sabo is probably gonna read the newspaper the day after the tea party, and koala is gonna find him curled up into a ball, crying

“oh my god sabo-kun you need to stop” koala says and sabo just cries harder

“HOW DO I PROTECT THEM ALL. THERES JUST SO MANY” he sobs, clutching his luffy-dakimakura to his chest

Oikawa: mayuge!
Mattsun: gaki!
Oikawa: moja moja!
Mattsun: gaki!!
Makki: Daddy help me!
Daichi: your daddy is him, not me
Iwaizumi: move you, daddy with >10 kid

Ps: Makki, Iwaizumi and Daichi’s dialogue original from my imagination lol. I watched this last night and this part really ridiculous, really funny!! Oikawa vs Mattsun, so childish. Poor Makki, save this boy! lol

Request, request~Mayuge and Eyes

Mr. England’s eyes are sharper-looking compared to the commonly used eyes. 

The upper eyelid is ‘flatter’, almost as flat as China’s and Japan’s…. but not as wide across as Mr. France’s.