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LA County voter turnout was 11.45% on Tuesday. That won’t cut it in Trump’s America.

  • Los Angeles County had an election Tuesday, less than two months after anti-Donald Trump protests galvanized the city. 
  • Only 11.45% of registered voters showed up.
  • According to the L.A. Times, the City of Angels set a record for the lowest voter turnout in a mayoral election in L.A. history. The previous record was 18%, set in 2009 when Antonio Villaraigosa ran for re-election.
  • These numbers should worry progressives. Donald Trump is president, and Republicans control the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. 
  • Local elections have emerged as some of the few sites where left-leaning voters can advance their agenda. 
  • There’s little hope for success — pending an all-out political revolution — if progressives don’t vote. Read more (3/7/17 12:31 PM)
Seeing red: Membership triples for the Democratic Socialists of America
The nation's largest socialist organization has seen a surge in membership since the election of Donald Trump.
By Matt Pearce

Holding red and white signs, they protested outside Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s election party on Tuesday, demanding the city take a tougher stand against deportation.

The next day, they rallied in support of the International Women’s Day strike, demanding social and economic equality for women.

These weren’t liberals. They were card-carrying members of the Democratic Socialists of America, one of the fastest growing groups on the American left.

The surge of activism sweeping the U.S. since Donald Trump’s election has energized the nation’s largest socialist organization, which has tripled in size over the last year to claim more than 19,000 dues-paying members. That’s a record for the DSA, which was founded in 1982.

“People really felt that they had to do something to combat the incoming Trump administration,” said David Duhalde, the deputy director of the Democratic Socialists of America’s national leadership, which helps coordinate chapters spread across 40 states. “We’re not only somebody you can resist Trump with, we’re somebody you can build a better world with.”

There’s no doubt that the grassroots group forms only a small part of America’s swelling ranks of activists. The American Civil Liberties Union amassed hundreds of thousands of new members after Trump’s victory. The fast-growing and liberal-centric “Indivisible” movement claims 4,500 associated groups compared with the 121 chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America. As far as political parties go, California alone boasts 8.7 million registered Democrats.

But unabashed socialism hasn’t had this big of a voice in American politics in decades, and many leftists say they feel energized. New members of the Democratic Socialists of America say they want build a grassroots movement engaged at the local level — and either pull the Democratic Party leftward or shove it out of the way.

That’s why, on election night, as Garcetti won one of the most commanding mayoral victories in Los Angeles history, dozens of socialists protested outside his election party. A few of the group’s provocateurs infiltrated the well-dressed crowd of Democrats inside, where they shouted against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: “I.C.E. out of L.A.!”

“If you’re gonna do it, have some fun,” said Josh Androsky, a 30-year-old stand-up comedian who co-chairs the Los Angeles chapter’s “agit-prop” committee and who joined after Trump’s election. “A large portion of our members were radicalized by the election and the Democrats failing over and over again.”

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Next step in Dem realignment: Their own CPAC
Speakers are being told to bring ideas — not just political attacks on Trump.

Edward-Isaac Dovere at Politico:

Instead of CPAC, it’ll be the Ideas Conference. Instead of at the National Harbor, it’ll be in the main room at the St. Regis Hotel, a few blocks from the White House. Instead of featuring President Donald Trump, it’ll be the first real cattle call of the Democrats nosing around 2020 presidential runs.

And it’ll be the Center for American Progress’s biggest move yet to establish itself as both the nexus of the Democratic Party’s future — and a player trying to shape what that future will be.

They’re roughly modeling the event on CPAC, the American Conservative Union’s annual gathering that’s become a prime stop for Republican leaders, and which notably gave Donald Trump his first major political platform as he was entering the fray.

“So much of our time right now is engaged, and rightfully so, in fighting Trump. On any given day, he issues one affront to progressive values after another,” said CAP president Neera Tanden. “It’s obviously critical that we provide a positive alternative of how we’re going to address the country’s challenges.”

Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti are all confirmed to attend, and more are expected to be added to the event, scheduled for May 16.

Speakers have been encouraged to come with substantive proposals on the economy, climate change, national security, civil rights, reproductive rights and immigration rather than just political attacks on Trump. Sprinkled through the day will be panel discussions and conversations that will bring in activists and leaders of new organizations.

CAP hopes this event will make it the nexus for all the strands of the party that have begun to take shape since Trump’s win.

New anti-Trump groups are sprouting up almost by the day, many of them with overlapping missions, ambiguous agendas and questionable resources. At the same time, several of the bigger players — including CAP, the super PAC Priorities, David Brock’s collection of organizations, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee being backed by Barack Obama and Eric Holder, and even the Democratic National Committee itself — have been trying to stake their claims on guiding the efforts against the administration.

'La La Land': Seb's jazz clubs to pop up around the country

Jazz and La La Land lovers rejoice: Seb’s could be coming to your city soon.

