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the clown box is good

the clown box did nothing wrong

if you’re a sentient box with a terrifying clown painted on it in the middle of a forest who demands blood sacrifice in return for lovingly hand drawn puzzles and mazes then you. are. valid.

Running A Clever Puzzle...

Many DMs are wary of making puzzles. Others are too comfortable making them, sometimes without realizing the complexity some puzzles require.

To find the right level of comfort, identify a puzzle you can create and then practice until you create a memorable one.

To set up a puzzle, figure out what you want it to do.

Do you want to deliver a message, provide a clue to a mystery, or make solving the puzzle the only way out of a deathtrap…?

When you have figured that out, pick a puzzle.

Mazes, letter-addition puzzles, and codes all have simple principles you can follow. Of course, some puzzles can’t provide the cleverness you’ll need to challenge your players.

Then try making the puzzle.

Use different strategies, and keep trying them until you conclude that you would like to solve the puzzle if another DM presented it to you.

Try to personalize your puzzles.

They need to make sense in the world your PCs inhabit.

Don’t give them a puzzle about techno music or cars, because the PCs Characters have never heard of either.

Instead, use references to NPCs, cities in your world, or monsters the PCs might face.

Before you give your puzzles to the PCs, write a list of hints.

These should usually be rewards for making successful skill checks.

A puzzle about magic items could require a  Arcana check, for instance.

In all cases, a simple Intelligence check should give a hint of what type of puzzle the PCs face.

You can also devise hints that require spells or class features, such as letting a cleric use his turn undead ability to open a magically locked chest bearing the visage of a ghoul.

When the PCs solve a puzzle, reward them.

Just solving a puzzle makes them feel smart, but solving a puzzle that hands them a magic item or opens a secret door makes them feel smart and accomplished.

Prodigy Lance Fic part 1

Lance noticed from a young age that he was different. He saw the world in a way that no one else did. Not like his brothers or sisters. Not even his parents. He saw the world like a maze. A puzzle. And his brain created ways to solve it. Strategies, plans, routes all raced through his brain. A prodigy is what they called him. Creating brilliant plans in a blink of an eye. They called him special. Lance however, never thought so. He was just a boy from Cuba.

It wasn’t until Lance received the letter from the Garrison that he started to believe that he was special. Lance and his family was shocked to say the least when they received this letter. Lance? In the Garrison? Of course he was always fascinated by space, with his glow in the dark stars splattered all over his ceiling, but he never wanted to use his gift to hurt others. He didn’t want to fight or be apart of the war. He wanted to stay with his family and watch them grow. Lance was about to disregard the letter when something caught his eye. If he accepted, he would get grants. The Garrison would pay him for the plans he created. He quickly looked around his Cuban home. Outdated kitchen and sinking floors with a crumbling foundation. He looked at his brother and sisters. All of them were wearing hand-me-downs, including himself. He looked at his parents. Dark bags under their eyes, wrinkles formed by worry about money. Always money. Lance loved how large his family was, but he knew if often come at a price. He knew, right then, what he had to do.

Being at the Garrison took some time to get used to. Although Lance was always busy studying and coming up with new military strategies to ensure his position, he managed to make friends along the way. His roommate, Hunk, became his best friend almost immediately and the two became inseparable. Then the duo became a trio when Pidge came into the picture. He was happy and trusted them, but whenever they asked what he wanted to do at the Garrison, he always lied and said he dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot. He didn’t want his new friends to take pity on him and his family because they were in such financial need. He had been bullied all his life for it, and didn’t want to risk others to find out and history to repeat itself. Lance was grateful for his status as a cargo pilot because he would never have to fight others or train to kill. He could continue to make new strategies and send all his funds to his family without getting caught in the middle. Everything was finally looking up for Lance and his family.

But of course, all good things must come to an end. Lance was promoted into fighter class.

(Never written a fic before and thought this might be an interesting prompt? If you would like for me to continue, please let me know! Comments/questions are welcomed!)

pages 259 261 and 262 - sometimes, I like to pretend I’m not attached to floor with a chain and the dungeon I’m in isn’t just a room with a single door set high up on the wall. I like to pretend I am free to walk around and explore, and one day while pushing my fingers between two rocks something gives and a section of stone pulls away to reveal the entrance to a hidden labyrinth. I would walk down the dark path heedless of danger, thinking anything is better than sitting in one spot for eternity. Carefully making my way through the maze I would eventually find the end and my just reward. This one says money, but I’m thinking maybe a shower and sunlight and/or freedom. And if there’s a case of mineral and vitamin rich health shakes that will stop my body from disintegrating, all the better.

