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ship with: Logain/Taim is a good pairing that I’m into. that’s the main one, though because I’m who I am I am also pretty into the idea of Taim/Rand as a well done antagonistic ship. 

brotp: kind of same as above? but also his cadre of loser Asha’man.

general opinions: the only reason I haven’t fully transferred over into just straight up “LOVE” is basically because I still don’t feel like I have a great handle on his character, in part because so much of his really vital character arc happened entirely fucking off page and I’m still really upset about this, yeah I am

but on the whole - Taim is, on reread, fascinating to me. the way that he wobbles along this line and his motivations are never quite clear - the same thing that makes him hard to get a hole on is the same thing that makes him so fascinating, because you can tell how deliberate it is. 

this is not a guy who lets anyone get close or see under the surface. 

and at the same time there’s this contradiction where at least initially you can tell he does care about the men who come to the Black Tower - that he’s frustrated and maybe even a little disgusted by the prospect of men-as-weapons, by pushing people until they self-destruct. his method of dealing with the men who go mad has the same touch of consideration, of kindness. 

it seems like while Taim doesn’t suffer fools well (or at all), he’s not just out for himself, at least not initially. how much that changes, and what he’s really thinking about long term goals after turning to the Shadow, is a more open question.

blog rate: ???/10 I have no sense of the kind of blog Taim would run. would he even run a blog? I’m not sure Taim believes in blogs. 

he might have a friends-locked Dreamwidth account where he bitches about how he’s surrounded by disappointments.

also I really love how you’re now a fan of this character despite (I think) not having read a single book in this series. I feel like something good has happened there.

Ask and you shall receive! I bring to you MAZRIM TAIM. Now, from how I understand it he’s supposed to have the whole ageless thing going on from the power, with a side of worn out from being hunted down. The nose (surprisingly) was easier to find than I expected, as were the cheekbones. But those eyes! Maybe I’m just being particular about ‘tilted’ but holy crap. Also darker skin was harder than I expected. Which… no, I’m not going to rant.

I’m still not entirely happy with any of the choices below. Anyway, here he is, under the cut for length’s sake:

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“I am going to defeat them, Taim. All of them. They think they can tear everything down. It’s always tearing down, never building up! I’m going to build something, leave something behind. Whatever happens, I will do that! I’ll defeat the Dark One. And cleanse saidin, so men don’t have to fear going mad, and the world doesn’t have to fear men channeling. I’ll …” Rand al'Thor 

And he did it..

104% Confirmed List of Things that will happen in Stormlight Archive 3

It’s totally true! (Would I lie to you?)

- The prologue is Elhokar at the party where Gavilar died. He notices Dalinar following the codes as Gavilar said. Then, the two mysterious men convince him to trick Dalinar into getting completely wasted. He gets Dalinar drunk, then gives Szeth directions to Gavilar’s room, gives Sadeas the handbook on how to stop the Desolations (it was the only one of its kind, and Sadeas destroys it), gives Venli the tip that she needs to unlock Stormform, and gives Darkness a list of crimes committed by all Surgebinders so that he can kill them. Adolin is also revealed to have dated Shallash.

- In present day, the Ghostbloods say that Shallan must find true love if she wants to join them. She angsts over whether she loves Kaladin or Adolin.

- Kaladin flies in to Hearthstone in the middle of Roshone’s marriage to Laral (it was a really long engagement). Roshone has now grown an evil goatee and intends to push his new button that gives supreme power to Odium once he gets married. Kaladin bursts in and gives his objection right before the vows. Everyone cheers that Kaladin saved the day, only for a brick to knock him out.

- Jasnah has to babysit Baby Odium, the suckling child from WoK Chapter 57’s Death Rattle.

- Szeth decides to chase his dream and become a rockstar. It is revealed in his flashbacks that everyone in Shinovar discouraged this dream because stone was sacred. Szeth was sad, but then he saw someone Soulcasting some grass into a guitar. Using the guitar, he rocked out, singing that the end was coming. He was made Truthless because his music was too loud.

- It’s revealed that Lirin has turned evil and crowned himself Emperor of Hearthstone. Kaladin, Roshone, Laral, Jost’s Dad, and Hesina team up to stop Lirin from upgrading the Voidbringers into the Super Voidbringers. However, when Kaladin tries to fight him, Lirin goes Super Saiyan and defeats Kaladin, telling him that he has to unlock more true potential.

- Dalinar confesses that he doesn’t remember his wife, only to find out that her name actually is “Shshshshshshsh”.

- Jasnah runs into a hat-obsessed man who likes drinking metal, claims that two and two equals pickle, can regenerate and slow time, is a master of disguise, and hates guns. Brandon’s notes indicate that he is indeed a worldhopper: Hrathen.

- The Highspren cause Highstorms, but they’ve grown tired of it so they give Adolin the power to make Highstorms.

- Shallan actually does draw herself as a bridgeman, causing her to realize that she loves Kaladin.

- Kaladin decides to say the Fourth Oath to get enough power to defeat Emperor Lirin. However, when he learns that it’s, “I will not go after my friend’s girl”, he refuses to say it.