In conjunction with the home release of Damien Chazelle’s Oscar-nominated film on April 25, jazz bars around the U.S. will morph into Seb’s, the club that Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is finally able to make a reality at the film’s end. The transformations will include a full-size neon Seb’s sign, live music, and themed drinks. (But don’t expect tapas on the menu.)

Among the participating locations are Chicago’s Andy’s Jazz Club, New Orleans’ d.b.a., Washington D.C.’s Mr. Henry’s, San Fransisco’s Le Colonial, and Long Beach’s The Blind Donkey, which served as the location for Seb’s in the film.

In honor of La La Lands Digital HD and Blu-ray release, April 25 has been declared “La La Land Day” by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. The celebration will feature aerial dancers performing routines inspired the film at City Hall, La La Land dance lessons around the city, and more.

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Hey guys, I’m using the biggest platform I have because we really need some help. I’m at LAX and even though Trump’s exec order was suspended, LAX is still enforcing it. I’ve heard from congressmen, the city attorney…everyone’s hands are tied. The commander at the door is (allegedly) ignoring the court order.

We need the mayor of LA, Eric Garcetti, to come down and release the detainees. He is ignoring everyone and they just announced that there is no hope the detainees will be released tonight. So please help SPAM THE MAYOR OF LOS ANGELES LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS. Don’t let him ignore this!

It’s after midnight, people have been waiting all day and they will wait all night, as long as takes. These are ordinary people. Their families and friends are here waiting for them to come home. A college student was already deported earlier tonight. Please help.

Twitter: @MayorOfLA
#whereisgarcetti #LAX
Phone: 818-756-8121

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Presentation of Fleetwood Mac’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, October 10, 1979

 “Now, therefore, I, Tom Bradley, mayor of the city of Los Angeles do hereby proclaim October 10, 1979, as “Fleetwood Mac Day” in Los Angeles in recognition of Fleetwood Mac’s outstanding contributions to the field of music and entertainment, and for their humanitarian efforts in supporting our worthy charities.”

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LA activists declare “state of emergency” after Carnell Snell Jr. police shooting

A coalition of prominent activist and labor groups in Los Angeles declared on a “state of emergency” for the southern California city on Thursday, citing the lack of accountability and transparency in the use of lethal force by the Los Angeles Police Department against Carnell Snell Jr., an 18-year-old black man, in late September.

In an open letter issued jointly, the group, which includes the L.A. chapter of Black Lives Matter, the Advancement Project of California and local branches of the Service Employees International Union, among others, called on Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles City Council to conduct open and independent investigations of lethal force cases and to decriminalize peaceful protests, among other demands.

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Ayotzinapa Families ‘Occupy’ Mexican TV Station

Parents and family of the disappeared 43 Ayotzinapa students led a march in the Mexican Capital to symbolically occupy the headquarters of the private television giant, Televisa, demanding that the media company offer them a so-called “right of reply.”

According to the families of the youth, Televisa, which owns more than 70% of the televised market in Mexico, has portrayed them and their movement under an editorial line that “criminalizes” them.

The families demand that a commission of parents be given access to the broadcaster to make more visible their movement to secure truth and justice in the enforced disappearance of their children which occurred in September in Iguala, Guerrero.

For more than 5 months the families and their supporters have demanded the return of the missing youth who were disappeared by members of the municipal police in Iguala, presumably under the orders of the now detained mayor, Jose Luis Abarca and his wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda.

In January the now former Attorney General, Jesus Murillo Karam, held a press conference claiming that the students of the Raul Isidro Burgos teacher training college were handed over to the organized crime group, Guerreros Unidos, executed and later incinerated, calling the events “historical facts,” and essentially closing the case.

The families and their supporters have said that they are organizing a boycott of midterm elections in Guerrero and are to hold the National Popular Assembly on March 14 in the Ayotzinapa college to define their next steps in their movement.


Don’t be shaken – Lucy’s not leaving us

Even as the dust was still settling with our nerves still quaking, for many of us in Los Angeles, one woman seemed to have all the answers. That was Lucy Jones, the doctor on-call when the earthquakes strike. 

Some have called her the Beyoncé of earthquakes. Well, she just announced she’s retiring from the U.S. Geological Survey. (But don’t panic. She’s not leaving California behind.)

There’s been a lot of love for Lucy on Twitter. One response I got asked the question many of us have: “Who else will come out in her bathrobe in the middle of the night to say it probably was not a precursor?”

As reporter Rosanna Xia put it: In her 33 years with the USGS, Jones has become a universal mother for rattled Southern Californians. After each quake, she turns fear of the unknown into something understandable.

While most of the earthquake guys aren’t remembered, Dr. Jones is certainly unforgettable to many of us who grew up in Southern California. In addition to making something complicated understandable (and a little less scary), she also helped to dramatically change the way we prepare for earthquakes across Southern California. 

