KB
  • Diskette Drive: One built-in 3.5" 720 KB diskette drive
  • Hard Disk: A fast built-in 3.5" 40 MB (formatted capacity) hard disk
  • Display: High resolution EGA compatible gas plasma with variable contrast and variable brightness. Can display up to 4 gray scales. Display can also support CGA, Hercules, and 640 by 400 resolution
  • Keyboard: Sculptured 85 key with separate numeric keypad.
  • Expansion slots: One full size 16/8 bit slot and one half size 8 bit slot. 
  • Operating System: MS-DOS 3.2
  • Weight: 8.5 kg