Whoops~ that hurts!

1 HP? Well, it’s not that much, but… it hurts! Dx

Someone is having a communication problem :P

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“You say that like I haven’t already fallen in love with you. It’s your fault, really.”

“Tell me later, when we’re not about to trail into dangerous territory.”

“See, this is why I blame you all the time. I am never wrong! Your latest idea was to get us stranded on an island to avoid your newest problem.”

“I want to help, but I don’t know where to start. It’s like trying to solve a maze puzzle with three entrances and no exits.”

“Only you. Except not only you, because it’s both of you. Does that make sense? Never mind.”

“You are the greatest treasure in my life and it’d be an honor if you stuck around until I’m old and wrinkly.”


Magic Cube Maze Puzzle

[Image description: A clear cube with a yellow labrynth inside. The first shot shows one of the sides of the cube , and the second shot shows top of the cube. A small metal ball rests in the lower right corner. There are holes scattered around the cube. There is some clutter in the background, and a blue ombré rug]

Do you like a challenge? This puzzle is for you. The goal is to guide the marble through the six different sides without falling through a hole (if you do, turn the cube upside down and shake it. The ball comes through the start).
The cube is 8 by 8 by 8, and I think that is centimeters (it certainly isn’t 8 inches). It is a little too big to fit in a pocket, but can be thrown in a backpack or larger purse. There was also a 6 by 6 by 6 version. There are several colors to choose from as well.

Purchased from:

Price: $$ (between $6 and $10USD, shipping not included)

Your Aspect has two cows.

I personally was never the fan of the original post this was based on, so I rewrote them.

Space: You have two cows. They are constantly finding ways to stay outside longer. You have ended up expanding your farm three times over so they have more to discover.

Time: There are two cows. They have existed long before you and will exist long after you’re gone. Their soft eyes have seen eons you cannot fathom.

Light: You have two cows. Both love to keep your attention focused on them, and you have read up on bovine behavior in order to understand them. Now you write about cows.

Void: There are two cows, but you can never find them. Milk already processed and bottled occasionally appears out of nowhere. You don’t particularly care either way.

Life: There are two cows. Robust and in their prime, you tenderly groom them for breed shows. Their manure causes your crops to grow to be even more delicious than before.

Doom: You have two cow skulls on your bedroom wall. The cows they came from died after an agonizing sickness that still turns your stomach with how horrifying it made them appear. You never brought a cow again.

Breath: There are two cows. You let them go free ages ago. Sometimes you hear their contented mooing echoing across the hillside, and smile.

Blood: You have two cows who you raised like your own children. They would die for you and you for them. You can’t imagine life without them. They’re in your will.

Heart: You have two cows, each with their own name. Their moos are distinctive. Whenever you imagine them they appear instantly in your own mind; it is impossible to forget them or be unable to tell them apart.

Mind: You have two cows. They live in a labyrinth of corn which you need to navigate daily in order to care for them. Maze puzzles don’t entertain you anymore; they’re too easy.

Hope: There are two cows. They stargaze every time you forget to bring them in. Sometimes you join them, and think about your place in the universe. Then you go on adventures together during the day.

Rage: You have a bull and many cows. He only let you touch his females after you slowly earned his trust over many years. One time you were nearly gored. It is still worth it.

Nancy Drew Game Revisions

Here is how I would revise each of the Nancy Drew games! I only put 1 or 2 things for each to leave room for you all to add in your own! Comment below with your additions & feel free to disagree with me!! 

SCK & Remastered: CD CHANGE OH MY GOD. Hey, I can’t knock this game too much. It’s the late 90s. Plus they DID revise it so… (I never actually played it through). Open-ended for the fandom here. Overall, entirely too short.

STFD: MORE. MILLIE. Those damn riddles were pointless imo. Make her an actual relevant character!!!

MHM: Have that tapestry in Nancy’s room never to exist. Then make that zodiac animal puzzle a hotspot that Nancy realizes she needs to look out for. Because you can quickly solve that first puzzle from Abby’s book and then therefore quickly realize that you need to look for Chinese characters. Also eliminate Emily Foxworth.

TRT: Blizzard is such a cop-out. Snow, yes. Blizzard, no. I want to explore outdoors more. The garden!! So! Many! Possibilities!

FIN: Those damn fucking keys at the end sequence. The end. Bye. CHANGE THEM.

SSH: Running around aimlessly waiting for Henrik to fall. Give Nancy a reason to go all the way around the garden to cue this scene. Or maybe cue it a different way.

DOG: Man, I would have loved to have met Sally.

