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He took off his shirt. Love itself raised other questions, more than several. Was romantic love a modern invention? How long could it last as requited, as unrequited? Does familiarity blur lovers’ clear sight of essences and make surfaces look significant? Since love intensifies in parted lovers, presumably because the lovers forget and re-imagine each other, is love then wholly false? How false? Thirty percent false? Sixty percent? Five?
—  Annie Dillard, The Maytrees
The Maytrees

I read The Maytrees by Annie Dillard last week.  And for a while I was perplexed.  To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy reading the book, even though I was quite aware that it was well written and well told.  Beautiful imagery surges off of the page, and Dillard interlaces the philosophy of community, relationships, and love into the narrative. 

After attempting multiple times to verbalize why I didn’t enjoy the novel, I realized that my taste in fiction differs too drastically from Dillard’s. 

For example, I like heavy blankets and hot food.  I like writing with weight and texture.  Dillard’s writing is the opposite; it is light and cool.  It has sparse wording and underplayed emotions, both of which are not my cup of tea.  The Maytrees is more like iced tea, and frankly, I’m not a fan of iced tea. 

For a while I felt guilty for disliking the book.  But I feel better about it now that I have realized that it’s simply a matter of taste.  I can appreciate it just fine from afar.  It’s okay that I don’t enjoy every good book that comes my way.  Many of my classmates enjoyed it, and I hope that you will enjoy it too.

Before you pick it up, I’ll warn you;

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sternocleidomastoids asked:

I like your pictures! Editing them is part of graphic art, it's your right to be creative. I mean, if you were running around saying, "Look at deez pics I took them with a camera made from a loaf of bread and they ain't edited one bit." Then sure, people could complain about technique. But you're allowed to take pictures and edit them to your liking. You don't have to please Tumblr. Especially since Tumblr is fucking like 5% great photogs and 95% bad photographers anonymous. Lol.

  • Thank you, sweetie!
  • I agree! I don’t edit my photos because I think they look shit when they’re SOOC, I edit them because I think it ~enhances them and Lightroom is fun to play around in.
  • And haha, so right about Tumblr…. it was actually quite funny to have my photography insulted on Tumblr where the majority of the photography on here is just of hipster girls and that’s it.
He knew their name: stars. They rustled in place in the black sky. Unrelated to him, they made as much sense as most things, and more than some, for their harmlessness and calm. Of which he instantly tired, for nothing changed or required him. For a second on the blanket between his parents and watching stars, Petie knew he was alive.
—  The Maytrees by Annie Dillard (review to come)