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Mayraaaa i beg you!!! Pleaaaaase make the part 2 of that prompt you did about Amy as a commander, please please pleaseee i love so much your work ❤❤❤

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Prompt referenced: (x) Part 1


“There’s been an attack! Sonic’s-! BBBzzztt…”

“There’s what?” Amy’s head whipped back, her hand moving up a second as if about to charge the lieutenant with the communication box and grab the mic.

“R-Re-Repeat that please?” the man was startled, to these G.U.N soldiers, and the Army Division that was recently added of anthropomorphic soldiers, Sonic was there shining hope in this war…

“C-Commander…” the man was losing his nerve, lowering the phone but not clicking it off as he looked to her in fear.

She saw in his face the courage she was trying to instill in her men vanish, and knew exactly what she had to do.

“Sonic’s fine.” she carefully walked over and put a hand on his shaking frame, and then took the phone.

“This is Commander Amy. Where’s my Sonic?”


“Darn, the communications completely wonked out.” she gave it back to his ear.

“You’re now in charge of trying to pick up a signal again. From anywhere. I’m going to go find Sonic.” She ordered as if with a gentle touch to it somehow, and it calmed her soldier as he nodded and returned to his former self after a deep breath.

He fiddled with the communications and she knew, looking behind her, he’d be okay.

About to take off, she suddenly heard a soldier call out, “Commander Rose! How on earth do you expect to find him!? He’s probably a thousand miles out in No-man’s land!!” the soldier had ducked back in the trenches and glared at her, clearly frustrated with dirt and oil all over his face from fighting.

The lieutenant rose his head and looked confused at the soldier, “Are you blind?” he stated, and shut the phone off in what looked to be perplexed disbelief.

“It’s Amy Rose, you nitwit!” he gestured to her as if the soldier was stupid. “She could find Sonic if he were in a haystack!”

Amy smiled, something in her heart sparked to life at his words. A tender warmth she had almost pushed aside for too long now…

She let the feeling come and go… before nodding to the man and then saluting them.

“I’m leaving you in charge.”

“W-wa-wait, WHAT?! B-but the colonel..?” The man protested, thinking him not high enough rank to lead an army in her absence…

“Trust me.” she winked. “After this, you’re getting another star.”

He knew the term all too well, and proudly smiled and straightened his back, realizing a promotion could be in his future.

“Good luck, Commander Rose.” he nodded in absolute faith and trust in her.

She thrust her salute down in respects and raced off, dodging bombs, ducking robot attacks and laser fire, missiles, crumbling skyscraper debris, landslides from too much explosions and fighting, the works.

As she raced to find Sonic, she suddenly felt a panic come into her heart.

What could be wrong with Sonic?’ She pondered the terrifying thought, trying to not look around her and see what was happening…

But her eyes darted up to each fearful thing that could befall him…

Tails’s team was attacking from the skies, shooting down the Giant-Egg-blasters and going for multiple air-enemies…

Knuckles team was more underground, below the city where Eggman had set traps and sneaked landbombs. But thankfully, the robots down there were only guard-dogs, so to speak. So Knuckles’s team was mostly in-charge of protecting us from below.

She stepped carefully, but would always look up to see what’s around her.

She finally saw one!

Her heart raced to an unbelievable tempo at seeing a soldier with Sonic’s colors as a bandanna around his neck.

He was in Sonic’s division!

Sliding behind him, she put a hand on his back as he shot and scooted up on one knee towards a fallen enemy.

“What do you want!?” He shouted out over the noise of gunfire, his cheek turning red from tilting it down so hard on his gun, trying to see through his aiming devices to properly shot at the flailing robot he was targeting.

“Sonic. Where?”

“Fallen.” he cocked his gun and a few barrels sprayed out.

Amy felt her whole world pause.

“He’s laying by the compound. We’re trying to let him rest, but-” he shot more bullets, before turning his head back to her once the lone robot reached a hand up, and finally… dropped it down and turned his head.

His eyes flickered, and once finally out, he could sort-of turn his back on the fallen enemy.

