So recently I bought a new car to replace my whale of a Taurus, covered in skulls and kayaking stickers, with this bright red “Beasty”. The sporty engine is niiiiice, which may develop lead foot-itis. Also, listening to “Ghost” on the highway was amazing with that bass!!

Since my uncle got one several years before, I wanted the same model, and it’s funny to think that this image is almost like the old animation I made of him in ‘09. He had his cat, Zoom, in the car, and here I have my cat, Jet.

Some fantasies really do come true! With a new set of wheels, the next step is to go full-throttle on the art career path, whether it takes me to California, Florida, New York… or just anywhere that allows an artist to flourish.

My car is a lot friendlier than this, but I have too much fun turning things into monsters. I put Lewis’ ghost ribs on it! Perhaps it’s possessed.