“When the big one hits, people will be living because of the work that she has done." 

– Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti  

What’s next for her? Helping to develop science-based policies on climate change. 

What’s next for us? Wondering who will be the one to settle our nerves with information when we are still quaking after the inevitable next temblor.  

You can read more about Dr. Lucy Jones and her work here. 


Photos by Los Angeles Times

interesting food for thought re: the bojack horseman universe’s political climate:

in the show, lax’s international terminal is called “air bud international airport.” in our universe, it’s “tom bradley international terminal.” tom bradley, of course, was the mayor of los angeles during the la riots, and remains to this day the only black mayor of the city, ever. 

so, points of interrogation: 

1) was air bud the mayor of los angeles? la and california have a long history of electing actors into political office, so it’s believable. but bradley’s term ended in 1993, and air bud #1 came out in 1997. the tom bradley terminal opened in 1984 for the summer olympics, so i suppose in this universe, air bud was the mayor of los angeles before re-embarking (bark? get it?) on an acting career.

2) if he was mayor, how did that affect los angeles history as a whole? the widest criticism of bradley as a politician is that he didn’t shut down the la riots somehow. i think he was actually super fucking cool–he signed an anti-AIDS discrimination bill in 1985 (the first one in the country, and a huge deal because la has a big history with the movement), and he was vocal and unapologetic about his disapproval of the rodney king trial verdict. 

the vibe i get from the bojack horseman universe is that golden retrievers are in a power/privilege position roughly similar to that of wealthy white people. would air bud have had the basic compassion necessary to condemn the (tremendously white) jury that okayed the four-against-one tasering and beating of an unarmed man? would he have understood the urgency of the hiv/aids crisis?

i hope so. i hope so. 

4) what is air bud’s life like today? air bud studios still exist in malibu somewhere. so in the bojack horseman universe, is air bud post-mayorship making direct-to-dvd movies about like, dogs who are in the lantern corps? is that not embarrassing for the city, to have the mayor with a whole airport named after him hocking direct-to-dvd films? (4b: is air bud an actor at all, in the bojack horseman universe? or was he a real athlete, famous enough to get a franchise of films made about him? what if the real air bud, as so many athletes are wont to do, attempted a post-sports acting career? did air bud play air bud? did post-sports post-acting air bud become a mayor?)

5) speaking of which, why does air bud get an entire airport, and bradley only get a terminal? in our universe, lax cannibalized homes in the southern portion of suburban westchester to accommodate the expanding airport, which displaced a huge proportion of residents, raised the cost of living, and generally caused a city planning nightmare. did air bud have greater city planning sense than bradley, and have lax international placed to the eastern boundaries of the city, where there was relatively open land and plenty of people looking for work?


one gifset per appearance → north american tour: day 9, los angeles [4/6] (08/07/2011)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touched down in Los Angeles for the next leg of their tour. They were greeted by Canadian Consul General David Fransen, California Governor Jerry Brown and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. The Duchess of Cambridge was presented with a red, white and blue flower bouquet. This was her first time in the United States.


23 Years ago today police brutality sparked another violent uprising within Black communities,

and turned national attention to the neglected non-White ghettos of Los Angeles.

The riot started in South Central Los Angeles and then spread out into other areas over a six-day period within the Los Angeles metropolitan area in California, beginning in April 1992. The riots started on April 29 after a trial jury acquitted four Los Angeles Police Department officers of assault and use of excessive force. The mostly white officers were videotaped beating Rodney King following a high-speed police pursuit. Thousands of people throughout the metropolitan area in Los Angeles rioted over six days following the announcement of the verdict.

Widespread looting, assault, arson and murder occurred during the riots, and estimates of property damage was over $1 billion. The rioting ended after soldiers from the California Army National Guard, the 7th Infantry Division, and Marines from 1st Marine Division were called in to stop the rioting when the local police could not handle the situation. In total, 53 people were killed during the riots and over 2,000 people were injured.

After the riots subsided, there were significant consequences in the Los Angeles Police Department and city government: an increase in hiring of minority officers, analysis of excessive force, resignation of the police chief, loss of support for the Mayor of Los Angeles, and analysis of the general political and economic atmosphere that contributed to the riots.

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When the federal government sent every resident of Chavez Ravine a letter in 1949 saying they would be required to sell their homes, it wasn’t a completely bad thing at first. Sure, moving to a new place would be a downer for the generations of Mexican-Americans who’d turned the tiny valley, located not far from Downtown Los Angeles, into a self-sufficient, small-town-like community that ran its own school and just generally existed independent of the bustling metropolis that surrounded it. But it was all going to be replaced with a shiny new housing development, and residents would have first pick of the new units once they were built.