He looked over his shoulder now, able too.

“He fidgets, Ma’am.” he smiled, teasing. Amy knew that meant this soldier liked and knew him well.

“What rank are you?”

“A good friend doesn’t need ranks.” He winked, “Sonic’s orders.”

She smiled.

He would run his platoon without ranks.

“I hope you’re still paid well.”

He laughed, getting her up with him, “We hide our stars, miss.” he took her arm and began to run with her, as she felt a little silly being guarded by this man.

Then a memory…

Sonic had always protected her… gotten her out of danger…

At least he wasn’t-…

She shook her head, unable to even comprehend such a thought without a squeezing sensation in her chest, and a horrible sting of tears threatening behind her eyes.

The renewed memory of her telling him she didn’t need a babysitter suddenly stung and pricked at her heart as though she had somehow wounded her dearest friend without realizing it.

She suddenly came to the reason of her wrongs- she may have come off a bit too…


Of her precious, life-long hero.

That wasn’t her heart though!

She shook herself of her feelings but became more desperate to see him, coming towards a ruined building with no roof, only crumbled walls that still held some bricks left to it.

Rushing inside the crumbled structure, Amy saw Sonic being laid on a large turned, rectangular pillar. The medics around him as he had one hand on his stomach, tossing a bit as they put instruments of healing all around or on him.

She was paused with a sudden horror striking through and pinning her feet to the unstable rumble they had for a ground.

“…Miss Rose?” The man, with some amount of tenderness, stopped himself when he felt the tug of resistance.

Her eyes glossed as she scanned the scene of Sonic breathing hard, in pain, as the men worked on him without sympathy, robotically, as though they were in the zone and couldn’t be drawn out of it just because it was their Commander.

She slowly took a step forward,.. then her quills slowly rose up and she dashed with widened eyes towards him.

The man let her go, and a look of worry struck his face.

Sonic’s senses heard her footsteps, but couldn’t recognize them until he forced an eye to try and open.

“Wh-…Whose making a…Ack! … grr… racket?”


His trembling eye suddenly held itself open.

“…Amy…?” he breathed out, as if in shock.

He couldn’t turn his head, as the medics insisted, but he did so anyway…


“Control yourself!”

“Don’t move!”

“Sh…shut up.” he turned to see her, his neck killing him as he did so. “How’d you find…?”


A man called right as Amy bent to her knees to be closer to him, but a handful of missiles rose over the beaten, half-standing walls and dared to lift themselves up before spiraling down.

“Take cover!”

In complete and total instinct, Amy looked back to Sonic and threw him over her shoulder.

He let out a cry of pain, but she dashed off.

Amazingly… her adrenaline carried him with just a bit of his own strength left for his feet off and behind a wall, still trying to escape as bodies were flung up from the explosion with cries of pain.

The wall behind her crumbled and she tripped.

They both fell as Sonic whinced, before feeling her grab him again and hoist him up.

“Am… Amy you’re back…” he loosely spoke, looking to see the burns that were still sizzling from the recent attack…

“Ignore them.” she spoke through gritted teeth and carried him on, his arm over her shoulder, and his legs barely able to drag himself along with her.

She walked and breathed hard with sweat trickling down her face as though rain had fallen.

The whole time, he kept one eye squinted open, not daring to look away from her face…

The staring wasn’t even noticed by Amy. All she had on her mind was to get him to safety. Treat him herself.

With tender hands, she lowered him on a patch of grass that lay on a hill outside the war zone near some trees in the distance.

They were far from any bullets… any gunfire…

She fell to her knee and gasped as the arching from her back made some flesh tare and crack, the burns already having festered into burnt crisps, but sealing wounds during the process.

Small blood leaked from her waist, but she didn’t care.

It only stained her dress a darker red anyway.

She turned to her true concern.


He was reeling in pain.

The exertion from trying to keep up with her had left his wounds once again re-opened.

She quickly tore some of her dress that was clean of blood, and began to patch him up again.

