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Kill the past. The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead.

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this yet, or has posted about it. If so I doubt anyone will even read my post about it lol I did notice this though after re-watching the trailer immediately after I watched TFA again. Maz tells Rey “the belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead.” Then in the trailer Kylo (aka Ben Solo) tells our heroine “Let the past die, Kill it. If you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.” Idk about anyone else, but for me that sounds like they are telling her almost the exact same thing just in different words. In other words let go of the past and look to the future, because where you belong and who you’re meant to be is in the future going forward. Like I said probably no one will read this. If one or two people do, I’d like to know your thoughts on this idea I noticed when I compared the two quotes from TFA and the new trailer.

Leo de la Iglesia Headcannon

Next season he skates an entire Hamilton program.

I can completely see this boy IDOLIZING Lin Manuel Miranda (hello, amazingly talented Latinx-Americans with long hair???) and being OBSESSED with Hamilton.

Plus remember that Leo choreographs his own routines, so when he ran it by his coach, the coach was probably like “I mean sure, if you can skate it and make it look good, why not? Just don’t the song that says ‘Mother******’ or anything.”

So then he does a short program to Wait For It or Guns and Ships (like just IMAGINE the step sequence, and the spins, or a combo on “watch me Engaging em, Enraging em, ow!”)

And then for his Free Skate he could do One Last Time or Hurricane (it’s too short, but he could mix it with another song) or Burn or Its Quiet Uptown or The World Was Wide Enough (!!!!!!!!) or even a medley and it would be A MAZ ING.

Or you know what, he would probably just fucking skate in with a fur cape and a fucking crown and do a free skate to You’ll Be Back.

Of course, for all of these, he would have stylized Hamilton-cosplays for each costume. Maybe with tighter pants, and less bulky jackets, but still. And of course, his hair pulled into a Lin Manuel Miranda ponytail.

Bad Moon Rising: Part 6 [Modern!Kylo x Reader]

BMR Masterlist // AO3

A/N: Ah! I was having some trouble with this part, but then it took off. I should have Part 7 (what?!) polished up soon, too! Enjoy!!

Warnings: Language. Suggested violence.

Word count: 1,700+

Work had consumed your life, and you gladly let it. Anything to get your mind off of whatever it was that you went through. You didn’t allow yourself to call it a breakup. You were never actually with Kylo. Sure, the relationship was bound to flower into a romantic one. But it hadn’t, not yet. There was only one dinner date, drinks, and a kiss. One solitary kiss. 

But you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking about it. You had never been kissed that passionately before. The more you thought about it, the worse it got. Every time you recalled the moment, there was something new you remembered. The way his hands commandingly grasped the sides of your face. The way he pressed you against the wall. You would think that was it. But next time you remembered how his hair ticked your cheeks, or, god-forbid, those damn lips of his. It was enough to drive you crazy. 

But he wasn’t yours. He never was. 

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A/N: It’s been a while since I wanted to write this but I finally got around to finishing it. It’s a loosely based Paterson AU with our lovely Ben. It’s basically just something sweet and fluffy and the tiniest of angst. I hope you all enjoy! Can’t wait to get back into writing requests :)

Warning: None

Word Count: 6.2K+

There was a slight pressure on Ben’s waist and against his back. The soft sounds of the air conditioner ringing within his ears as it gently patted against the skin on his face, as well as exposed parts of his body, no thanks to the lack of coverage from the blanket. Forcing his eyes open from the eight hours of sleep he got, Ben looked down to see a hand dangling off of him–your hand.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Dany will get pregnant next season? Some people are saying that she and Jon will have a child to continue the Targ line. A lot of fans want them together coz they're both popular and heroes of the story. Will D&D and GRRM grant their wish to give a happy ever after to these 2 fan favorites?

                                                                                                                    Anonymous said to thewesterwoman:                                                                    Do you think Dany might get pregnant seeing as many people say she had a miscarriage at the end of ADWD (maybe a foreshadowing?) and there still is Mirri Maz Duur’s prophecy to be taken into account? (I dont believe she will because it wouldnt make sense and disrupt the plot, but who knows nowadays)

Answering these two in the same post since they’re about the same the topic.

