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Georgiana Darcy for Mayor of Sanditon!!!

That would be interesting but, somehow, not surprising. She adores the town. She’s dedicated. A multitasker. Extremely friendly (a trait that is strikingly different from the original Miss Darcy). I mean, this was just a beta test and yet she really immersed herself in the culture. She knew she would be staying for a short time, and yet she took time and effort to know everybody. When she felt something was wrong, she went right in and fought for change (even if sometimes, she was a bit too impulsive). Plus, (though both may deny this) she’s a bit of meddler like Tom Parker.

This could be Gigi’s calling! And, I’m not sure, but if she needs a vote, count me in.

(On another note, I think it’s awesome and a bit bad-ass that Ed, not only defied the Mayor, but also broke a tradition. 3 Edward Denhams! What would have that been like? A part of me thinks that Tom Parker said all those things to get Ed back. And maybe I’m right. But by the end of the conversation, I think he changed his mind and realized the deputy mayor should be as dedicated as him. Good job, Mayor! You’re a good man!)