She had a;first aid kit on her and just started going at it, holding him still as much as she could as she sowed him up, and finally, he rested in somewhat of peace…

She fed him a painkiller that she had to push into his mouth and then press her hand against him so he wouldn’t spit it out.

Once it was in, and she felt the swallow below her other hand to feel his throat, she sighed in relief and fell by his side.

Panting… they both remained silent.

A moment later, she felt light pats on her back, and awoke to stinging sensations.

Sonic, with the pain subsided to say the least, couldn’t move much but had turned on his side and grabbed the first aid kit.

In gentle pats, he had soaked a cotton dab and was attempting to try and help her own wounds.

She turned her head to look at him, seeing him strain himself to keep his hand up on her back, and not let it fall down to rest… knowing that would only bring her added pain.

“…Sanitizing?” she questioned, breathing hard still as her hands gripped the earth and tared into it… the pain searing like fire afresh on her back.

He seemed numb to her winces though, as if he had become null to any noise of suffering.

War could do that to people though.

And if you didn’t have that ability, then what? Endless guilt and regret?

True torture, to a soldier, is being unable to help through your heart alone.

It’s better to put your heart to the side in a safe, and carry on then to dwell in that misery and ache.

Sonic nodded, mustering a faint smirk before lowering his hand from her.

“I just finished…” his eyes looked tried, as if the painkiller she had given him was in full effect, but now he was trying to move and help when his body really shouldn’t be able to do anything.

“You’re still hurt.” Amy raised a hand to his face, and he closed his eyes, breathing as if to fall asleep.

“…You…You’re crazy.” he coughed a chuckle before looking back at her.

“Why on earth did… did you…” his voice was fading and she pulled herself closer to him, reeling her neck up at the pain it caused her back.

“Hey,” he tapped her arm, “I just.. worked on.. that…”

“Really? Still being… erk.. s-sarcastic?” she smiled right after some pain, and lowered her head close to him.

“… Amy, why did.. you come.. for me?” he closed his eyes again.

Amy face lost it’s cool,… and she started to tear up.

“You idiot… I’ve tried to become so strong.. because… because…” her voice cracked as her face turned red with the threat of weeping, and she let some tears go as she nuzzled her head to the ground, shaking it in her emotions.

“Because I couldn’t stand to leave you to find a war-Ah! that you shouldn’t have to fight alone! I want a future with you… I may have changed, but my feelings and why I even fight so hard still haven’t-!”

She felt suddenly that same fire from her back dip down to her stomach, which she was laying on.

She closed her eyes to fight revealing her pain, feeling the chill of the wind against it didn’t help… it only fed the fire that began to force her mouth open as small sounds of suffering escaped so lightly from it in little gusts of air.

Suddenly, she felt touch on her face.

She was amazed by the action, and tried to reopen her eyes as she sweated and panted, but the touch gently moved over her eyes, bidding them to stay closed.

She felt sleep taking over herself again, feeling the touch glide over the lines of her face… the between area of her eyes and then the stretch of her muzzle up to her eyelashes.

The comfort and calming it gave her renewed feelings she had pushed away to try and remain strong and steadfast.

Her heart almost purred under the sensation of his loving gesture… He was truly trying to peacefully lull her out of her painful state.

But what about him?

She ducked her head to the side, burying it in the ground before opening her mouth once again.

But instead of a sound of suffering… something sweeter appeared.

I love you.

The words she hoped she would speak without losing him to a sudden distance he might rend between them… all that fear rose up again… but she couldn’t hold it back.

The feelings had piled and spilled out in a sudden rush of love he had renewed in her.

The tips of her fingers became numb.

Her nose turned cold and dry.

She felt her lungs taking in less and less air.


When her eyes started to lose all hope of light…

A arm gently, shaking in their exhaustion, moved over her and gently pulled her closer.

She let out another faint cry of pain, very quickly, but almost with a tenderness of not caring as she felt the gesture worth enduring any side-effects for.

He brought her closer.

In her last moments of conscious strength, she felt him also give a hand to the back of her head, clutching her.. bringing her right beside him.

She fainted after feeling warm breath upon her forehead…

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