You know, S7 was dropping so many hints about a Dany pregnancy that I was honestly starting to wonder a little if the show might go there with a Targbaby after all. But the finale convinced me that Dany is never going to have a healthy, living child on GOT - she is instead probably going to get pregnant and miscarry.

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Letter’s to Ben (Reylo One-Shot) Part 4


“I’m a sucker for cocktails, there’s just something about those damn fruity drinks that get me every time. I know it’s considered a girly drink but I really don’t give a shit what anyone thinks. I’ll take a Manhattan over a beer any day.”

Rey was watching Ben from the far end of the bar, never approaching him unless she had to. Worry had begun to sink in the moment he had begun to slur his words. She didn’t like this side of him. He was clearly making a fool of himself and was losing a ton of money in the process. Disappointment set in as a realization hit her, this wasn’t her Ben. Ben who mowed his lawn every Sunday morning and took long strolls through the park to ease the anxiety that haunted him daily. The Ben in her letter’s was a very nervous wreck and never made a sweating and slurring mess of himself in public.

Anger was slowly swallowing the worry she was feeling. Could it be possible that this man had fooled her into thinking he was this saint when in reality he was a devil? Unable to contain her annoyance Rey pushed away from the corner of the bar and made her way over to where he was slouching on the counter. Maz had returned an hour later as promised but the old woman had done nothing to stop him from drinking himself stupid. Did this mean he came here often?

“I think you should call it a night.” She nearly growled out. Before he could press his lips to the glass she snatched his from him, spilling the liquid on the counter.

“Hey! I’ll decide when I’ve had enough!” He protested in his drunken haze.

“I think you’ve had enough.” She fought back.

Ben growled like an angry child and tried reaching over the counter for his drink. Rey on the other hand was desperately trying to hold back the large man with one hand while she held the drink over her head with the other.

“Stop it!” Rey growled.

Meanwhile Maz stood by watching just how childish they both looked trying to gain the upper hand. She held back her security, amused at seeing Ben Solo drunk for the first time in his life.

“I can’t believe he’s actually drunk. I can’t wait to tell Han!” Maz laughed.

“You have such pretty eyes. I’d like to lick them. I bet they’d taste spicy.” He slurred. His eyes were wild and his once kind smile was now a cocky smirk.

“Tell me, do you just go around flirting with any girl in hopes of landing her in bed? Is this what you do on the weekends?” She spat. Jealousy set in the moment she realized that maybe this was in fact the real Ben she was witnessing. Everyone lied and she was certain he had done just that when he had told her that he had never had a drinking problem.

“I don’t know you tell me. Is it working?” He asked.

“Go home, Ben!”

She hadn’t meant to call him Ben, but the anger and humiliation she was feeling towards him had gotten the best of her in that moment. Rey bit her lip cursing her lack of will to keep her nose out of his business.

He is far too drunk to realize my slip up. She told herself. Yet Ben froze, his droopy expression trying to concentrate on her face. Then he smiled, his eyes crinkling almost shut as he reached out to stroke her hair.

“You remind me of my Rey.”

The gesture had awakened a firework of emotions in her. She never thought in her wildest dreams that she’d ever get to feel Ben’s touch. Yet there he was, stroking her hair and smiling at her like a damn fool.

“Wise men say…”

He was singing now, his voice a deep sweet melody that although drunk seemed to hit her right in cracks of her heart.

“Only fools rush in…”

“Chewie, pick him up. I’m taking him home.” Maz suddenly cut in.

Without hesitation he was lifted off the stool and over the large burly mans shoulders. It was slightly amusing to see just how small Ben looked compared to the tall hairy man. As he was being hauled away he reached out a hand to Rey to keep singing.

“But I can’t help, falling in love with you.”

A smile broke from her frown and a tear slipped from her eye as Maz walked over to pick up his blazer from the floor.

