Can all my American followers please watch Community season 4 to get it’s viewers up?
No one understands how much I love the show and if it doesn’t have enough views it might be cancelled.
So Thursday 7th of February, 8pm on NBC is when it first airs so please please watch it.

So today at my friend’s party, we played a version of real life slender. So as the birthday girl was opening presents and cards, her brother and I went and stuck slender pages around the house. On the last card she opens, the card says ‘Collect all 8 pages’. So we turned off the lights and gave her a torch and all went to hide around her house to scare her. Omg it was the greatest thing ever. 

one time someone broke into my brother’s friend’s house and on his table there was a stack of money and some chicken and the person who broke in ate all the chicken and left the money.