- Dalinar walks up to Shallan and says, “Kaladin killed Helaran” with no context, then walks away.

- Nalan is also in possession of a giant block of ice in which Spook has cryogenically frozen himself.

- The recurring Interlude character (like Szeth in WoK and Eshonai in WoR) is Mazrim Taim.

- Ghost Sadeas appears and swears the Oath, “The death is my life, the strength becomes my weakness, the journey has ended”, causing him to transform into Sataneas.

- Kaladin tries to flee Hearthstone, but ends up tripping over and unplugging a power cord. This gets rid of Emperor Lirin’s power, and Kaladin easily defeats him. As thanks for stopping Lirin, Laral gives Kaladin a big smooch. However, as she does, Shallan walks in, gasps, and runs away. Kaladin chases after her saying that he can explain and we see no more of them in this book.

- To raise money for the new Radiants, Dalinar and Renarin start a car wash. However, Amaram’s 1974 Parsher truck turns out to be a Carform Parshendi, which turns into the legendary Voidmobile when Adolin hits it with a Highstorm.

- Lopen is part of the 11th Radiant Order, the Ganchos.

- Szeth and Darkness can’t get into Shinovar because there’s a ten dollar admission fee. Spook defrosts and the trio go on an epic quest to find ten dollars.

- Derethil is still alive and the Aesudan subplot is resolved when Wandersail falls from the sky and crushes her.

- Nan Balat reveals that Shallan`s mom`s name was `Restares Davar`.

- Szeth, Spook, and Darkness run into Jasnah, owner of Roshar`s last ten dollars. Szeth and Jasnah bond over their mutual fakeout deaths.

- Navani falls into a parallel dimension where Steelheart, The Rithmatist, and Alcatraz are part of the Cosmere.

- Lift eats Sadeas`s body, causing Sataneas to get mad.

- Szeth finally gets back to Shinovar with the ten dollar admission fee, only to find out that they`re closed for the summer.

- Taravangian finds love.

- Adolin gets a puppy and names it Sureblood Jr. However, his puppy gets eaten by TenSoon.

- It`s revealed that Odium wants to destroy the Cosmere because he got friendzoned by Cultivation.

- The Nightwatcher is revealed to actually be the Nightwasher, and only gives you a boon and a curse if you wash your dishes.

- Eshonai wakes up and finds that she has been rebuilt into a cyborg.

- It`s revealed that the Ten Fools founded a group called the Knights Radian. It takes two orders to form a Knights Diameter.

- The big twists of the book are:

1. The Recreance happened becuase the Knights Radiant were no longer given a discount on fast food.

2. Elhokar has already been assassinated and Danlan has tricked everyone into thinking that she is Elhokar.

3. The masked Ghostblood is Stella, daughter of Dalinar and Vin, master of all Radiant powers, only one who can stop Odium, and love interest of Hoid. (Totally not a Mary Sue.)

4. Nohadon plaigirized The Way of Kings, stealing it in its entirety from How to be Evil by Dilaf.

5. Lift gets a Shardfork.

6. Ronald McDonald is coming to Roshar.

Aes Sedai thoughts upon the appearance of Cadsuane in A Crown of Swords
  • Merana: Cadsuane... How do I explain Cadsuane?
  • Daigian: Cadsuane is perfect.
  • Kiruna: I hear her glare's insured for 10,000 Tar Valon marks.
  • Annoura: I hear she's died...twice.
  • Bera: One time she met Mazrim Taim
  • And he told her she was pretty.
  • Corele: Once she punched Logain in the face... It was awesome.
Much ado about southpaws

So, just as left handedness was, until recently, seen as the mark of the devil, a sign of demon possession etc, I, a proud leftie, as this is basically uncharted territory, have come to the conclusion that it is, also, an issue in the Wheel of Time universe. 

Left handed people are much more likely to be accused of being darkfriends, marked by the Dark One himself, or in case of men, likely to channel. The superstition has no actual basis, except in the famous Age of Legends lefties:

Lews Therin Thelamon, Lews Therin Kinslayer, who famously wrote with his left hand (Originally right-handed, Ilyenna Sunhair saw him accidentally do something with his left hand and was overjoyed at ‘another leftie’ so he taught himself to write with his left hand and just. Kept doing it)

Elan Morin Tedronai, Ishamael the Betrayer of Hope, who wielded a sword with his right hand but also wrote with his left. Aslo he could write two different things at the same time with different hands, write mirrored etc (Originally indeed left-handed, trained himself to be ambidextrous and simply didn’t tell anyone his right hand wasn’t a sword hand because he’s a little shit and a smartass)

Saine Tarasind, Mesaana, another (in)famous leftie

Moghedien, originally a rightie, never used the same hand to write in front of two different people.

Joar Addam Nessosin, Asmodean, also born a rightie, learned to be ambidextrous because of music and just didn’t bother taking a pencil with a more distant hand. Just like with Moghedien, it was remembered that he used his left hand to write rather than both.

It just so happened that about 25% of False dragons were also lefties, which is what people instantly focused on. 

Mazrim Taim despises swords because he is so painfully left handed he can barely even hold one in his right.