“It’s that Solo charm child.” Maz said to Rey before walking out the door.


More will be uploaded tonight. We are nearing the end of this One-Shot!

but i also lowkey like it when the maz calls out to bernardo after he told philippe to practice getting with girls and bern is just like

pls dont make me flirt w girls pls don’t make me flirt w girls pls do-

but then it turns out the maz only wants to give him some more soldiers


If Bleach characters met The Force Awakens characters...

Hi folks! I will get back to my regular queue soon - I’m back from my travels and almost over the flu I got immediately after arriving home (*head desk*). But first! A list I wrote on the plane in order to shamelessly capitalize on the current popularity of the new Star Wars movie! And yes, for those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS POST. 

1. Kylo Ren and Ishida

Kylo: And I was all, “Da-ad! You don’t understand! I am totally evil and I’m gonna prove it by joining an evil army!”

Kylo: So yeah. Joined an evil army. Sorta in charge now, too.

Kylo: So that shows my stupid dad!

Ishida: O-oh god…is that how I sound?


Kylo: …

Kylo: Rude.

2. Rey and Ichigo

Rey: And it was like…I could fly the Falcon! Fix it too! Just with natural talent or something!

Rey: Also this ancient magical weapon called to me to be its master or something.

Rey: It’s all very weird.

Ichigo: Weird how? That’s basically how my life goes.

Ichigo: I mean, you probably inherited all of your talents from your parents or something, like me!

Rey: I don’t know who my parents are.

Ichigo: Then you definitely did!

Ichigo: So as one hero to another, my advice is - make sure you lose really badly, as often as possible. I get all of my new powers that way!

Rey: Or I could train with the Jedi master I just met?

Ichigo: Sure if you want to do it the long way.

3. Finn and Rukia

Finn: So I’m part of this military organization, right?

Rukia: Sure. Me too.

Finn: And I rescue this guy, and we become immediate friends.

Rukia: Been there!

Finn: I end up dressing like him - long story - and pretending to be in his group, and then I meet this awesome girl.

Rukia: Hell yes!

Finn: But then my organization decides I’m a traitor and tries to kill me…

Rukia: Do I ever know that feeling!

Finn: And then original guy rescues ME - so great symmetry there - and all three of us go on adventures together.

Rukia: Our lives our weirdly similar.

4. BB-8 and Karin

Karin: Are you a…sentient robotic soccer ball?

BB-8: <affirmative beeping>

Karin: Awesome! You can help us win the big game!

BB-8: <inquisitive beeping>

Karin: Well by making sure you roll into our goal, mostly.

Karin: You’re cool with being kicked, right?

BB-8: <alarmed beeping>

Karin: It won’t be bad! You’re metal!

BB-8: …

BB-8: [rolls for safety]

Karin: Why are beings from other worlds always so RESISTANT to soccer?

5. Leia and Ryuken

Ryuken: So you sent your husband to rescue your son, and as a result your husband is dead and your son is even more evil?

Leia: Yes, if you want to be blunt about it.

Ryuken: Then let the record show: I am totally right to just let my son do whatever evil things he wants even if it gets him killed!

Leia: Or your situation might be different.

Ryuken: The record is done showing things now.

6. Phasma and Unohana

Phasma: So there I was, hyped to be, like, one of the baddest baddies ever.

Phasma: And…what? I don’t even get a real fight?

Unohana: I know your pain. My own late-revealed backstory led to one brief training fight. Which I lost.

Unohana: And then I died.

Phasma: I got dumped into a trash chute.

Unohana: …

Unohana: Perhaps I won’t offer that conciliatory hug after all.


7. Poe and Byakuya

Poe: And then I “died” in this explosion, but I wasn’t really dead!

Byakuya: Ah, the fake-out death. I too had one of those.

Byakuya: In a way, it was the best of two worlds. I had my epic dying words, but without the death part.

Byakuya: Tell me, what did you say as you “died”?

Poe: Uh…I wasn’t on screen for it.

Byakuya: No dying words? Such a pity.

