mayor taylor

Dreamcast for Midsummer’s Night Dream Part 1

Plot: In Athens Georgia, Mayor Theseus ‘Duke’ Taylor is planning his marriage to former rival, Hippolyta Jones. During their preparations, popular used car salesman Earl Egeus, comes with a complaint about his daughter, Hermia, won’t marry his protégée, Demetrius. The Mayor says that Hermia must obey her father or she will be sent to prison. Either that or she has to join the church filled with crazy cult members. 

Meanwhile, Oberon, king of the fairies, is arguing with his wife Tatiana who has adopted the changeling child of one of her followers who recently passed away. Frustrated, he commands his servant, Puck, to find the famous flower that starts the whole plot.

The Main Players

Hermia (in love with Lysander) played by Zendaya

Lysander (in love with Hermia) played by Ludi Lin

Demetrius (in love with Hermia) played by Carlos Valdes

Helena (in love with Demetrius) played by Brenda Song

Oberon, king of the fairies, played by Michael Rooker

Tatiana, queen of the fairies, play by Viola Davis

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