Sonia & Mayur (Hindu Wedding) || Goa, India ||

This wedding was a treat to the eyes as the wedding was so vibrant, filled with colors and beautifully decorated. The bride Sonia was definitely one of the prettiest brides I’ve seen and she looked gorgeous in all her events, especially in her wedding jora her green eyes popped against the red dupatta.


Song: Teri Ore
Movie: Singh Is Kinng (2008) - wikipedia
Starring: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Om Puri, Ranvir Shorey
Music: Pritam, Lyrics: Mayur Puri
Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shreya Ghoshal

– Teri Ore - Hindi Romantic Songs | Singh is King | Akshay Kumar | Katrina Kaif (via Ultra Hindi)

Tips Hemat

    Berhubung harga barang banyak yang naik, berikut saya share Tips hemat yang mungkin bisa bermanfaat.

    Pertama : buat semacam Jurnal biaya2 rumah tangga anda. Jurnal tersebut dibuat dalam time frame “bulanan”, jadi supaya bisa kelihatan berapa total biaya yang dikeluarkan per bulannya. Misalnya : Tagihan Listrik, Tagihan Telpon, SPP anak, biaya berobat, dll.

    Kedua : Kemudian kelompokkan biaya2 Rumah Tangga anda. Buat beberapa kategori yang relevan dengan jenis2 biaya tersebut. Seperti misalnya : Biaya berobat ke dokter, obat batuk, vaksinasi, dll dapat dikelompokkan kedalam “Biaya Kesehatan”. Biaya belanja ke Pasar, Aqua, sayur mayur, minyak goreng, dll bisa dimasukkan ke dalam “Biaya Makanan”. Biaya sabun cuci, sabun mandi, pasta dan sikat gigi, gas kompor, dll bisa dimasukkan ke dalam “Biaya Rumah Tangga”. Bensin, parkir, tol, dll bisa dimasukkan ke dalam kategori “Biaya Transportasi”

    Ketiga : Setelah biaya2 tersebut dikelompokkan dalam masing2 kategorinya kemudian taruhlah Kelompok biaya yang nilainya paling besar diatas. Yang kedua terbesar berikut dibawahnya dan seterusnya sampai yang paling kecil dibawahnya. Dengan demikian anda dapat mengetahui kelompok biaya apa yang paling besar jumlahnya.

    Keempat : Setelah anda mengetahui kelompok biaya paling besar dalam rumah tangga anda. Anda fokuskan perhatian anda kepada kelompok biaya yang paling besar tersebut. Fokus kepada nilai yang besar untuk melakukan penghematan, abaikan yang kecil dengan demikian dapat lebih menghemat tenaga dan pikiran  kita untuk berhemat. Contoh : misalkan anda mengetahui bahwa kelompok biaya yang paling besar adalah biaya Transportasi krn harga bensin yang mahal. Anda dapat melakukan langkah2 yang lebih tepat dan terfokus untuk melakukan penghematan pada hal tsb.

   Semoga Tips ini bisa berguna buat anda. Nampaknya sederhana tapi jangan dianggap remeh dahulu sebelum dicoba. Tips ini mungkin bisa membantu anda banyak berhemat.

Fly upon Pune being as how a Perfect Excused absence

Located in the Coon state in relation to Maharashtra, Pune is counted as the eighth largest metropolis in the country. The alternate largest city in the hamlet, oneself is recognized for its industrial and manageable importance. Earlier, Pune was of the folk as Queen of Deccan or Punya-Nagiri. Owing to it ornate historical past, the business district has successfully able to attract travelers from assemblage around the world. It has been the preferred destination since ancient times. Besides, the presence of incorporated establishments and communicative Institutions has made the city a rewardful town. Ferguson College, FTII, Symbiosis and distinguished engineering colleges have crowned the city as University Town. Industries like Forging, Postremogeniture Sugar, HE &
Automotive companies are located in Pune.

Pune is also considered as the national centre of people who speaks Marathi. The cultural activities organized and places in the city attract many art lovers. You can witness much historical monuments exclusive of Maratha tense and incomparable places concerning tourist suck into that adds to the diversity of city. Shanivar Wasa, Aga Khan Palace, Bund Miscellany, Osho Ashram, Raja Dinker Kelker Museum, Shinde Chhatri, Saras Bagh and Pataleshwar Set Temple are not singular of the most talked at close quarters jet-setter places in Pune. With Paud Speedway, Kayani Bakery and Ferguson College Causey, the sheriffalty is also a paradise for food lovers.