Poe: But I came back in an awesome way! In the midst of a battle, being the most awesome pilot as ever!

Byakuya: When I showed up again, I was unconscious in a ball. Soon after I was tossed limp and naked through the air.

Poe: You might be the one who needs the “pity.”

Byakuya: I know.

8. Chewie and Tosen

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: I am sorry. I too have lost someone dear to me.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: Yes, of course I can understand you. I can understand everyone.

Tosen: I can also see inside people to their true essences, if it’s relevant.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: A coward? No. You are very brave.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: No, I will not give you advice.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: Because my method of coping with death was to undertake revenge against everyone, until I turned into a giant bug and got stabbed in the head.

Chewie: <Chewie noise>

Tosen: Yes. I do need a hug, thank you.

9. General Hux and Kurotsuchi

Kurotsuchi: So I hear you have loyalty problems.

General Hux: Who the hell are you?

Kurotsuchi: Clones didn’t work…babies stolen from their families and raised to be soldiers didn’t work…

Kurotsuchi: But have you considered zombies?

General Hux: I…what?

Kurotsuchi: Zombies! Easy to make, very loyal, an earth-friendly way of dealing with the dead…

General Hux: And why are you offering to help me? Do you believe in the First Order?

Kurotsuchi: I’m just a nice guy, and am not someone looking for more data on zombie soldiers.

General Hux: I am suspicious.

Kurotsuchi: Is it my face?

10. Maz and Chad

Maz: I have seen the same eyes in many different people.

Maz: And yours are the eyes of someone who wants to run…

Maz: …straight into battle to help your friends.

Maz: You go, dude.

Chad: [thumbs up]

11. Han Solo and Yamamoto

Yamamoto: Why must the old always die?

Han: I…what?

Yamamoto: It’s like the writers see a man who is old - but still very sexy - and say to themselves, “There is someone we must kill off!”

Yamamoto: It’s just…it’s tough to be old.

Han: I’m not old!

Yamamoto: Shhh…let’s just hug it out…


BODY ELECTRIC III // masterlist

A/N: Ahhhh alright so I think this’ll be a mini fic series? Possibly ten parts? Not so sure now but if you guys want more it could happen seeing as I’ve got ideas for it! Anyways, thank you all for liking body electric, if you haven’t, here’s part one and part two! Enjoy and pls send me your kind feedback :) Side note, I made up the creatures species towards the end along with their names.

Warning: Harassment (towards the end tho)

Word Count: 3.5K+

It haunted him. The feeling of your hips moving, rubbing, against his own lingered. It was almost as if you imprinted the sensation against his crotch and he couldn’t seem to find a way out of it. He felt weak–at least to the knees–thinking about it. The way you lied him on the bed, left soft kisses against his skin and pressed your lower body against his own–it felt so surreal.

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“Rey is where she needs to be.”

Can someone pleeeease tell me where this quote is? I have looked in the:


-Adult novelization 

Someone that has the junior novelization…. is the quote in there?

I’m sure everyone knows what quote I am talking about, but just in case.

I’m pretty sure it goes like this…

Finn: “Where’s Rey?”

Maz: “Rey is where she needs to be.”

*Scene cuts to her and Kylo together.

Please help :(

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Anyone got a clue?

Short TFA/Fury Road crossover - one group of dusty women in goggles meets another woman in goggles. She’s a little short and orange, but that’s the post-nuclear Wasteland for you…

The new woman reclined by the Vuvalini’s evening fire. “I don’t think much of this planet.”

After watching the stranger drink, Maadi accepted the bottle from her. “Yeah, we schlanged it pretty good.” She took a slug, then another, appreciative sip.

“The oil wars…the water wars…and then, the last war, the nuclear war,” Melita intoned.

“Always the way,” their guest sighed, with a sad nod. “You think the good times will last forever – then one good blast, and you’re starting again.”

Their guest was tiny and wizened – definitely a post-nuclear mutant, wise beyond her years. And her bike was something else. Vuvalini and visitor alike were all united by their goggles and the eternal scrim of red-orange Wasteland dust.

