I’m just gonna say this right here and now:

Just because you can glue stuff to rings and bracelets does NOT mean you should open an etsy store and spam my facebook page with BUY MY JEWELRY posts.

Sorry to ruin your pastel grunge grrrrrl dreams but you should learn a few things about aesthetics before you expect my concern and/or sympathy.


So this guy just called the museum to throw a fit over a ticket he received while being parked on our street. That’s an issue for security to handle, but no, he needs to make sure he takes the time to be as unsavory and rude with me as possible, and THEN also blame me for his parking troubles at Union Station, AND demand his donation to the museum back as well.

Honey, I’m a receptionist. Do you think that I am both personally responsible for your problems and also the sole person capable of fixing them? 

HINT: I’m not.

One time when I still lived with my mom I was asleep in my room, and in my dreams I heard the sound of a particular music box playing. It has a little carousel horse on it with flowers and ribbons.

I woke up and it was playing in real life.

I hadn’t wound it before I went to sleep.