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Are these two even real?

So, two days ago the  FLASHスペシャルグラビアBEST 2017GW got released and there’s this wonderful person on my Twitter who kinda reported an excerpt from a MaYuki interview in the magazine. 

I strongly suggest y’all to sit down, ‘cause what you’re gonna read is VERY gay.

Q3 is about their current relationship nowadays. 
M: since when we both got selected for singles senbatsu we both have grown closer, haven’t we? 
Y: But because we’re constantly together on workplace, time spent together outside of it has become pretty rare, hasn’t it? Even our seats on the Shinkansen would be always next to each other.
M: Our managers always make sure that we’re together, too (laughs)
Y: Talk about getting so much along. 

Q6 asks them what would they change about the other person, if they could. 
Y: Maybe the way she laughs. It’s a laughter she lets out only when she’s with me and it’s really something. 
M: *ugly laugher* 
Y: That’s the one! That’s what I’m talking about!
M: But this is the one I let out only with people I opened my heart to. With others is just a fake laugh. 
Y: Ain’t you exaggerating there!? 
M: What I’d change about you is your overly considerate nature. When I asked you to let me have what you were drinking you even asked me, “but I put my lips on it, you sure it’s OK?”
Y: That’s because I’m a fussy person (T/N: I’m not sure how to properly translate it in english, so I’m not sure if “fussy person” would be the most appropriate translation, but what I meant is that she doesn’t like it when people eat the same thing she’s eating or drink from the same spot she’s been drinking simply because she thinks that’s dirty or not clean as a thing). 
M: That’s fine, I’m telling you! I trust you so I can drink from it! 
Y: god, you’re over-reacting (laughs) 

and these are messages they wrote for each other↓

Let’s go have fun someplace
next time~

which reminds me, I don’t know if anyone has translated it yet, but because I was on hiatus (AKA crying alone in a corner for Haruka) I kinda forgot to translate for y’all the love letter Mayu wrote for Yuki on last month’s number of  『duet』. 

「To Yukirin,
It’s been 10 years since our first meeting, and you’re still the same kind and nice person. Thank you for always embracing me with your immense kindness just like a mother would do. Because we’ve both got similar sense of humor and sensibility, it becomes easy to feel happy and just have fun when I’m with you. You’d always call me out on my stupid things whenever I’d say or do any, so I always feel like I can be 100% myself when I’m with you, and just do whatever I want (laughs). Despite you said you wouldn’t sing, you also agreed to come with me to the karaoke, didn’t you. “If you wanna go, Mayu, then let’s go”. But I ended up singing alone for the whole time and… At some point I kinda felt my heart breaking in two. Singing alone feels lonely, so please, next time we go sing with me (laughs). Also, we should totally go to that Sanrio Puroland too, since we both keep saying we wanna go!」

this actually is a love letter since they asked her to write a letter for three people she holds dear to her. One was for her mother, another was for her fans, and the third one was for Yuki. 
You’re welcome. 

Here’s Yuki’s message for Mayu from the FLASH magazine, btw↓

「Mayu-chan ❤
Keep being yourself whenever we’re together from now on too, alright? ;) 
I’ll always, always,
LOVE you.

“That’s fine, I’m telling you! I trust you so I can drink from it!“

remember that time during their own showroom when Yuki was eating a candy and Mayu wanted to eat it too, so she asked for a bite from Yuki’s candy, but Yuki wouldn’t give it to her? 

I do. 

After everyone sang the happy bday song for her going with the name “Haruna”;
Kojima: ah~I’m so happy, everyone called me by my first name! So, Yukirin, I want you to sing it alone, only that part! 
Yuki: *super embarrassed* …………….ha-happy birthday dear Haruna….
Haruna: aw~ I’m so happy! Now Mayu-chan, I wanna hear Mayu-chan singing it too–


Shimada: what about Izurina? shall she sing it too?
Kojima: no, it’s ok. you’re ok. I don’t need that. 

this is so beautiful, tbh.
and Yuki is so adorable, omg. can i have an headcanon where Mayu is jealous of her ‘cause she seems always so embarrassed and happy when she’s around Kojima-san? thank you bye

Here MaYuki for y’all;

“Like, this picture I haven’t uploaded on the net, yet. MayuYukirin– ah, where’s it? Ah, here! *shows* This is a MayuYukirin picture I took when we had the theater performance some days ago. You know, this phone is new, like I bought it very recently, so I’ve got very few pics on here. Ah, this one I haven’t uploaded on the net yet, either. *shows* A MayuYukirin picture of when we went shopping together. I always end up taking pictures with Mayu only! Here’s a piture of Mayu of when we both went to have a meat-based-lunch. Yep, she’s cute~ This one I’m pretty sure I haven’t uploaded yet, either. MayuYukirin at Music Station. I’ve got pretty a lot (of pics with her). I like this expression of Mayu right here *shows picture* She’s hella cute, Mayu-chan. So cuteH”. 

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Could I get Hayama asking the other Rakuzan team members for dating advice as he plans his first date with his crush?

Sometimes, asking the Rakuzan boys for advice just isn’t the best idea…

HAYAMA: So there’s this girl. I’m going on my first date with her, what should I do?

AKASHI: [pause] Rent a limousine to pick her up and then you can fly her to Paris.

HAYAMA: I don’t have that kind of money, Sei-chan. Be more realistic!

NEBUYA: Easy, take her to a restaurant. All you can eat buffet. Everyone likes food.

HAYAMA: That’s so unromantic though.

NEBUYA: Who cares? It’s all you can eat. You can even ditch her afterwards so you stick around for the food [guffaw, stomach growls] damn, now I’m hungry.