The visitor gestured with a tiny hand at Valkyrie’s dramatic silhouette as Val took the night watch. “Your daughter is very beautiful. Perhaps she’d like to meet a nice Wookie?”

All the Vuvalini around the fire had a good laugh at that, except Smith, who was too young to remember movies. “Be easier to find than a good man,” Maadi quipped, and they all laughed harder.

It was Keeper of the Seeds’ turn with the bottle. “Not only are you a charmer,” Keep said, “but your liquor is excellent. Always liked a good botanical gin.”

Maadi gave her a sharp look. She could have sworn the stranger’s bottle held her own favorite, a deep smoky rum.

Smith hadn’t had the bottle yet, and her eyes were even sharper. “What did you say your name was, again?”

She was cheerful and forthcoming. “Maz Kanata. I am scouting. Looking for a new start.” They all settled back. That was a perfectly reasonable name and occupation, for the Wasteland. “You girls, I like. Other than that, it’s hard to find a good party here.”

“I think we’re all a little late for that,” Melita said.

“Tell me how it used to be,” said Maz, wistfully. “In your Before-time.” And the bottle went around, and the tales grew taller and louder, then slower, whispered. Until finally it was just their short visitor still awake, looking at the stars that felt so close, out in the sand dunes.

Maz was gone when they woke up. Nothing was missing. She’d managed to depart without leaving any tracks in the sand. Even more mysteriously, all their fuel tanks seemed to be fuller than they were the day before.

So the “Rey is a Mary Sue” stuff has already started. I kind of saw it coming because of a few things that happened in this movie. Let’s discuss.

One thing that did bother me was that Rey was an ace pilot with no explanation. She said she was a pilot, then flew the Falcon like she was born to do it. But we never got any explanation as to how she became such an amazing pilot. She could fly her speeder, but I do wonder who taught her how to fly. I wish it was addressed because it was odd that she was an amazing pilot when we got the impression that she had no one to teach her or a ship to practice with.

However, in response to people complaining about that, I will say that the same thing happened with Luke in A New Hope. Where exactly did he learn how to fly a Starfighter so well? It was always silly how at the end of the movie, he flew with the rest of the fleet when he had never been to the Academy, and he was still better than everyone and was one of the only survivors. So yeah, that complaint can be applied to Luke.

If anyone is complaining about her being a good mechanic, then that’s just dumb because her life on Jakku easily explains that. 

This next one bugged me a bit as well. When she used a Jedi mind trick with no one ever telling her how to do it. In fact, I’m not even sure how she knew that the Jedi would do that. But meh, maybe she just heard about Jedis doing mind tricks when she lived on Jakku. But it was strange that she just did it without any training. This one I will allow as an appropriate criticism. 

The final fight with Kylo seems to be the biggest problem people have, but I thought it was pretty obvious why she won. Kylo was injured. This was shown explicitly. Chewie shot him in the gut. The movie made a point of showing this. Then when Finn fought him, he stabbed him in the shoulder. Kylo was quite injured, he was emotionally compromised after killing Han (this is said in the TFA novel), and he wasn’t trying to kill her. Those are three strong disadvantages he had. I really do think those reasons are a big part of why Rey won that fight. Kylo was not at full power at all.

Rey’s strong connection to the Force seems to be everyone’s biggest problem with her and the reason they call her a Mary Sue. But I feel like they’re missing A New Hope entirely. Was Luke not the same way? At the end of the movie, he turns off his computer and doesn’t even need to look at it to blow up the Death Star. He just does it on instinct, using the Force. To me that was very similar to the moment in TFA when Rey felt the Force and was able to best Kylo (who, I reiterate, was injured and emotionally compromised to begin with). Obi Wan had given Luke barely any training at that point. Maz had told Rey what she did at the end, which was to close her eyes and feel the Force around her. Maz gave her something to go on, so you can’t argue that she had no one who taught her anything.

So it frustrates me to see people saying this about Rey, when Luke was a very similar character.

