mays hockey

this holiday season, i’m eternally grateful that alicia and bob knew about kent, because that means they’ve been in jack’s corner in every way since then

i’m eternally grateful they told jack explicitly, or at least acted effusive enough, that he truly thinks they “love the idea that [they’re] together”

i’m eternally grateful that jack is now 100% himself with his parents, can love bitty out in the open within most of their circle, and is thinking about coming out to all the people who he thinks should know

he’s in the nhl, he’s got an a, he’s in love, and he’s out to most of the people who matter to him. what a year for jack zimmermann! bless us every one

fifa is really out there trying to ruin football once and for all first they ruined the world cup and now they want to take away the offside rule, no yellow cards like in ice hockey and no penalties….like what’s the point of watching football if it gonna end up being like hockey and american football? there’s gonna be no excitement anymore? honestly wtf


this is golden😂


sorta-kind a present/shout out to @justjackbitty because I spent the last week going through about 350 pages of their blog??? because Zimbits. So here’s a messy Zimbits. Not perfect but whatevs

If you haven’t read OMG Check, Please! ( @omgcheckplease) this doesn’t make sense to you. Go read it if you want idk man it’s your life

omg i can’t believe i’m actually about to watch a real life hockey game like….deliberately….on purpose

whatever, I’ve got beer, no work tomorrow, and a mild interest in the washington capitals LET’S GO

if you want to join me in entry level Real Hockey Hell you can find a CBC stream link here (may need to install a region proxy like hola if you’re not in canada)


ETA: “let’s put on ice skates and beat the shit out of each other. for fun.” -people

ETA: What is happening??? what is this?? is this normal in canada?? am i hallucinating???

ETA: it’s been 70 minutes and they’ve only played 20 minutes of hockey. >:| what is this, football??

ETA: penguins score twice in like a minute and a half. i’m not even mad? that was kind of awesome

ETA: apparently i am going to (extremely lazily) live blog the game. we’re tied 2-2 after three goals happened in like 2 minutes. also there’s some weird canadian commercials i do not understand.

ETA: a guy got a stick …stuck. in his helmet?? everyone was so confused

ETA: caps scored, then pens scored again. the guy who got a stick stuck in his helmet got a stick stuck in his skate. there’s 11 minutes left, it’s tied 3-3, and hockey is a fucking RIDICULOUS sport

ETA: caps won in overtime and i actually got a little excited lololol. maybe I’ll watch the rest of this series?? there might be something to this whole hockey thing


↪ the captain and the rookie

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: last season Carey price was injured and out for the season indefinitely. This led to the habs bringing in Mike condon and using a mix of other backup. In late December we brought in Ben scrivens, an amazing goaltender with an even more amazing wife. Going into the 2016-2017 season Carey will be back. We now have two immaculate backup goalies who deserve nothing but the best in this world. You can only have two goalies on the main roster, so who are we keeping up?? Who is being sent down to the minors?? What are we going to do?? Are they going to trade one again like they did with #buds and #ticker?? What does this mean for baby hab fucale?? Will he one day make it into the pros with the habs or are we going to trade him too because we have too many good goalies??