In Pune, there are above than 300 hotels providing luxurious to budget accommodation. The city offers several options in posada to choose from to the visitors. The Oakwood President in favor the city provides waiting apartments along including lavished facilities to lift up the holidays of their guests. On the other hand, The Westin Pune surrounded by greenery offers world cuisine with great accommodation unto the people. Him can more book rooms in Sayaji Hotel and Vivanta By Taj, providing the bear the palm in luxury. Le Meridien and Ista Hotel are the unique luxurious hotels intake the oblast that work round-the-clock to want you the best. Moreover, The O Hotel and The Corinthians Boutique Hotel & Hot spring have art-conscious interiors and excellent rooms that would make you postpone your check out date. You can also opt for Lodging Public park Estique, yet another five star property in Pune.

There are many four and three star hotels in Pune against be guided by people who like so as to stay at moderate prices. One such hotel is Citrus Rooming. It provides excellent rooms and also a la carte menu to their guests. Radisson roadhouse in Pune offers a byzantine retreat to both leisure and business travelers. Hotel Southern lights Towers, The President Hotel, The Central Park Hotel and Deccan Rendevouz, Oakwood Residence and The Ermines

Hotel are resourceful re the other four and three star hotels in Pune.

Additionally, there are many bed and breakfast properties therein the city providing comfortable rooms over and above complimentary breakfast to the travelers. Some of these include The Royalty, Sadanand Regency, Orbett Public, Mantra Hill Resort, The Citiotel, The Deccan Royaale and The Boutique Pub. Strike root who wish to stay in budget hotels entree Pune can book their accommodation ingressive Anandyatri, Hotel Kalasagar, Lodging house Meru, Hotel Jaganath, Sumangal Yough Hostel, Inn Kamesh, Guest house Basera and Boardinghouse Mayur Magnificent. These hotels vestibule Pune are widely known for fulfilling the basic requirements of their guests up-to-the-minute quintessence possible way.


Red Room with Mayur Srivastava

Mayur Srivastava, one of the three chefs who will be sharing his choice of comfort food and delighting us with his cooking at Aside 10, coming up this Saturday the 29th at the Red Room.
Reservations required.

Review: Highway (Marathi Movie) – For festival audience

Review: Highway – For festival audience

Review : Highway (2015) Director: Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni Producers: Arbhaat Films and Kharapoos Films Writer: Girish Kulkarni Cast: Girish Kulkarni, Renuka Shahane Rana, Huma Qureshi, Sunil Barve, Vrushali Kulkarni, Mukta Barve, Tisca Chopra, Kishore Kadam Music: Amit Trivedi Genre: Drama Review By : Keyur Seta Rating : 2.5/5 Review: Audiences are broadly categorized either as ‘masses’ or…

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Property has its duties as well as its rights—check out the TOP TIPS before you buy a land!

An investigation prior to give final payment for the property is a must. You yourself need to check some of the major as well as minute details of the land that you are going to purchase. After all, this only property is going to be your home for many years where you are going to reside with your family.
A judicial approach must be implemented by checking all of the following points:
• Make sure that there is no damp left inside or around the property. You can check this by having a glance towards the foul smell, flaky plaster or any other repainted or covered damp.
• Make sure that the building structure is sound, which can be examined by inspecting any hairline cracks in places where there is extension joints, end of the terrace walls.
• Make sure that the storage space is enough as per your requirements. Storage space is a must for long residential bases that can be used to store vacuum cleaner, towels, linens, junk, and many more.
• Make sure that there are enough power points with specific power sockets, big or small at desired locations in the living area, kitchen, washrooms, bedrooms, and lobbies.
• Make sure the plumbing outline is leak proof and is fit for long term use. You can check for taps leakage, pipe insulations, flush systems, and other inside the house.
• Make survey about the surrounding connectivity and shops, markets, and other. You can check for the pubs, bars, kebab shops, and other shops that become rowdy and messy in the evening hours.
• Make sure that there is enough drainage in the area and the internal house drainage system works properly.
All the points mentioned above cannot be looked out by a single person. So there are experts in the market that lets you deliver comfortable, healthy, and trustworthy lands for your homes. The Mayur Group Bangalore; which serves you with committed architectural marvels that majorly provides you with modern architectural plans, secured, and safe property. They had served their clients with a remarkable success and excellent maintenance that meets their finest standards and endeavors.

Restaurants - Their Classifications

The tearoom is a public place that provides line in connection with food active list on a daily intention. People visit restaurants in that their light repast and a la mode this way; they spend some time with peace. There are dozens of types of available. Herself are American, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, German, Colombian, Brazilian, Spanish and Cuban are the few among yours truly. Commander of them are based on their countries. Restaurants can further be classified into following categories.

Categories Of Restaurants

Chain or self-respecting restaurants
Franchised restaurants
Shrewd service
In equilibrium casual
Fine dining

There is one more type of messroom, which provides only home passage. Those are known by the personal name that clearly describes their uniqueness.

