Approximately 21 years ago, the Alpha Delta Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was founded at The University at Albany. Philip Borko, Shawn E. Bowman Jr., Emerald Goust, Cory Harris and Martin Schrieber helped pave a way for developing leadership, promoting friendship, and providing service to the #UAlbany campus. RIP Shawn Edward Bowman Jr. !!! 💙💛 #alphadeltaeta #alphaphiomega #ΑΦΩ #blueandgold #forgetmenot #MayWeAlwaysBe #AlphaDeltaEtaFoundersDay

When I joined APO as a sophomore I could not even begin to imagine the role that this organization would play in my college years. I’ve met my best friends through APO, developed leadership and organization skills I never realized possible, and been the mom to the most amazing family in azg history. I want to thank everyone I’ve met in APO and everyone who took the time out to leave me a note at formal. I’m going to miss y'all so much. #alphaphiomega #maywealwaysbe #YAYPO

Leadership. Friendship. Service. The three cardinal principles. I joined the Alpha Delta Eta chapter of Alpha Phi Omega for service and to make friends. I was a lonely freshman who knew that I loved community service and this seemed like the perfect fit. Two years later and I STILL don’t regret that decision. That top photo is when a group of brothers and myself have clothes and food out in the freezing temps of NYC and I’ve never loved this fraternity more. Helping people who cannot help themselves is amazing. The bottom is goofing around with some of the best friends I have made. So, Happy Founder’s Day Alpha Delta Eta. We share a birth month and a history. LFS 💙💛
#APO #alphadeltaeta #alphaphiomega #AlphaDeltaEtaFoundersDay #mwab #MayWeAlwaysBe #RoyalBlue #OldGloryGold