HAYAMA: Eyes on the prize, Nebuya. Eyes on the prize.


HAYAMA: Never mind. Reo-nee, got anything?

MIBUCHI: [unrolls a long, long piece of paper] I’ve got everything. First, you can hire a horse-ridden carriage to make sure she feels like a princess.

HAYAMA: [pause] No… Reo-nee… no. That’s so two centuries ago.

MIBUCHI: [huffs] Alright, what about taking her to a very fancy restaurant and then hiring a group of musicians to serenade her. Oh! Maybe even write a song for her! About your love for her!

AKASHI: [interrupts Hayama before he could even speak, surprise surprise] I was thinking the exact same thing. And maybe buy her a huge arrangement of flowers, I know a trusted florist who can make a foot-tall bouquet.

HAYAMA: She won’t be able to carry it. I’ll stick to a normal bouquet.

MIBUCHI & AKASHI: [scoffs] that’s not very impressive nor romantic.

HAYAMA: I don’t want to overdo the first date. What do you think Mayu-chan?

MAYUZUMI: [obviously indifferent] take her to the library.

HAYAMA: [pouts] That’s no fun for a first date! I need something fun.

MAYUZUMI: [still indifferent] Go to a coffee shop or something.

HAYAMA: OH! That’s great! It’s simple yet sweet too. She’ll love it! There’s an acoustic performer this weekend too.

MIBUCHI: [jaw drops] You’re going to take advice from an introvert like Mayuzumi?

HAYAMA: He gave the best idea. Thanks guys!


NEBUYA: Anyone up for a sushi buffet a few blocks down?

48G RH2016 Mayuki MC translation (only some parts)

Requested by one of my followers on Twitter.

I only translate from reports that I retweeted on Twitter.  Reports by れおっきー  san and one was by くりっち(o^・^o)きゅー  san on Twitter.


Mayu: Yay! Finally it’s started! Toilet break!

Yuki: Don’t go yet. It’s just started.

Mayu: Please try to bear it to the last minute!


Playing Monster Hunter too much

Mayu: It’s okay to play it in backstage but don’t do that on the rehearsal stage for Request Hour!

Yuki: When I played it online with unknown people I was connected to a user called “Watanabe Mayu”!

Mayu: I did play it. 3 years ago. I quitted ‘cause I couldn’t attack and do anything but running away.


Mayu: Kojima-san said “Why did Mayu-chan die~” so she probably didn’t watch (Ooku 大奥)


Yuki: I watched it yesterday. The kiss scene.

Mayu: It was the first scene right after I met Sawajiri-san for the first time so I was so nervous.


Mayu: Yukirin always says “I’m tired~” whenever she opens her mouth.

Yuki: and Mayu always says “My stomach hurts”


Make-up time is always long

Yuki: I’m 25 already, so I wanna say this! My make-up time is just as long as Mayu’s. We are always the last ones that are left.

Mayu: Every little detail has to be right, that’s why it’s long.

柏木由紀 私はちゃんと出すし
渡辺麻友 私も奢るよ
柏木由紀 後輩とごはん行ったことあるの?
渡辺麻友 ない! けど、行ったら奢るよ 

Always splitting the bill

Yuki: I do put out my money properly.

Mayu: I’ll also treat.

Yuki: You’ve been out for a meal with kouhai?

Mayu: No I haven’t! But if I were to I’d treat her.


Mayu: Yukirin’s been inviting kouhai to dinner, how was it?

Yuki: They were all doing this trick “I’ll go I’ll go” ‘cause it’s me who invited. I treated NMB members yakiniku and I made gyoza for NGT members.

Mayu: I thought you can’t crack an egg!

Yuki: That was a long time ago!!

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Aomine dating a girl with large breasts and she thinks he is only with her because of this

You were never entirely self-confident in yourself, but as you were growing up, you learnt how to hide it behind your smile and every laugh. You were always teased, felt uncomfortable with all the stares your received from older—be it glares or seeing something more in their eyes—so you dressed up more even if it was thirty degrees outside. You never raised your gaze, afraid to meet anyone’s eyes that would say more than their mouth.

When you came to Touou, you thought it would be different. It was in the beginning. You made few friends—one of them was even in the same position as you were so you got along with her well. And along her, your crush happened to bloom into love. It startled you when he greeted and talked with you like Momoi did. He never looked at you in any different way until you started dating.

You always knew you had big breasts and that was the first thing you hated about yourself. You never liked yourself because of it and even when guys asked you out, you always turned them down and no sooner did rumours about you started spreading. You always said they weren’t your type and that you were waiting. For what? Even you yourself weren’t sure anymore. But that was always your answer. You were waiting.

When you came to Touou, you thought it would be different. It wasn’t.

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I have no excuses for this orz


“Mibuchi, please,” Akashi murmured into the phone, even as he tied his shoelaces. “I’m not interested in a relationship, not right now.”

“But Sei-chan,” Mibuchi’s whine made Akashi smile, “This person is really very good, you’ll love them I promise!”

“Alright,” Akashi said, finally relenting, realising that Mibuchi would perhaps never let go of this issue until he conceded, “tell me the time and place, I’ll try to accommodate it into my schedule.”

“Thank you so much Sei-chan,” Mibuchi chirped, “I’ll make sure you’ll not regret it!”


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Datte Maou-sama wa Kare ga Kirai Chapter 2 & 3 Released!

Releasing Chapter 2 & 3 of Datte Maou-sama wa Kare ga Kirai after a short break from work! 

Makoto’s name is translated wrongly and have been correct to Mao. 

Introducing our cleaner, Mayu-chan, typesetter, Gil-chan and proofreader/quality checker, Celiam-chan! :) 

You can download Chapter 2 and 3 here