SHA: Oh my God this game is perfect. Um…the magnet maze puzzle, honestly what the fuck

CUR: The ghost hunt/run was cute and all but shit stressed me out being on a timer.


TRN: Allow Nancy one punch to Tino’s face…nah (I mean yeah but…) Part 2 of the game was so short. I want more time outside of the train.

DAN: Okay this is a tiny detail but when Nancy talks to Jean about Heather and they go back and forth about Heather’s name pronunciation, I get about 10 levels of awkward.

CRE: I know it’s a dumb thing to say but…Quigley’s dialogue? I usually mute her long ramblings because I get sooooooo bored.

ICE: Fox and fucking geese. Why can’t I play by myself? Why can’t I tell Bill that I’m playing to win FOR A REASON??

CRY: Please for the love of God, Nancy, solve the mystery during the day. Also, let’s not have an 80-year-old man be creepy AF.

VEN: Water tunnels. I refrain from saying anymore.

HAU: We could have had so much Irish culture. SO MUCH IRISH CULTURE. But what’d we get instead???  A JETPACK.

RAN: -sighs-

WAC: I don’t know??? Um…the ending challenge/puzzle with the blade didn’t make sense to me. I would have hoped it would tie into the theme of the game more.

TOT: Another ending sequence complaint. It takes place somewhere you only go ONCE just for the ending. Either, one, visit the Grange more throughout the game or two, take it out. Unnecessary.

SAW: Terrible accents. JAPANESE VOICE ACTORS. Hell, I’d take at least Asian voice actors over…this.

CAP: That freaking board game. Easy but just like…no.

ASH: Hey, if you’re gonna make a game at the home base, WHERE ARE MY HARDY BOYS??????

TMB: At the very least, make it a tiny bit more challenging for Nancy to read hieroglyphs. Also, really wish Dylan’s time wasn’t cut so short.

DED: I know they’ve done it before in other games but switching days to talk to different characters gets annoying. I mean, it’s realistic and I love that but I always forgot who was when & if it was morning or nighttime.

GTH: I wish we got to see/learn more about the family’s history (the factory incident, Charlotte, Harper..) God, this game is RICH with backstory and I WANT MORE.

SPY: Don’t….don’t fuck up Kate Drew.

MED: -sighs again but adds commentary- Eliminate entire concept of a game show, focus on New Zealand culture & Sonny’s mission. G O D.


SEA: Just a bit too puzzle heavy, personally. Again, more history. More story. I still don’t totally know what this game was 100% about.



   Today we have three very distinct mazes to challenge our students! Participation of non-U.A. students IS PERMITTED, if the volunteer agrees to partner up with at least one other U.A. student for a cooperative win! Participants are NOT PERMITTED to view the solution to the maze, but our viewers and the audience may observe their progress from our special viewing screens.

   In each maze, there are five puzzle pieces that must either be arranged, located, or assembled by the participants in order to win the event. Also, in each maze, are three ‘encounter’ type robots, that roam a designated range. They’re disguised to represent a spook specific to each maze, and upon defeat, they explode with candy! Like a really high-tech pinata! So expensive!!

    The ‘Boss Event’ in each maze differs by location. The boss may be spoiling for a fight, they may divulge clues about the puzzle, or they may lead the participants into a trap! So adventurers beware interacting with them! There is no time limit for these mazes, so feel free to search the areas high and low for the candies, trinkets, and exciting Halloween costume pieces strewn about each maze!!


   Those who wish to participate in this event should like or reblog this post,

                                              and if desired, specify which maze they intend to tackle!

PLVAA P20- arts!

First, check out this Very Important Epilogue photo:

G I R L S! (The blushing blonde one with the flowers is Lettie (who previously stated she was disappointed to learn Jean was a girl bc she had a crush on her), green hair is Jean. pigtails is Ridelle who I didn’t mention but she’s in charge of the library and is cute, and the girl tossing the flower petal is Kira)

I’m REALLY glad to see Lettie has accepted she is gay and maintains her crush on Jean. That saves a previously shitty line. She’s gonna give her a love letter, cute. I really liked all of these girls (aside from Lettie’s voice being REALLY ANNOYING but otherwise she was cute).

And here are Espella and Eve/Darklaw, WHO ARE TOTAL GIRLFRIENDS, and with their dad’s blessing too:

Also check out the baby girlfriends:

In additon. there was a lot of cute puzzle art in the game featuring Phoenix and Maya:

Under the cut: more cute puzzles, some cool concept art and character art for Darklaw showing all her Punk Goth outfits as well as her super cute epilogue one, and Jeans weird damn hair.

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