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Do you have any tips for making a maze?

I actually had some written out for Dream Diary Jam that I keep forgetting to post, so yes, you’re in luck.  In the small Yume Nikki fangame Community, we have a term called “Hell Mazes”, named after the original Yume Nikki’s big red pulsating map that was a bit frustrating to get through.  These maps are large, confusing, and serve to frustrate the player rather than to challenge them.  Here’s some steps on how to avoid one of those.

Whatever you do, I’d plan my maze out first.  Grab a sheet of paper or MSPaint and doodle down a rough idea of what you want.  Here’s my process of making a maze:

Step 1: Draw out your starting and ending points.  
Step 2: Connect them like this so there is at least one main path out of your maze:

Step 3:  Fill out the rest of the maze with branches leading to dead ends or connecting paths.

Now you got yourself a maze.  Start playtesting it from there and see how frustrated you get with it.  Remember: if you’re not having fun getting through a map, your player is not having fun.  You don’t want your player to be bored or frustrated when playing your game - that’s when they put it down in favor of doing something more fun like cleaning the house or rearranging their music collection.

More tips under the “Keep Reading” below:

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Thomas X Reader: Just Ask Her Out

Summary: Thomas really likes the reader, but can’t seem to ask her out.

Warnings: None?

Word Count:833

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Thomas caught himself staring at (Y/n) again. Thomas had found that he stared and thought about her all the time. Minho had told Thomas about his staring and Newt had caught him staring at her several times. (Y/n) was working with Gally that day. Thomas was jealous. (Y/n) did switch between jobs. She mostly worked with the med-jacks. (Y/n) loved to help people. Thomas kept staring and watched as (Y/n) started laughing at something that Gally had said. Thomas sighed and started to work again. Newt watched as his friend became sad. He looked at (Y/n) and watched her for a moment. He knew how much Thomas liked (Y/n), he smiled as he thought of a plan. After dinner he called Minho, Chuck, and Thomas to talk by the map room. When they had all arrived Newt told his plan to everyone.
“Okay, the reason I called you here is because I want to get Thomas and (Y/n) together. It is obvious that Thomas likes (Y/n) and I believe that (Y/n) likes him too”
“No! She doesn’t like me and-”
“We are going to do this Thomas. It was pretty obvious that you were jealous of Gally today.”
“I was not!”
“Oh really? Your getting pretty defensive”
“Shut up!”
“Anyway the plan is, Chuck you are going to tell (Y/n) that you need her help with finding something out in the woods. She is going to help because she is that kind of person. You lead her over here to the map room. Thomas you will be waiting here to talk to her when Chuck brings her. Minho you can hide in the map room and listen in. You might need to give Thomas the extra push to tell (Y/n) that he likes her. Um… Chuck after you have brought (Y/n) here and Thomas comes out, you need to go out of the forest. I’ll be waiting there.”
“Yeah Thomas?”
“What am I supposed to say to (Y/n)?”
“Whatever feels right to you”
“Thanks that’s very helpful”
“No problem Thomas”
“Very funny”
“You know it”
They talked for a few more minutes then went to their hammocks.

