maksimc M A R R I E D L I F E
I’m still the man in my own damn house! (no I’m not, Shai is literally the most important man in the house). I command attention (no one’s paying any attention to me), make all the important decisions (when I’m allowed and only after Shai’s needs are met) and I captain this ship like a seasoned pro (technically @petamurgatroyd is in charge….and I take a ferry a lot). This video clearly shows who’s in charge (Peta forgot that I was waiting outside for like 15 minutes because his royal highness Shai was being attended to). I’m the luckiest man alive (correct statement) and I wouldn’t have it any other way (again, I got nothing ‘cause it’s true)!
HUGE thanks to @MazdaUSA for giving us their biggest car (babies take up obscene amounts of space) and it was perfect!
#DrivingMatters #ExploreMazda #chmergatroydwedding