Music Video/Storyboard Script: A Gorey Demise

This isn’t even the final draft and, like In the Backseat, you’ll see a much cleaner version down the road. For now bare witness to the bones of what became the highlight of my mini drama portfolio, ft. characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas and a song by Creature Feature.

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ben wyatt headcanons:

  • he had star trek bed sheets growing up but got rid of them when he started crushing on Cindy Eckhart
  • the reason he tried to build ice town was because he was tired of people saying he was nothing but a math nerd and wanted to show that he would be a cool sport-y jock mayor
  • he liked his job as a state auditor because he loved the feeling that each time he went to a new town it was another chance to start fresh and leave ice town behind him
  • hes secretly mildly scared of animals which is why he wont let the triplets get a pet
  • hes colorblind which is why his shirt/ tie combinations always clashed until he married leslie
  • he fell in love with leslie the first time they kissed after the roadtrip
  • after they had to break up when she announced her city council campaign he cried in his car and banged his fists on the steering wheel and then jumped really hard when he accidentally honked it
  • he was never particularly close to his siblings growing up but got closer with them once he and leslie had the triplets and he was a parent just like them
  • the real reason that he loves calzones so much is because one time in middle school a bully pushed a piece of pizza onto his face and got cheese and tomato sauce all over it and ben realized if there was crust on both sides that wouldnt have happened
  • he still secretly works on his claymation when he cant sleep or when leslie is gone
  • he is personally offended and gets really angry when he hears about other congressmen cheating on their wives because he cant imagine ever cheating on leslie and hurting her like that
  • when hes feeling frustrated and like he cant seem to accomplish anything in washington he calls up barney and helps them solve an accounting puzzle so that their excitement and his help makes him feel better about himself
  • he cried the first time one of the triplets said “dad”