Now on to the “Rey is flawless” reason to call her a May Sue. Rey was naive and had a temper. The girl stayed on Jakku for twenty years, when she could have left at any time, because she believed, very naively, that her parents who abandoned her would come back. That is kind of ridiculous. She kept on saying she wanted to go back. Her temper is a pretty self explanatory one. If she is a Skywalker, I guess it runs in the family. Not to mention how she ran off when Maz was trying to help her. She certainly wasn’t brave until the end of this movie in my opinion.

I had a couple of issues with a Rey moment or two, but they weren’t any bigger than problems I had with other characters. Anyway, people are gonna say that “If you need to argue that she’s not a Mary Sue, then she is a Mary Sue!” but honestly, I feel like people look for female characters to call Mary Sues sometimes. And if you compare Rey to Luke, they had almost exactly the same arc and character moments, yet Rey is the one being criticized, and we don’t even need to ask why that is.

My Top Five OTPs

I wasn’t tagged but this seemed like fun, so if you wanna do it too you can say I tagged you c:

1. Hannigram
Hannibal is basically my entire life after seeing the movies at a young age, eventually reading all the books and then being questionable on the fact Red Dragon was getting it’s own show, but oh boy do I regret being questionable because I have basically devoted my life to it and after seeing the way Bryan Fuller was opening up these characters more I fell into the deep deep pit into shipping/Murder Husbands trash

Originally posted by hannibalistastic

2. Caryl
The Walking Dead is another one of my favorite shows, and seeing the relationships all the characters had, shipping is pretty fun tbh, Though people see Daryl and Carol more like a related-relationship and not romantic kinda makes me uncomfortable but I can honestly see it in some ways. but they both are still precious pookies who I think should just be happy together.

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3. Raywood
Okay although I know all of Achievement Hunter are pretty straight sometimes they’re relationships with each other are kinda questionable plus this is mainly in a fanart and a fanfiction area like Mavin, Freewood ( I sin for shipping Turnfreewood) it’s just a fluff idea of “oh hey that’d be cute if they were like together” I hope that makes sense. Although Ray has left Achievement Hunter at least there’s still cute things with all them and I mean Ryan has started streaming so ya know like stream boyfriends should be a thing.

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4. Stucky
STEVE ROGERS AND BUCKY MOTHERFUCKIN BARNES they honestly just deserve to be happy, plus the whole friends to relationship kind of things just get to me ya know?

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5. Stormpilot
I went into Star Wars; The Force Awakens repeating to myself I wouldn’t fall into trash and ship anyone together besides the standard Han and Leia and any other actual relationships that’d come my way (looking at you Maz and Chewie) but oh lord how I have sinned.

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    Nate and I walked out of the room into the hallway a comfortable silence wavering between us and throughout the hallway. I adjusted the strap on my shoulder before looking down at my shoes.

“You were amazing in there babygirl.” Nate smiled making a huge goofy grin fill my face.

“I don’t think I was that good, but it’s all because of you.” I beamed as I awkwardly poked his bicep. He let out a small chuckle before tossing his arm over my shoulders, pulling me into his side. He blantly pressed his lips to my temple before we both rested against the wall.

“Hey Y/n?” I turned my head to look at Nate. His eyes were on me, like he was waiting for something.

“What is it?” I questioned pulling away from his grasp and moving to stand in front of him. He opened his mouth as if he were about to speak, but suddenly Mazzy and Jessey came out of the room, interrupting the conversation.

“You two ready to go?” Jessey questioned, locking the door behind the them. A small smile covered my face before I nodded. My ears pricked at the sound of Nate sighing making me raise an eyebrow. He was upset about something. We all began walking down the hall, Mazzy mumbling something to Nate before turning to look at me.

“So where are we going?” I asked, following Jessey into the elevator. Once the boys were inside the elevator Massy pressed the first floor button and then turned to me.

“A cafe called Cape and Uncle. Jessey and I started going there a couple weeks ago and the food there is fucking amazing.” he smirked, leaning up against me.

