This is obviously a master list for Edinburg to Boston both here on Tumblr and for AO3. It is a WIP and eventually, more chapters will be added.  I thought making this master list would be easier for readers to find a particular work or read a chapter they missed.

Master List for Edinburgh to Boston

Chapter 1:       Edinburgh to Boston 

Chapter 2       The Conversations

Chapter 3       The Flight - Part 1

Chapter 4       The Flight - Part 2

Chapter 5       The Hotel 

Chapter 6       The Truth

Chapter 7       Will Ye Have Me?

Chapter 8       The Morning After

Chapter 9       Snow Day

Chapter 10    Getting To Know You

I also post on AO3 as LadyJane518:  

AO3  Edinburgh to Boston

Also here is the link to my very first fic A Call From The Mayor. This is a one-shot.

Tumblr   A Call From The Mayor 

AO3      A  Call From The Mayor

None of my writing in part of the Lallybroch Library yet. I hope to soon rectify this.

Thanks for reading.

Fics in progress

Hey guys, gals and non-binary pals! (If you know that reference, can we be friends?) I figured I’d let you know what I was up to between posts. I jump between wanting to draw, wanting to write and wanting to play video games so when I post is a bit… weird. But, I wanted to update you guys on the written works I have going on right now, a little bit about them and where to find them. I’ll write them in the order I’m the most interested in working on right now.

The Heart’s Curse - Damien x Reader | An alternate universe of WKM where Damien gets turned into a vampire and ends up stalking the reincarnation of his wife 90 years after the two were separated. | In progress. Currently at 5 chapters. Can be found on AO3.

Anything You Want - Darkiplier x Reader | Incubus Dark has a human roommate who he’s obsessed with, he’s been good at hiding it until his roommate tries to go on a date with a coworker.| In progress. Currently at 8 chapters. Can be found on here or AO3

Written Promise - The Host | Set in the same universe as Anything You Want, the Host has recently escaped from a facility and his aim is to get back to the life he knew. | In progress. Currently only one chapter. Can be found on AO3.

CYAN - An original work and the first part of a series that I am currently working on. It follows an odd gentleman on a different planet who works giving cases to the local detective while he tries to find a way to get back to an apparently desolate Earth that he was forced away from while in cryostasis during his time as an experiment. | Not published but I wanted to let you guys know I was working on it. 

Also, there are the requests I get from you guys! My requests are still open.

anonymous asked:

Hi uh have you ever seen American Horror Story? If you did have you seen season 3 or AHS Coven? I honestly live for Fiona and I always see Buckman or Freddy with an s/o who is like her, a beautiful, lovely, but also a dangerous witch you know.

Hey there! Yes, I’ve seen all seasons so far, and I agree that Coven is pretty fun!

Fiona was wild, I love Jessica Lange so much. Freddy would definitely love being around an s/o like that, same for Buckman. This is top quality content.

“Ready Or Not” a Nightmare Before Christmas fanfiction.

Chapter 7: New Pack Member?

Dedicated to everyone’s favourite ghost pupper and fumbling elected official!