Not everyone left, of course, and those who did received way less compensation for their homes than they deserved. But what choice did anyone really have in the long run? People who just flat-out refused to leave would eventually succumb to the healing powers of eminent domain, anyway.

The project, which was fancily named “Elysian Park Heights,” found one of its most vocal backers in Frank Wilkinson, the assistant director of the Los Angeles City Housing Authority at the time. Unfortunately, as you may recall from your stupid history books, LA in the 1950s was awash in a Communism scare so intense that actors and writers who refused to testify in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee were blacklisted from working in Hollywood altogether.

However, it didn’t stop with entertainers. Pretty much anyone who came off as even sort of sympathetic to any idea that could possibly be construed as Communism could be called to testify, or even more terrifyingly, sent to jail. Do you see where this is going?

Sure enough, almost as soon as the idea was announced, the Red Scare types started howling about how providing affordable housing for low-income residents was something the damn dirty Russians would do. Just like that, Frank Wilkinson found himself in front of the Un-American Activities Committee, answering questions about whether he secretly hated America. It was decided that he did. He was fired from his job with the Housing Authority and sentenced to a year in jail, all because he had a plan to rebuild those houses the government forced so many people to leave.

Some residents stuck around and kept fighting after that, but it all became pointless after a man named Norris Poulson ran for Mayor of Los Angeles (and won) on a platform centered mostly around keeping Socialist plots like Elysian Park Heights from ever happening. Shortly after taking office, he negotiated a deal in which the city bought the land taken from Chavez Ravine residents back from the federal government at a steep discount, with the understanding that it would be designated for public use. No sweat, the public can always use a baseball stadium! Especially when it’s just replacing a bunch of stupid houses!

And that’s the story of how the city of Los Angeles used anti-Communist hysteria to steal Chavez Ravine and turn it into Dodger Stadium.

4 Thriving Communities That Rich People Destroyed On Purpose
18 U.S. Mayors To Obama: We'll Take Even More Refugees
"We will welcome the Syrian families to make homes and new lives in our cities."

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and 15 other cities are ready and willing to take in even more refugees than the Obama administration has proposed, mayors wrote in a letter to the president on Thursday.

“We will welcome the Syrian families to make homes and new lives in our cities,” wrote the mayors, all of whom are part of the Cities United for Immigration Action coalition. “Indeed, we are writing to say that we stand ready to work with your Administration to do much more and to urge you to increase still further the number of Syrian refugees the United States will accept for resettlement.”

Ed Pawlowski, Mayor of Allentown, PA

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore, MD

Martin J. Walsh, Mayor of Boston, MA

James Diossa, Mayor of Central Falls, RI

Mark Kleinschmidt, Mayor of Chapel Hill, NC

Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, IL

Edward Terry, Mayor of Clarkston, GA

Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton, OH

Domenick Stampone, Mayor of Haledon, NJ

Pedro E. Segarra, Mayor of Hartford, CT

Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, CA

Betsy Hodges, Mayor of Minneapolis, MN

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, NY

Jose Torres, Mayor of Paterson, NJ

William Peduto, Mayor of Pittsburgh, PA

Javier Gonzales, Mayor of Santa Fe, NM

Francis G. Slay, Mayor of St. Louis, MO

Stephanie A. Miner, Mayor of Syracuse, NY
On Eve of Arrival at U.N. Climate Talks in Paris, Mayor Garcetti Releases ‘Los Angeles Climate Action Report’ Showing that L.A. Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 20%
As world leaders kicked off United Nations climate talks in Paris this week, Mayor Eric Garcetti released the “Los Angeles Climate Action Report,” which shows that L.A. has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 20%. The report also details how Los Angeles is nearly halfway to the 2025 emissions reduction target established in the Mayor’s Sustainable City pLAn.

The Los Angeles Climate Action Report was released today. The report and analysis included shows LA is at 20% GHG reductions as of 2013, putting the city nearly halfway to the pLAn goal of 45% by 2025. LA is among if not the first city to do inventories (and update baseline) to the GPC protocol. This is great, LA! Especially as we continue to push for the best possible deal in Paris.

Police Massacre In Mexico: Indigenous Students Among the Disappeared, Mayor on Run

Tens of thousands of protestors in seven countries along with human rights advocates from around the world are demanding answers and justice regarding the 43 Mexican students, many of them indigenous, who were kidnapped and probably murdered by Mexican police in collusion with a local drug gang on September 26 near Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico; recent reports are also linking Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda with the crimes (both of whom have fled and their whereabouts are still unknown).

Today In History

’Thomas Bradley was born on this day December 29, 1917 in Calvert, Texas and went on to become mayor of Los Angeles by winning 56% of the vote. He was the 38th Mayor of Los Angeles, California, serving in that office from 1973 to 1993. His 20 years in office mark the longest tenure by any mayor in the city’s history’

(photo: Thomas Bradley)

- CARTER Magazine