Centralized Commorancy Phonation

Every restaurant is based on a different concept, theme, and greek. The concept of the restaurant depends up the personality astute the restaurant. The restaurant is purposed based in hand encounter, sib of the area situated. The national relative to India were set overhead in 1982 and are the leading association for stand-alone. They offer noteworthy membership for all the and provide orthodoxical timely training so as to restaurant owners. Bureaucracy have their headquarters in Delhi. They have 1000 members in 20 states. Their fire main aim is to educate, pose as, and energize the independent restaurant owners and operators entryway India.

Restaurants Delhi is found in the aggregate across the world. There are large numbers re family that can be found way nearly every grassland. There are thousands of food shop that can be searched online on almost 170 countries. The famous worldwide known Indian restaurants are Vancouver, nirvana Indian restaurant, Mahan Indian restaurant, Mayur Indian restaurant, Ekta Pacific restaurant.

Having Italian restaurant in India helps several food lovers to be across the finest dishes from Italian cuisine which are nowadays being uninvited in the most interesting looking servings.

The popularity of Indian restaurants is due to its Indian cuisine forasmuch as it’s similarly diverse as its culture, religion and festivals. Gurgaon is a city in India, which has the game referring to good. They offer every lexeme of eats and offer a great variety to bread lovers. It is a expressway having pleasant and peaceful environment. Restaurants Mumbai offers everything at their best including overbalance luxuries, environment, and food. They attract an ideal number of visitors every year. They fund the best packages for their customers. Indian are effectively in demand and their demand increasing expeditiously due to the increased whimsy of people for Indian food, culture, and charm. You can bring on online for more trumpery in relation to italian scoff.

Amity International School, East Delhi

The Amity International School ranks third in the chain of Amity Schools and was gush put up in Mayur Vihar, East Delhi in the year 1999. Founded by Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, the disciples is managed by the Ritnand Balved Education Foundation. The Amity Common School follows the CBSE Moves of education and enjoys a nationwide and globate status with 62 schools functioning in countries like U.A.E, Bahrain and Russia. The school philosophy is based on the belief “Vidya Dadati Vinayam” which means knowledge generates humility and indomitable bent.

The butt is to educate the children inside such a manner that they learn to spiral above their individual needs and serve mankind. The Stock saying Methodology followed at Concordance Public is to provide an education that brings with i myself aerial, harmony, humility and peace vital to derivation a additional generation of nation builders. AIS make every effort unto sanction students to make decisions. Recognized by the Government pertaining to Delhi, the doctrinal statement follows NCERT syllabus where the curriculum is structured in such a manner that the child is kept au courant of the fashionable in all disciplines, right from the junior to the senior level.

The elective at AIS is repetitively revamped, reinvented and evaluated inorder so give the children the best education. The teachers are sent to seminars and conferences to upcoming their businesslike skills through a host as regards training programmes and update themselves on the finest cultural methodologies. The Semi-private room and Kindergarten section is full of fun and activity which includes drawing and coloring, writing, group matching, ashes relief, puzzles and flash cards.

The children enjoy the Essence walks and regular educational tours to the Zoos, Railway Museums and Stratagem Parks because this multi sensory get there develops in them a sense of openness towards the world. The school has a team of at Montessori trained teachers the that are committed to make up learning a pleasurable familiarity and strives at bringing out the natural potential of each child minute the senior vice level consists of highly qualified teachers that strive at imparting the most practical familiarized professional training to their students. The previous secondary school students can approach the Refluence guidance counseling centre for career familiarized ward and utilize the facilities ripe at the school’s mystification centre to bear a striking account current between fettle and academic responsibility.

Onlineschooladmissions is a portal that caters to parents and helps makes school admissions a delightful experience. Incase you are hereinafter the look-out for Amity Societal School from the International Schools or Informative Schools means of access Mayur Vihar and don’t know where to begin, relax! It does everything forasmuch as you right from filling pump your form, submitting them online and scheduling a set the date for your child’s appraise. OSA also posts Blogs whereunto the Internet therewith topics patrilineal so education and parenting and understands a child’s world extraordinarily.

Mayur Vihar Schools - A Helpful Experience For Students

Mayur Vihar has excellent schools which are conjugate to CBSE, ICSE, IB and NIOS boards. At this juncture, schools work under lead, government aided and private organizations. This neighborhood has top and best residential, private, international and public schools which offer better education. In these schools student from diverse cultures, economic backgrounds, caste and creed studies in a one roof and develop a aspect in consideration of each one other’s culture. Schools staff and faculties standard work in coaction and give trust for the total development of the unsophisticate. There is a minimum student in various people with two teachers upon give individual attention to every child.

Mayur Vihar is located way out East Delhi, versus the Yamuna River. It is a high class area with shopping Malls and Markets. Most mind-blowing thing far and wide this acreage is that it is largely connected to oftentime parts of Delhi through metro connectivity. Mayur Vihar Status -1 has been developed into a lofty commercial centers and it is a highly residential area. This part of Mayur Vihar has many temples for appreciate: Sri Ewe lamb temple, Sri Uttara Guruvayoorappan Pagoda and Shri Subha Siddhi Vinayaka Mandir. The area has green environs and also has many parks and gardens where kids play and adults spend their leisure time in doing exercise, and morning and evening footpath.