We stood around silent until the doors opened again, Nate heading out first and myself quickly following. My eyes wandered over him wearily before I turned back to the boys.

“So will just follow you there?” I questioned, placing a strand of hair behind my ear and raising my eyebrows.

“Oh it’s not far, we can just walk.” Mazzy called, signing out from what I could tell. I turned my head to see Nate waiting outside the door, his back resting against it. What was going on in his head?

Jessey blantly approached me, nudging his elbow in my rib making me let out a small laugh. I nudged him back playfully before making my way to the glass door.

I rested my head against it, knocking my hand against it to get his attention. Nate turned to look at me, his face plain before smiling. I quickly smiled back before making a stupid face and pressing it against the glass harder than before. Nate’s chuckles ringed through the glass making bust up in laughter after him. I liked little moments like these, when Nate and I just talked without our mouths. It was a comfort.

“Y/n what are you doing?” Massy called from behind quietly snickering at me. I pulled away from the glass, slightly embarrassed.

“Nothing, let’s go.” I spoke nervously as I tried to keep my head down so they wouldn’t notice the bright blush covering my cheeks.

The sun instantly hit me causing me to flinch. I placed my glasses on and stood next to Nate. We all quietly began walking down the sidewalk, the two giants talking to each other about something I couldn’t overhear.


“Yes Jessey?”

“Are you single?” There it was. The golden question. First off, I was flattered but his question since he is fucking gorgeous, but it was like ripping a band-aid off.

I turned my head to Nate, asking him what to say with my eyes. He looked at me sympathetically before turning back to the guys about to open his mouth.

“Oh, wait…, is there something going on between you two?” He asked making my eyes pop out of their sockets.


“No no no”

“Oh, w-we’re just”

“Nah we’re not-”

“Just friends.” I hastily finished, not wanting the awkwardness to continue a second longer. Jessey and Mazzy looked between each other curiously and then looked back at me making my chest tighten.

“Then what-”

“It’s just a sensitive topic.” My words interjected with his, silencing everyone. I sucked in a deep breath, hoping I didn’t ruin any chance of something.

We stood there for a couple moments longer, all looking back and forth at each other as we intentively waited for something else to happen.

“I’m still hungry as shit, can we go?” Nate announced making me cover my mouth in laughter. The two leaders of the group jumped up, nodding and beginning to walk again. I let out a soft laugh before turning to Nate, seeing the smile on his face.

“Always know how to brighten the mood don’t you Maloley.” I gushed. He laughed before slowly nodding, moving closer to the group.


    The cafe was a lot closer than what I had expected, only a few blocks from Main Top. We headed inside and the whole place was covered in sunlight and smelled of coffee. Some music played in the background of the restaurant, setting a warm tone to relax to.

Mazzy pointed out a table and we all approached it, taking our seats simultaneously. Nate sat beside me and Jessey in front of me. I sent a warm smile to Nate before grabbing my menu.

“So what do you guys recommend?” I asked, my eyes wandering over the paper.

“Yeah, they have this awesome waffle with strawberries.” Mazzy answered, nodding hungrily. I laughed quietly before nodding back, agreeing to get the waffle.

The waiter came faster than expected and we all ordered. He mumbled a “No Problem,” before leaving to the counter. And then suddenly all eyes were on me.

“So Y/n, when did you start singing?” Jessey asked, sipping on his provided water.

“Oh, uhh, I’ve been singing since I was kid. But it wasn’t until like 3 or some years ago that I started posting covers on social media.” I admitted, twirling my straw between my fingers.

“Well when did you start writing music?” Mazzy interrupted.

“When I was like…13 I think. But all of those songs were awful.” I laughed, shaking my head with embarrassment. I couldn’t explain how bad those songs were, I’m just glad I practiced over the years.

“So do you plan-” Suddenly my phone went off, interrupting Mazzy’s question. My eyes widen before I dove for my phone, pulling it out of my bag. My eyes read over the contact name before my heart dropped into my stomach.


I really needed to change his name.

