maze draws


Finally had time to finish this piece from forever ago. I’ve always loved Escher’s mind bending work and I’ve been really into drawing glass lately so it’s only natural to mix the two. I used a free sketchup model of Escher’s stairs as the base for this drawing. You can find tutorials of how I utilize 3D in my drawings on my website. I forgot to record the drawing process for this one in particular, but the concept and process is all the same.

Now that I have bit more time after moving, expect lost more updates soon, and new comics are under way as well! :D



meg’s photoshoot with rob was one of the single most visually inspiring things i’d ever seen so i was REALLY intimidated to take on a single one of them. i told myself i wouldn’t pour a ton of time into this, and then immediately threw that thought in the trash

so here is His Holiness being a little judgy

wintersummer--3232  asked:

Could you possibly draw that sketch of you know those seven people playing monopoly and one of them is in a cardboard box labeled jail, two dudes in the front one of them holding a mic and the other praying and shedding a tear, the loser flat on the board, one of the guys in the back clasping his face, and the winner wearing sunglasses and one of the dudes raining money down on him but with the Lucifer gang (Lucifer, Chloe, Linda, Maze, Trixie, Ameandiel, and Dan)?

-“Et tu Mazikeen?”