The Next Day
(Y/n) was sitting on her hammock and humming softly while she waited for Newt to tell her what to do.  She heard footsteps and looked up to see Chuck.
“Hey Chuck. What’s up?”
“Hey (Y/n). Will you help me find something in the forest?”
“Yeah sure. What are you looking for?”
“Umm… I’m not exactly sure but I’ll know when I see it”
Chuck led (Y/n) into the forest where Thomas was waiting. He came out from around the map room and took a deep breath. (Y/n) looked at Thomas and jumped. Chuck bent over to pick up the shovel that was placed there as part of the plan. 
“(Y/n) I found it!”
“Okay I’m going to go back”
Chuck left. Thomas walked toward (Y/n), she turned to look at him.
“Hi Thomas”
“H-hey (Y/n)”
“Is something wrong?”
“No. I… Ummm…”
“Are you sure something isn’t wrong? You are acting strange, you can tell me if something is wrong”
“Its… ItsthatIreallylikeyouandIwanttoknowifyouwanttogooutwithme”
“I’d love to Thomas”
“I really didn’t think that you were going to say yes”
“I really didn’t think that you were going to ask”
They laughed for a bit before Minho came out of the map hut. He started to laugh, while (Y/n) looked at him in shock. Newt and Chuck ran up and looked at Minho who was laughing so hard he was crying. They looked at him in surprise, looked at (Y/n) and Thomas.
“What happened Minho?”
“I-it t-took Thomas f-forever!”
It was hard for Minho to talk he was laughing so hard.
“Minho, what happened?”
It took Minho a few minutes to calm down.
“It took Thomas soooo long to ask her out. I really wanted to yell at him. He stuttered so much and then said it so fast I didn’t think that (Y/n) would understand”
Newt started smiling, then he started laughing. (Y/n) and Thomas just stood there watching Newt and Minho laughing. They looked at each other and started walking away. They were able to walk away without Minho, Newt, or Chuck noticing. As they walk Thomas held (Y/n)’s hand. They found a place to sit down. They sat down and started to talk. They didn’t talk about anything in particular, just small talk to pass the time. Thomas decided he just had to ask,
“Do you actually like me or were you just being nice?”
“I really do like you Thomas. I just never thought that your were going to ask me out”
“I wasn’t going to, but Newt sort of made me.”
“Oh. Well, I’m going to have to thank Newt later”
“Me too”
They ended up talking until it was time for dinner. They went and got their dinner. Newt saw them together and couldn’t help but smile. He was a good match maker.

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Hi. Love your work so very much. Any chance you would consider, if you have the time a sterek autumn au? Pumpkin scented coffee, corn maze, apple picking au? Please? Thank you!!


Stiles catches Derek eyeing the poster and immediately goes on high alert.

“Crap, don’t tell me the haunted hayride’s actually gonna be haunted.”

Derek startles, looking up from the brightly colored advertisement.


Stiles just huffs, gesturing widely at the poster.

“Or the apple orchard’s infested with angry brownies? Or… crap, are there demonic forces running around murdering people in the corn maze?”

Derek blinks between him, and the Fall Festival poster.

“Brownies don’t live in…” He cuts himself off, scowling. “Stiles, what are you even talking about?”

“You were looking at that, dude. And not in a ‘super-casual glance as you walk by it’ way. You actually stopped walking to look at it. So I mean… something that warrants Derek Hale’s special attention like that has to be pretty dangerous so be straight with me: all the apple cider’s gonna be spiked with wolfsbane, isn’t it?”

Derek glances to the heavens for help and, when they don’t answer, back to Stiles.

Why would any of that be happening, and why would I know if it were?”

Stiles huffs, indignant.

“Come on, dude, it’s a fair assumption. It’s either that or you want to, like, actually go apple picking.”

Derek just rolls his eyes and continues down the street, shoulders hunched and pointedly not looking at the poster on the next telephone pole as he goes.

Stiles blinks after him, then back at the advertisement.



“Yeah, our family used to do that kind of stuff all the time. It was like a big fall tradition, a whole season of it. A different event every weekend. I mean, objectively it was beyond lame but sometimes you sort of miss that stuff, you know? Now hang up, Stilinski. I didn’t buy these international minutes for you.”


Stiles is standing in the doorway of Derek’s loft at the bright and early hour of ten-thirty that Saturday, smiling and holding two cups of pumpkin spiced coffee.

Derek blinks at him, then over his shoulder into the loft.

“No one’s here right now.”

Stiles just smirks, holding out one of the cups and arching an expectant brow.

“I’m pretty sure you are. Right here. Not accepting your coffee.”

Derek watches it dance in front of his face warily.

“It smells weird.”

“It smells like invigorating fall deliciousness.”

The thing won’t stop wobbling in front of his face, so he takes it. Frowns down at it.

“And what is the weird smelling coffee for?”

“So you’re not such a sleepy Grumpy Wolf when we’re out apple picking.”

Derek’s brows fly up.

“When we’re out…”

But Stiles is already turning around with a quick little grin and a tilt of the head, and making his way back up the hall.

Derek takes a small, dubious sip of the flavored coffee, and finds himself trailing after.


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