I quickly pressed the red button before placing it back in my bag. My eyes met the boys and I knew my cheeks were covered in red.

“I am so sorry-”

“It’s fine.” Mazzy interjected, smiling softly at me. Relief washed over me before I rested in my seat. “So, I was wondering if you’d like to record anymore songs at Main Top with us?” A bright smile filled my entire face, tightening my hands into a ball as I tried to control my excitement.

“I would love-”

“BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ.” My face tightened into a ball of annoyance before I dug into my bag once again, seeing his contact again. I quickly denied it and placed it on the table.

“I would love to.” The boys all looked down at my phone and I instantly wanted the ground to swallow me whole. I hate Jack so much right now.

“G-Great, we should probably plan days we can get together-”


“Oh my god are you serious!” I exclaimed, picking my phone off the table and standing, “Excuse me gentlemen, I’ll be right back.” I growled before quickly exiting the cafe.

Once out of hearing distance, I pressed the green button and pulled the phone up to my ear.

“What the hell do you want Gilinsky?!” I shouted.

“Y/n? Thank god you answered! I was getting worried.” My teeth gritted together harshly, “Why didn’t you pick up the first time?”

“Because I am in the middle of an important meeting! Jesus christ Jack!”

“A meeting? What for?” I was honestly considering murder right now. I ran a hand through my hair, restricting myself from throwing a full on tantrum.

“For my future Jack!” My ears pricked at the sound of another voice in the background of his side of the phone call, this one sounding feminine. “Jack where are you?” I questioned slowly, afraid of what he was going to answer with.

“No where, j-just shopping.” Without any knowledge I began biting my nails, my anger and nerves getting the best of me. Why the hell I cared I have no idea why.

My eyes flicked up for a second, but then they didn’t move. Standing right across the street of course, was Jack. My pulse started racing and I knew I needed to end this conversation before he noticed me. But it was too late. His eyes met mine and I could see the shock in his eyes.

“Y/n?” His words went in through the phone but by the way he looked at me it was like we were face to face.

“No Jack, stay where you-”

“No, I need to talk with you.”

“Then talk to me on the phone! This cannot happen right now-” but he already was making his way across the street over to me. I quickly hung up the phone and began to head inside, but a hand wrapped around my arm.

Why why why why why WHY?

“Y/n, look at me.” Jack’s voice was off, probably because of the fact that he ran across the street through the traffic like an idiot.

“Jack let me go.” I demanded, my body shaking in anger.

“No, I can’t lose you. Just talk to me-”

“We already did Jack!” I shouted, whipping my head around to glare at him, “I am done talking about this with you!”


Nate’s POV:

“What’s going on with her?” Maz asked making me let out a sigh. I ran a hand over my face before shaking my head.

“Nothing’s wrong with her, it’s her bullshit boyfriend. Ex now.” I admitted, feeling a bit anger rise up in me. Why couldn’t Gilinsky just get the memo and stay the hell away from her? She didn’t deserve all this stress from one person.

“You mean that bullshit boyfriend?” My eyes popped open before I turned my head in the direction Jessey pointed. There was Y/n, arguing with Gilinsky. And it looked like Jack wasn’t planning on letting her go, emotionally or physically.

“Oh shit.”


Y/n’s POV:

“Jack leave me alone!”

“Y/n please just talk to me!”

“There’s nothing to talk about!”

“Hey!” A feeling of relief flooded through me before I looked up at Mazzy, Jessey, and Nate.

“Do we have a problem here?” Mazzy questioned, stepping in between Jack and I. My eyes darted between him and Gilinsky, glad that he and Nate and Jessey were here.

“No,” The word rolled off my tongue easily as I looked at Jack, probably because it was something I had been saying to him quite too often. “Not anymore.” I swiftly turned around, making my way to Nate’s side.

Whatever Jack and I use to have was gone. All of my feelings towards him had become neutral, and they were going to stay that way. As much as he wanted to just rip up the memory and move on, we couldn’t…, or at least I couldn’t. Gilinsky did this to himself, and that’s all he had to blame.