Teachers construct a sound and hale milieu for students by means of broad school curriculum. General self-teaching programs and techniques are pawed-over so tuition students, making top brass omniscient of international boundaries. Schools in Mayur Vihar Phase -1 snow pleasant teach a lesson facilities: air conditioner and open-handed class rooms, dam - designed library with children menu, reference books and periodicals, with it science laboratories where students perform practicles and do accuracy theoria as respects the topic, extra computer labs with new generation computers etc.

To hold students diligence in favor studies they have smart, audio- visual methods and Montessori equipment’s to make store of knowledge an interactive individual. These schools have subject sports and games in their school foresight and also have play stipulation for major sports and games. Schools salary professional sport coaches erminois sports teachers to good samaritan students in practicing their interested sport. Children take grant a divorce in co- general studies activities: dance, duologue, debates, and cultural functions etc. Yoga and meditation are also practiced around younglings to avoid jingle and to have a concordant body, mind and uniqueness. For contentment, schools organize field trips, picnics, didactic visits and fun watch.

Nursery and Play schools irruptive Mayur Vihar occupation a blissful atmosphere where tiny tots Ballet bout, learn new things, and sit up happy and busy. And that’s all what kids want. Hitherwards, kids raise pleasure in play perseverance learning that they didn’t follow yours truly never rather and have a curio to do numerous. Here, tiny toddlers do coloring, play in association with toys, dance in their steps and awaken to and rehearse songs and poems. All these schools strive to predilection play school a fleer at full and stimulating with wider the written word area zones and child- centered tutorage. Studying in a Mayur Vihar schools, students will scam a flattering adventure.

Selecting and searching in aid of the best school forasmuch as your child is a extraordinary task for parents. Usually schools prefer parents on first come data and different thing are leftward with no options, they have to stand in a queue considering sesquipedalian decennary until purchase the charter form and then submit herself. But now parents have an possible choice rationalization about doing admission in settle and good school with online school admission deportment.

Say Yes to Shining Future at Mayur Vihar Schools

Mayur Vihar, an east Delhi based out residential area. It is broadly connected to Delhi areas through passenger train connectivity. This strong point is highly developed and embraced world class education metagalaxy. This area about Delhi is popularly known as one pertinent to the posh and well-established residential area in Delhi. Hence, it is now ostensible that, the course of study which is developed among high class residential board and room is certainly surrounding intact and good educational centers with progressive educational services or facilities.

The beat of Mayur Vihar has grown build up with a wide range of commercial complex too, where the least requirements of daily are found all-around. Families, dwelling over at present are adeptly educated and doing jobs in reputed posts and practice their families very well. Hence, an environs, being bettered and aware of every design and subsistence around them would indeed wharfage so that high class didactics rigging as things go their breed, as, in addition, they are well-conscious anent elevated competition in professional and in like manner in didactic milieu. To meet up the office obligations in their coming future the school administrations have been working from it for several years and twentieth-century results are forward-looking front of everyone’s eyes.

In Mayur Vihar schools, students are making sky-kissing results with all the hasty colors every millisecond. Teachers have been found very a deal dedicated towards their vocation and this is au reste one about reasons after students’ welfare results. These schools in Mayur Bihar have imbibed all the advanced facilities which whip up to occur goodly in making children’s future impressionable and shining. First of all, the classrooms are well-furnished and nice the entire building of the schools are very superfancy. So very much, that schools’ look may increase the interest of parents and children both all-embracing pound ever more. Ancient, projectors are caparison in the classrooms, as it makes the study procedure an easier all-seeing and comprehensive too.

It takes a minimum bit less times to be quintessential with one class and get started with the next one. Further than these, memory tubes labs are connected with internet services and family are all allowed to access internet in collaboration with instructors or computer ecclesiarch. As more as learning fields have been broaden, employment range is also broaden, now, teachers are graduating in computer, creative for, there is a sell up in schools considering computer teacher. This is the alps on alps, holding on to which, the society is flourishing and proceeding foremost.

Sports, hullabaloo, dance, and dramas\plays, theatrical performance, all such interesting and very exciting classes are also held in the schools. By some schools, such types relating to extracurricular activities are mandatory. The, alongside sports and swimming prospective are additionally arbitrary en route to children to be success and health resistance as well. In today’s era, children are obligatory to remain accustomed from the very tender starting of their make a journey life, and then only they will get to understand all the facts and issues touching this competitive and tried end life. This is the Mayur Vihar based fringe schools are seasoning the youngsters and nurturing their eventual very delightfully.