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What is love P. 4

Maz’s POV

If I find out who kidnapped Sam.. Ohh I’m gonna slap the shit outta him ! Noreen keeps saying I need to calm down. How the fuck can I calm down.

Noreen: Babe just sit down for a while
Maz: Noreen how many times do I need to say that I can’t calm down !!
Noreen: As much as you want cause I ain’t stopping !
Maz: Fine with me, sometimes you can be so much pain in the ass !!!

I walked to the front door and walked outside to take a little stroll. It was kinda cold outside so I already went back home. When I came back I saw Noreen watching tv… She looked at me and then looked back at the tv. I went to the couch and sat next to her. She ignored me like I wasn’t even sitting there. I understand why. I didn’t had to say she can be so much pain in the ass sometimes… caus eshe never is. I was just stressed and freaking out. I walked to my room and layed down.

Noreen’s POV

Why did he had to say I can be so much pain in the ass… Like… I’m always sweet to him and only cause I’m annoying for once.. He freaks out and being a little baby who didn’t got what he wanted. So childish ! So I’m ignoring him and I’ll sleep on the couch. Don’t want his apoligize shit all over me.

-On the phone-
Imani: Heyy wassup guuurl
Noreen: Haayy, not much just a bit tired
Imani: Already ?? It's12:30 pm
Noreen: I know…
Imani: What’s up Noreen ??
Noreen: He is just being a little baby
Imani: What do you mean ?
Noreen: Just come over so I can tell you
Imani: Okayy see you in a sec !!
Noreen: See ya
- End phone call-

I heard someone coming down. I guess it’s Maz… To apoligize.. Well it’s his own fault still ignoring him tho !!

Maz: Babe, I’m sorry I didn’t had to shout to you nor said you’re such a pain in the ass….
Noreen: …
Noreen: Yeah shouting would help !!
Maz: Yeah but you’re being difficult ! Always ignoring when she’s mad !!
Noreen: And what about you !! Screaming when you don’t get what you want !! Such a brat
Maz: Oh now you complaining when you got the chance ?? Sad
Noreen: Oh So now I’m sad, cool
Maz: What
Noreen: I got something sad to say !!
Maz: Noreen
Noreen: We’re done Maz, if you thought this all those 2 years we’re together. Then I’m done Maz *walks away*
Maz: Noreen, babe no !! I was just stressed and mad and I don’t know
Noreen: You should thought about that earlier !! Bye Maz

Imani’s POV

I walked to Noreen’s and Maz’s front door and rang the doorbell. Then I saw Noreen walking out the door angry as fuck.

Maz: Babe I’m sorry
Noreen: Sorry Imani, come we’re going
Maz: Noreen please, lets talk
Noreen: And get yelled at again…
Maz: No, I promise
Noreen: Maybe later !!
Noreen: See, there you again
Imani: Calm down you two DAMN !!
Maz: Mind your own shit Imani
Noreen: Lets go Imani